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January 23, 2018

Best-Selling Science Fiction Author Ursula K. Le Guin Is Dead At 88

Writers and fans alike paid tribute to the author of beloved titles like The Left Hand of Darkness on Twitter.

Writers Are Taking To Twitter To Mourn Ursula K. Le Guin's Death

"Her words are always with us. Some of them are written on my soul." —Neil Gaiman

El nieto de Elba Esther Gordillo solicita claves de elector para apoyar a AMLO

El ex diputado de Nueva Alianza invitó a militantes del partido y maestros sumarse al Proyecto Alternativo de Nación.

If You Say "Yup" To More Than 12 Of These Tweets You're Probably Low On Funds

#SignsYoureLowOnFunds is, of course, trending on Twitter.

Here's What Five Couples Spent To Have A Child

"At what point does it feel like you're buying a baby?"

Two Tinder Security Flaws Mean Strangers Can Spy On Your Swipes

Tinder leaves some data unencrypted, which means a hacker on the same Wi-Fi network could track some of your activity on the app, according to the cybersecurity firm Checkmarx.

25 Películas y series que se estrenan en Netflix en febrero de 2018

Riverdale, Un lobo adolescente y Guardianes de la galaxia, ¿por qué no?

13 Momente von Tag 5 im Dschungelcamp, bei denen du denkst: "WTF?"

Als sich Matthias bei der Dschungelprüfung doch die Augenklappe gewünscht hätte.

Lula ataca Temer e Huck na véspera do julgamento que pode tirá-lo da eleição

O ex-presidente adotou o tom de candidato. Do processo mesmo falou pouco: "Duvido que tenha um magistrado mais honesto que eu nesse país."

Tell Us Your Funniest Pregnancy Sex Story

It's all fun and games until someone blows chunks.

Tag 5 im Dschungelcamp und Überraschung: Tina York lebt!

Tina York lebt wirklich im Dschungelcamp auf RTL.

Australia's News Organisations Warn Government That New Laws "Criminalise All Steps Of Reporting"

Fourteen press organisations condemned Australia's new gag laws that could see government whistleblowers and journalists jailed.

CIA Director Says He's No Longer Calling All The Shots At The Spy Agency

In a wide-ranging assessment of his first year as the leader of the nation's premier spy agency, Mike Pompeo provides new details about how the CIA operates in the Trump era.

This Is Facebook's News Survey

Two straightforward questions with big implications for news publishers.

17 Pictures That Will Make You Say, "I Am Uncomfortable"

We'll probably never get answers...

Who Will Donald Trump Appease In Davos: His Base Or The Global Elite?

The White House says the president will go to push “America First.” But business and world leaders already in Switzerland know better than to predict what Trump will actually do.

Tammy Duckworth Is Pregnant, Will Become The First US Senator To Give Birth While In Office

“As tough as juggling the demands of motherhood and being a senator can be, I’m hardly alone or unique as a working parent," she said.

Trump And Republicans Are Forging Ahead With Conservative Judicial Nominees After Last Year's Setbacks

The White House on Tuesday announced Trump's first wave of new judicial nominees in 2018. The Senate Judiciary Committee last week voted to approve 17 judicial nominees from last year in a push that critics called a "monster markup."

We Tried Indoor Skydiving

Up, up, and away!

18 Cosas que probablemente no sabías sobre las películas nominadas al Oscar 2018

Christopher Nolan acaba de conseguir su primera nominación como director, mientras que Meryl Streep va por la número 21 en actuación.

Can You Recognize The Classic Cartoon By A Supporting Character?

Put that memory of yours to the ultimate test.

There Are Now Two Cities In The US That Will Allow "Safe Injection Sites" For Heroin Users

The facilities provide clean needles and space for people to inject illicit drugs under medical supervision, an effort by the city to reduce an epidemic of fatal opioid overdoses.

Diga o que você sabe sobre essas siglas e diremos a idade da sua alma

Tudo que você sabe sobre BTS, BFF, XOXO, GLR, PDV, IPVA e OMS.

Camila Cabello Is Writing Her Own Pop Rules

The former Fifth Harmony member suddenly has the No. 1 album and single in the country, and she’s created her big pop moment by both playing to and departing from expectations.

21 Dinge, die Kellner von ganz normalen Menschen unterscheiden

Kellner sind einfach anders, als andere Menschen.

12 Camels Were Disqualified From A "Camel Beauty Contest" For Using Botox

Yet another unrealistic beauty standard for camels.

17 Insane Facts About "Phantom Of The Opera" You'll Only Know If You're A Die-Hard Fan

A candle accidentally went up Michael Crawford's pants once during a show.

16 Fähigkeiten, die du nur hast, wenn du eine Make-up-Perfektionistin bist

Du erkennst ungleichmäßige Augenbrauen aus riesigen Entfernungen

Ann Curry Called Out Megyn Kelly's Feud With Jane Fonda

"There are so many stories that we're not covering and to take time with this ... is not journalism."

Fill Up Your Bag At Sephora And We'll Give You Beauty Advice From A Disney Princess

I've been dreaming of a new (Anastasia Hills Beverly) Brow Wiz 🎶

A febre amarela ainda não afetou a indústria brasileira de memes

A situação já é crítica, imagina se a gente sentar e chorar.

These Are The Events Aussies Reckon Most Impacted Their Country

Males were more likely to say 9/11, and females same-sex marriage.

17 Kardashian-Jenner Quizzes

For any obsessive fan to take.

Bell Canada's Customer Records Were Hacked For The Second Time In A Year

As many as 100,000 customers could be exposed.

10 Movies Coming To Theaters In February That You're Not Going To Want To Miss

Whether for a Valentine's Day date, or a You-entine's Day date.

What Hack Or Tip Do New Parents Absolutely Need To Know?

Let's drop some knowledge on new parents.

Tuvieron que pasar 90 años: una mujer fue nominada por primera vez al Óscar por Mejor Cinematografía

Se trata de Rachel Morrison, por la película "Mudbound" de Netflix.

People Are Applauding Dylan Farrow For Calling Out Justin Timberlake On Twitter

Farrow, who has accused director Woody Allen of molesting her as a child, called out Timberlake, who recently appeared in one of Allen's films.

Design A Bedroom From Target And We'll Sort You Into A Hogwarts House

Design your dream bedroom AND get sorted! It's a win-win.

Are You More Grace Or Frankie?

"We need people who know what we need, because we don't."

Who Is Your BTS Roommate?

Who are you sharing your living space with?

23 pessoas que não têm ideia de como o corpo da mulher funciona

"Eu tive um namorado que achava que, após dar à luz, a vagina da mulher continuava esticada. Como se ela fosse ficar do tamanho de um bebê para o resto da vida."

A Black Journalist Has Filed A Complaint Against Progressive Media Outlet The Young Turks For Racial Discrimination

Andrew Jerell Jones claims that he told CEO Cenk Uygur about mistreatment but was told to “shut the fuck up and deal,” according to the complaint. “The quotes attributed to me in the workplace are completely false,” Uygur said.

Esta entrevista de Enrique Guzmán tiene muy enojada a la comunidad LGBT

Les llamó "puñales" y dejó de contestar abruptamente.

People Are Incredibly Disappointed That Michael Stuhlbarg Wasn't Nominated For An Oscar

"What does the Academy have against Michael Stuhlbarg?"

13 coisas que você queria ter falado antes para seus pais

Pode demorar, mas um dia a gente entende o quanto vocês fizeram por nós!

How Popular Are Your 2018 Oscar Nominated Film Opinions?

I'm not stressing out, you're stressing out.

People Are Excited This Year's Best Director Category At The Oscars Isn't A Bunch Of White Guys

"Could not have DREAMED the best director category would shape up so well."

Possível substituto de Lula na eleição, Jaques Wagner diz que PT "não tem plano B, nem C, nem D"

Em Porto Alegre para acompanhar o julgamento de Lula, ex-governador da Bahia diz que partido não fica sem candidato.

Wir haben getestet, ob Behörden sich an das Gleichbehandlungsgesetz halten

Diskriminierung gehört in der Privatwirtschaft noch immer zum Alltag, obwohl es ein Gesetz dagegen gibt. Wie aber sieht es in den deutschen Behörden aus? BuzzFeed hat 100 fingierte Bewerbungsschreiben verschickt, um das herauszufinden. Das Ergebnis: Die strengeren Kontrollen scheinen zu helfen.

Você está achando a família Lima do "BBB18" um pouco estranha?

Esta família é muito unida e também muito ouriçada.

20 homens da ficção que são bem problemáticos

O mocinho de "Crepúsculo" é um deles.

The 14 Biggest Surprises In The Oscar Nominations This Year

Lots of love for Phantom Thread, but not much love for The Post — and nothing for James Franco.

Jada Pinkett Smith's Response To Jessica Chastain's Business Move Will Make You Proud To Be A Woman

"It's nice to wear black at the Golden Globes, but what are we doing behind closed doors?"

How I Stopped Being Ashamed Of My EBT Card

I used my EBT card because I needed the help, but the stigma around food stamps made the process humiliating.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on 21.5-inch iMacs, essential oil packs, quilted comforters, and more!

Only A True Movie Expert Can Pass This True Or False Quiz

Is your movie knowledge worthy of an Academy Award?

Have You Seen At Least 15/39 Of This Year's Oscar-Nominated Movies?

Make sure you've checked as many as you can by 4 March...

Are You, Like...OK?

Just take this test.

People Are Celebrating After "Get Out" Was Nominated For A Bunch Of Oscars

"These Get Out noms mean I care more about this year’s Oscars than I ever have before."

Ce gâteau de pain perdu farci est parfait pour le goûter !

Des fruits, de la crème, du pain et du caramel 👌

11 Bullshit Things About Online Recipes

Get to the dang recipe already.

15 Of The Best Places To Order Chocolate Online

Sugar we're going down shopping.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions Sat Down With Special Counsel Mueller's Office

Sessions recused himself from the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election after news reports highlighted his interactions with Russian officials.

10 Items That Adventurous Travelers Should Always Pack

All the stuff that'll save you from stressing during your adventures.

Se você tem tripofobia, saiba que pode haver uma razão por trás disso

Não se preocupe, este post é um lugar seguro. Pode abrir sem medo.

15 astuces pour vous simplifier la vie en cuisine

Parfois c'est juste du bon sens, mais ça peut servir ! H/T Reddit

Target Launched An Exclusive Skincare Line And It's So Damn Chic And Fresh

Meet Sailor, your new favorite nature- and nautical-inspired BFF!

Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: an LED toilet bowl light, cute puppy socks, and ergonomic snow shovel.

El mito que siempre creíste sobre "Caraluna" de Bacilos es FALSO

Eso de que la novia del cantante murió ahogada NO es real.

Are You An Asshole At Concerts?

You're not alone, damnit!

Mary J. Blige Is Now A Two-Time Oscar Nominee And People Are Rejoicing

"If Mary J. Blige wins an Oscar, I'm wylin' in the streets."

Here’s Why Going Solar Is About To Be A Lot More Expensive

The US will put 30% tariffs on foreign-made solar panels this year.

Os posts antigos da Ana Clara do "BBB18" mostram a gordofobia disfarçada de comédia

Algumas declarações da youtuber em 2013 incluem "não suporto gorda que se acha magra".

18 Dogs And Cats Who Were Assholes But Like, Really Funny Assholes

Turns out it's not just cats who can be (adorable) jerks!

Choose Some Hot Men And We'll Tell You Which Celebrity You're Compatible With

Choose only one guy from each question, don't be greedy.

Senate Quietly Admits It Doesn't Protect Staffers' Personal Email Or Devices From Hacking

A recent threat from Russian government hackers led the Senate sergeant-at-arms to tell Senate offices that the security of their personal accounts and devices was their responsibility.

All The President’s Tweets — And Every Lawmaker’s Too

BuzzFeed News looked at all the tweets written by President Trump and every member of Congress during his first year in office. Here’s how Democrats and Republicans dealt with his early morning bully pulpit — and what the most prolific tweeter on Capitol Hill thinks about finding a voice in the age of @realDonaldTrump.

Two Students Have Been Killed And 18 Others Injured In A Shooting At A Kentucky High School

Two 15-year-old students were killed, officials said. The suspected shooter, also 15, is in custody.

"Get Out" Just Received Four Oscar Nominations And Jordan Peele's Reaction Will Have You Crying With Joy

"You know when you're on the phone trying to disguise the sound of an ugly cry?"

9 Strange Facts About Owning A Cat

Secrets of the trade.

Aqui estão todos os indicados ao Oscar 2018

A Forma da Água, do mexicano Guillermo del Toro, lidera com 13 indicações, incluíndo melhor Filme e melhor Diretor.

On pensait que Facebook allait favoriser la démocratie et au Cambodge c'est tout l'inverse

La dictature cambodgienne s’appuie sur Facebook pour faire taire les dissidents.

17 People Who Proved Nose Piercings Are The Cutest

Everybody nose how cute it looks.

8 Life-Changing Beauty Products You Need To Try ASAP

Tried, tested, and loved by BuzzFeed editors!

A Bunch of Students Got In Trouble For Dancing In Their Underwear And Now It's A Huge Meme

After the video went viral, university officials said they won't expel the students. Probably NSFW.

Twitter COO Anthony Noto Is Stepping Down

Anthony Noto was instrumental in building Twitter's live video strategy.

Voici à quoi ressemblent les acteurs de «The Crown» comparé à la famille royale britannique

Si vous n'avez pas vu The Crown, attention, cet article contient des spoilers.

55 livres écrits par des femmes que vous devriez vraiment lire

À rajouter d'urgence à votre bibliothèque !

Estas son las universidades que ya tienen protocolos para atender acoso sexual

Sólo 3 de las 6 universidades que se unieron formalmente a la campaña de ONU Mujeres #HeForShe cuentan con protocolo para atender casos de hostigamiento y violencia sexual

Alckmin entrega estação de Metrô com 4 anos de atraso e culpa iniciativa privada

"Fala-se muito de que a iniciativa privada é uma maravilha. Não é verdade, ela também tem problemas. Tem muita empresa que não cumpre contrato, que quebra no meio da obra, que não cumpre prazo", afirmou o governador.

17 objets qui font vraiment une drôle de tête

Avec en guest star une poubelle qui ressemble à Donald Trump.

17 Photos Of Handwriting That Are Upsettingly Perfect

I wish my life was as neat as this handwriting.

Jason Momoa Played A Game Where He Got Soaking Wet And Jesus Fucking Christ

"SUPER SOAK ME JASON" – me for a full two minutes after seeing this.

Estos son todos los nominados al Oscar 2018

La forma del agua, del mexicano Guillermo del Toro, lidera con 13 nominaciones, incluidas Mejor Película y Mejor Director. El premio celebra su 90 ceremonia.

Cauliflower-Crusted Quiche

Cauliflower-crusted Quiche

Vegan Lasagna

Vegan Lasagna

Ist dein Geschmack ostdeutsch oder westdeutsch?

Für dich gibt es nur eine Art von Jägerschnitzel!

Apple’s HomePod Speaker Will Be Available On Feb. 9

Pre-orders for the $349 Siri speaker begin Friday, January 26.

Could You Be A Judge In "The Good Place"?

Telling a woman to smile scores -53.83 points, btw.

Here Are The 2018 Oscar Nominations

Big day for The Shape of Water, which leads with 13 nominations.

11 Times Scarlett Moffatt Perfectly Summed Everything Up

"I just said, 'I hope that your kids never meet anyone who's like you were at school.'"

What % Drunk Are You?

i'mm not drunkk, your'e drunk.

This Indian Designer Store Has Accused Dior Of Plagiarising Its Design

"Stuff from India often gets picked up and inspires designs from across the world. But this is a large company and it's unbelievable."

Condenado nos EUA, ex-presidente da CBF pede novo julgamento

José Maria Marin está preso após ter sido condenado por receber propina em troca de contratos envolvendo campeonatos e a seleção.

BuzzFeed News Newsletter: January 23

Government is open for business (for, uh, three weeks).

18 Movies That Got Into Trouble For No Reason At All

So easy to get people to outrage in this country.

Cómo colaborar con LOLA

¿Tienes interés en escribir artículos de opinión o crítica social y cultural en BuzzFeed LOLA? Esto es todo lo que debes saber.

People's Predictions Of Who DJ Khaled Will Bring To A Festival Are Fantastic

The lineup for a London festival says "DJ Khaled and friends" and people are trying to suss out who "friends" are.

19 Arguments Every Cat Owner Has Had With Their Cat

Even if they are all one-sided.

12 Routines To Stick By If You Want To Evolve This 2018

Refine your life before regret defines you.

8 frases reivindicativas de 8 mujeres en los Premios Feroz 2018

"Este año, la gala la presenta un hombre y los premios los damos las mujeres... como en la Vuelta Ciclista a España".



Mal sehen, wie viel du über die Vorstellungen von Sex Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts weißt

Zum Beispiel: Können Süßigkeiten, Zimt oder Pfefferminze in dir die Lust zur Selbstbefriedigung wecken?

A Powerful Earthquake Has Struck Off The Coast Of Alaska

Authorities have retracted earlier tsunami warnings after a 7.9 magnitude quake struck in the Gulf of Alaska.

"Meghan Markle" Is Actually Gretchen Wieners, Bye!

That's why her hair's so big. It's full of secrets.

Britney Spears Is Playing Brighton Pride And...Scarborough For Some Reason

The icon is playing five venues in the United Kingdom, including an open-air theatre in Scarborough just off the A165, near the Sea Life Centre.



21 hombres ficticios que son extremadamente problemáticos

"Luke Danes es un bebé homófobo que no puede con el concepto de comprar una mierda de cortinas".

9 veces en las que la ropa asesinó a gente

Básicamente todo puede matarte, lo siento.





Sorry, But We're About To Make You Choose Between Cheesy And Fried Foods

Fried mac 'n' cheese is not an option, sorry.

Rupert Murdoch's Attempted Takeover Of Sky Has Been Provisionally Blocked

The Competition and Markets Authority's decision now opens the door for 21st Century Fox, Sky, and the Murdoch family to tweak parts of the arrangement, which could see the deal ultimately get the green light.

Michigan Man Allegedly Threatened To "Gun The Fuckin' CNN Cast Down"

Brandon Griesemer also reportedly hurled racial epithets and said an attack against the network was imminent. In September, he called a mosque and made disparaging comments about Muslims, according to court documents.

Hawaii's Governor Admits He Couldn't Tell The Public About The False Missile Alert Because He Didn't Know His Twitter Password

"I have to confess that I don’t know my Twitter account log-ons and the passwords," said Gov. David Ige, when asked why there was a delay in telling the public the missile alert was false.

Can We Figure Out If You're A Rower?

"Sorry, I can't. I have rowing."

Johnson & Johnson Has Withdrawn The Mesh Products It Is Being Sued Over

Thousands of Australian women have been implanted with Johnson & Johnson mesh devices since 2000.

Australia Has Sent A Second Group Of Refugees To The United States

More than 100 refugees have now been given a fresh start in the United States.

WWE Has Released High-Profile Champion Enzo Amore Amid Rape Allegations

A woman claimed on Twitter that the wrestler raped her in her hotel room in October.

大雪となった東京 1枚の写真が「冬の季節に桜が満開!」と絶賛される


Flash Briefing For January 23, 2018

The government shutdown is over, USA gymnastics board members step down, and Facebook contemplates its democratic responsibility.

This Is What It's Like To Be A Young Transgender Person In The Spotlight

Georgie Stone, 17, is one of the most familiar transgender faces in Australia. Here's how she deals with it.

How An Off Duty Cop Doing His Banking Seized $200,000 In An 'Inherently Suspicious' Transaction

Supreme Court justice Lucy McCallum described the circumstances leading up to the transaction as 'highly suspicious'.

Build A School Lunch Box And We'll Reveal Which Aussie Teen Actor You Crushed On

*Crosses fingers and desperately hopes to get Heath from Blue Water High.*

27 Tweets That Prove Australians Are Really Fucking Funny

"In Australia we don't say 'I love you' we say 'fuck off cunt or I'll smash ya' and I think it's truly beautiful."

22 Memes You’ll Chuckle At If You’ve Ever Had Hair That Goes Past Your Ears

If you don't go home and cry after a haircut, did you really get a haircut at all?

Should You Date Your Best Friend?

Like, romance date. Like, should you smooch and stuff.

12 Tuits de personajes que criticaban a AMLO pero ahora están en Morena

Es probable que este año aparezcan en la boleta electoral.

35 Cosas que no sabías sobre Heath Ledger

A 10 años de su muerte, sigue en nuestros corazones.

This Private Prison Has Been Routinely Strip-Searching Women And Using Force Far Too Often

Inspectors also found Peterborough jail to be “not sufficiently safe” for prisoners – the first time in several years a women’s prison has failed in this category.

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