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    I Apologized To The Girl I Bullied 15 Years Later And She Forgave Me

    Do the right thing.

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    If you've ever been bullied, you know it's an awful, horrible experience that nobody should ever have to go through.

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    Watch this former bully apologize to her victim 15 years later.

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    This is Nyasha, and she admits to being a bully in school. In fact, she specifically remembers bullying a particular girl in middle school.


    "I think I said nasty things about how much she weighed," Nyasha explained. However, deep down inside, Nyasha was very insecure about having orthodontics work for seven years and having to wear glasses.

    Virginia is the girl Nyasha used to bully. They agreed to meet so Nyasha could apologize and have a chance to explain a little about what was going on back then.


    They met and, although it was a bit awkward at first, Nyasha stepped up and said she remembered saying mean things to Virginia.


    That's when Virginia opened up about her grandmother passing away during middle school, and how that affected her to not care about her weight.


    "She used to take medicine for her cancer and it made her gain a lot of weight. Because she wasn't really worried about how big she was, I kind of stopped worrying about how big I got," Virginia explained.

    Nyasha then confessed to going through her own weight struggles. She, too, was made fun of so she would project onto Virginia, which was not at all cool.


    They began to notice just how much they actually had in common back then.

    They also realized they had both thought about suicide at some point during their struggles.


    "It's such a sad thing to think about," Virginia said. "It took a long time for me to, kind of, like me."

    After their meeting, Nyasha was surprised to learn how much she and Virginia had in common. Virginia was happy to put all of it behind them and forgive Nyasha.


    And they hugged it out.