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    A Mexican Student Is Really Good At Turning Eggs Into Works Of Art

    This is not a yolk.

    Michele Baldini is a 20-year-old medical student from Mexico. He tells BuzzFeed he was online about three years ago when he came across a ying-yang symbol made out of fried eggs and thought: "Hey, I'd like to try that."

    He said he hasn't stopped getting ideas ever since and has gotten a great response.

    He makes some posts interactive, like this one where he asked about his viewers' pets' names.

    And look at his creation of Donald Trump! He said he didn't want to be very political, just show current events.

    He makes clever references to his culinary creations, like this one he made right before the new year.

    Or this tongue-in-cheek one daring his followers to be a little naughty.

    He even shows some big brands love once in a while, like this super cool Starbucks logo.

    And how about these McDonald's fries?

    He shows some love to video games with his egg creations, too. Look!

    Thanks for sharing your egg mastery with the world, Michele!