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G'day Aussies! Send Us Your Questions About America Or Americans!

"Why do you despise Vegemite? It's delicious!"

Australians, are there things about America or Americans that you find weird, frustrating, or maybe make absolutely NO SENSE?

Brownstone Productions / Via

Do you have questions like, "Why does all your money look exactly the same?"

Canadian Pacific / Flickr: 18378305@N00 / Via Creative Commons

"What is up with your gun laws?"

Fox / Via

Or, "Why do your pharmacies sell beer?"

BBC / Via

Whatever your question, we want to hear it directly from your mouth hole. That's right, we want you to RECORD A VIDEO and share your questions with us.

Universal Pictures

If it's good, we'll be including it in a future BuzzFeed video.

When you film yourself asking your question, remember to find a quiet space and good lighting.

ABC Studios

Try to keep the video between 15 to 60 seconds.

And please, PLEASE don't shoot vertically.

NBC / Via

Submit your questions below!