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    Posted on Dec 21, 2017

    Star Wars Fans Watched The 1977 Holiday Special And It Was Bizarre AF

    The entire thing was completely off the wall.

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    This is not a drill! In a galaxy (not so) far away...they made a Star Wars holiday special so weird, so bizarre, that even some of the most die-hard fans hadn't seen it...until now.


    Han Solo's face says it all.

    What are your thoughts on this interesting moment in the space-time continuum? Watch the video and let us know?

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    It was a 97-minute musical variety show that aired on Nov. 17, 1978 on CBS. Critics and audiences reportedly hated it so much, that it was never re-aired or released on home video.


    In fact, George Lucas was so unhappy with this special, he once said that if he had the time and a sledgehammer, he would track down every copy out there and smash it.

    So we thought it would be fun to subject, err, treat a few Star Wars fans to their first viewing of this infamous holiday special to get their reactions.


    "Where will you be when the acid kicks in?"

    You guys, it starred the whole cast!


    "You know he's ashamed of this."

    And introducing Chewbacca's entire family including his son, Lumpy? Wait. Whaaaaat?


    "Chewbacca has a child?" BTW, Lumpy was short for Lumpawaroo.

    Let's just say that subtitles would've been nice during the scenes where Chewie and his family had "dialogue" because it was all...moaning. LOL!


    No, seriously. Have you heard it?

    And then there was this extremely weird musical scene that looked like some sort of bizarre fever dream!


    What was that, and how did that say "happy holidays" in any way, shape or form?

    And then there was a whole scene where Luke Skywalker talked to the viewer à la Dora the Explorer, instead of addressing Chewie.


    Hilarity ensued.

    "I feel like there could not have been a complete script for this."


    Others just got straight to the point. Ha!


    And who could forget that weird AF scene where Chewie puts on a device that looks like an old-school hairdryer that provided him with something very strongly resembling virtual porn. No joke.

    CBS / BuzzFeed

    What kind of video is this?

    Just when they thought there was no hope, an animation sequence appeared that was easily where the majority of the movie budget went.


    "Why didn't they just do the whole movie like this?"

    Once the end (finally) came, they were disappointed with the ending, because of course they were.


    "I feel like it's not even the fun kind of bad where you wanna sit through it."


    But now aren't you dying to watch it?