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Show Us Your Tattoos And We'll Have A Professional Tattoo Artist Critique Them

Do you have a tattoo? Want to hear a professional tattoo artist's opinion of it?

christiannilsson • 8 months ago

Don't Push The Wrong Mystery Box Into The Water

We put our co-worker Eric's most prized possession in one of two boxes then let his Instagram followers decide which one he'd push off a boat.

christiannilsson • 11 months ago

G'day Aussies! Send Us Your Questions About America Or Americans!

"Why do you despise Vegemite? It's delicious!"

christiannilsson • One year ago
christiannilsson • One year ago

Star Wars Fans Watched The 1977 Holiday Special And It Was Bizarre AF

The entire thing was completely off the wall.

christiannilsson • One year ago
christiannilsson • One year ago

This Is Kate McKinnon's Trick To Keeping A Straight Face On "SNL"

"It’s really fun just running around backstage when everyone is getting changed, and it feels like a middle school play all over again."

Kristin Harris • One year ago

Liam Payne Says He Wants To Collaborate With Zayn And We're 100% Here For It

"I think I would collaborate best with Zayn because we do really similar types of music."

Kristin Harris • One year ago

The Haim Sisters Prove They Never Back Down From A Dare

Turns out the Haim sisters are Jenga pros.

Lauren Yapalater • 2 years ago

"Younger" Stars Hilary Duff And Sutton Foster Answer Everything You've Been Wanting To Know

In which Hilary re-creates that iconic Disney Channel wand promo, Sutton talks outrageous sex scenes from Season 4, and more.

Kristin Harris • 2 years ago

Gwyneth Paltrow And Jessica Alba Interviewed Each Other And It Was Cute As Hell

"I would’ve loved to have the opportunity to kind of start my self-exploration earlier in my twenties. I feel like I really had my head up my ass until I was about 38."

Kristin Harris • 2 years ago

Bella Thorne Tells Guys Not To Eat This One Thing Before A Kissing Scene

The Famous In Love star talks Zendaya, body piercings, and the hardest thing about fame.

Kristin Harris • 2 years ago

It Turns Out Pete Wentz Has Never Talked To Bruno Mars About That Iconic 2008 Photo

The guys discuss a potential "A Little Less Sixteen Candles" sequel, that iconic Bruno Mars photo, their early-2000s fashion regrets, and more.

Kristin Harris • 2 years ago
Kristin Harris • 2 years ago

The Cast Of "Pretty Little Liars" Answers Your Burning Questions

"I think the writers just wrote it perfectly. And I think everybody’s gonna be — mmm, not everybody, but some people are gonna be very happy."

Kristin Harris • 2 years ago