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A Big Star Wars Fan Had These 6 Major Problems With "The Last Jedi"

Was the force strong with this one?

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ICYMI, there's a little movie out called The Last Jedi from a little franchise called Star Wars. You know, the one that grossed $220 million in its debut weekend alone?

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Christian Nilsson is a major Star Wars fan...and he had some issues. Six to be exact.


This is the part where we tell you that if you have not seen the movie yet, there are most definitely spoilers ahead. You've been warned.

Watch and see if you agree!

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Here we go! First off, Christian didn't like the entire Finn plot.

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Basically, he thought the whole plot line would've been solved if Finn and Rose had taken a few minutes to find a parking spot.

Next, Princess Leia "Supermanning" through space.

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Just no.

Number three on Christian's no-no list was questioning when, exactly, Jedi got unlimited power?

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Rey and Kylo spend most of the film "Force FaceTiming," while Luke could suddenly project his spirit worlds away from his actual location? What gives?

Next on Christian's shit list was Laura Dern's existence — period.

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And why does her character look like she fell out of The Hunger Games franchise?

Number five: porgs and crystal wolves?

Walt Disney Pictures / BuzzFeed


And lastly, Christian didn't like the fact that Luke just disappears.

Walt Disney Pictures / BuzzFeed

Really? He's a fucking legend and he just fades away into the sunset because he's exhausted? Don't even get him started on Luke milking that cow!

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