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January 15, 2018

Simone Biles Said She Was Sexually Abused By Former USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar

More than 130 women, including four other gymnastics gold medalists, have made similar allegations against Nassar, who faces decades in prison.

15 Razones por las que la gente inteligente está viendo 'American Gods'

Los creadores de Pushing Daisies y Coraline dieron vida a esta serie que se sale de lo común.

"Borrow" Some Stuff From Your Siblings And We'll Reveal What Type Of Family Member You Are

Finally get proof that you are, indeed, the best sibling.

¿En qué va el conflicto entre Chihuahua y el Gobierno de Peña Nieto? Aquí te explicamos

El pleito entre el gobernador Javier Corral (PAN) con la Secretaría de Hacienda podría llegar a la Corte.

Come Vote And See How Your "Black Mirror" Season 4 Opinions Compare To Everyone Else's

Which did you like better: "Hang the DJ" or "Black Museum?"

Kris Jenner Said She "Feels Bad" For Kylie After She Caught An Employee Taking Photos Of Her

"You want to be able to trust the people you're surrounded by..."

Flash Briefing For January 16, 2018

Newly discovered connections between Marine Le Pen and President Trump’s campaigns, Aziz Ansari’s statement responding to accusations of sexual misconduct, and Chelsea Manning Senate run.

Responde 5 preguntas y te diremos qué personaje de 'Soñadoras' eres

¿Eres la fresita de Jacky o Manuel con su "¡auuush!"?

Please Read This Very Australian Story About A Wallaby, The Police, And The Sydney Harbour Bridge

"Sydney's got the best harbour in the world — I imagine he was taking in the view."



La gente está enojada con Emily Ratajkowski por poner un pie de foto "ofensivo"

"Como una mujer que perdió todo su cabello a causa del cáncer, encuentro este pie de foto increíblemente insultante."

24 maneiras de se sentir melhor quando tudo estiver um lixo

Porque, às vezes, a vida pode ser difícil.

Só vai entender tudo isso quem estiver em um relacionamento há muito tempo

Apagar as luzes em uma sala que ele(a) acabou de sair de uma maneira LEVEMENTE passiva-agressiva.

17 Tweets That Don't End The Way You Think They Would

I saw these going differently in my head.

Guess How Old These Rappers Are

Hint: Lil Wayne is not that lil.

Only Geography Geniuses Will Get 10/10 On This Annoying Quiz

Do you have what it takes to win this geography bee?

Marine Le Pen Worked With Trump's Campaign Pollster In The Closing Days Of The French Election

"Was he an immigrant?" GOP pollster Tony Fabrizo asked Marine Le Pen's 2017 campaign staff following a terrorist attack in Paris in an email obtained by BuzzFeed News.

Police Killed A Man Who Stole A Helicopter. He Put The Whole Standoff On Instagram.

Venezuelan said on Tuesday that Óscar Pérez, who threw grenades into government buildings from a stolen helicopter last June, was killed. Pérez broadcast the whole standoff to his 90,000 Instagram followers.

No, Carmen Aristegui no está apoyando a un candidato al Gobierno de la CDMX en Facebook

La imagen de la periodista es usada por un grupo de FB que respalda a Salomón Chertorivski, aspirante del PRD al gobierno local. El equipo del precandidato se deslindó.

CVS Pharmacy Will Start Telling You When A Beauty Photo Has Not Been Altered

The pharmacy will start placing a "CVS Beauty Mark" this year on any beauty imagery that has not been retouched.

14 Times Jim Halpert Did The Bare Minimum

Jim stans everywhere: RAISE 👏 YA 👏 STAN- 👏 DARDS. 👏

Un anuncio con la leyenda "México está de pie" aparece frente a un edificio dañado por el sismo

Las familias del Multifamiliar Tlalpán están esperando respuestas desde el 19 de septiembre.

Decorate An Apartment And Find Out Which Country You Should Live In

Should you actually be living in Australia? Or maybe Japan?

Saiba tudo sobre o poke havaiano

Conheça a origem do prato mais famoso do verão!

Parents, Tell Us Your Kid's Worst Tantrum Ever

You can still hear the screaming.

25 Bite-Size Party Foods To Get You Ready For The 2018 Super Bowl

Because tiny foods are the best party foods!

17 Tumblr Posts That Have Nothing In Common Except That They're All Hilarious

"It really messes me up that you can accidentally create a human life, but you can’t accidentally make a pizza."

10 coisas que aprendi participando de um processo de seleção do "BBB"

Sim, eu fui pré-selecionada para o Big Brother Brasil de 2017.

A Woman Died After A Casino Shuttle Boat Suddenly Burst Into Flames And The Footage Is Terrifying

Fifty people had to jump off a shuttle boat in Florida after it suddenly erupted into flames Sunday on its way to an offshore casino.

Este é o novo golpe que estão aplicando nos bloquinhos de Carnaval em São Paulo

Vítimas relataram que ambulantes memorizaram suas senhas e trocaram seus cartões sem elas perceberem.

Dolores O'Riordan de The Cranberries muere a los 46 años

Los fans de la banda están mostrando su dolor a través de las redes sociales.

La stupéfiante idée du FN pour faire passer des tests antidrogues aux candidats à la présidentielle

Info BuzzFeed News – Des e-mails internes du Front national décrivent en détail comment deux cadres de la campagne de Marine Le Pen ont voulu inciter des associations à proposer aux 11 candidats des tests de dépistage. En espérant que Macron refuse.

John Lewis Says He Gets Taunted By People Who Yell "Trump!" At Him

Sen. Cory Booker released a podcast on MLK Day, and his first guest was John Lewis.

Diga se você gosta destas comidas polêmicas e revelaremos como será o seu 2018

Olhe fixamente para essas passas. Como você se sente?

Brits And Russians React To Each Others' Drinking Traditions

Buckfast is "for kids", and pre-drinking is universal, apparently.

Nina Agdal Was Body-Shamed And You Know What? I'm Done.

That's right: It happens to everyone.

Qual letra de Beyoncé é você?

E o que ela diz sobre sua personalidade?

Diese 84 Personen kämpfen dafür, dass erstmals schwulen und lesbischen NS-Opfern im Bundestag gedacht wird

Das fordert eine Petition, die heute unter anderem an Wolfgang Schäuble verschickt wurde.

Você consegue adivinhar o signo destes personagens da ficção?

Tá na cara que o Bob Esponja é de Câncer!

Are Your Hygiene Habits Gross Or Normal?

Be honest, do you really wash your towel as much as you *should*?

The Hardest Taylor Swift Music Trivia Quiz You'll Ever Take

Are you a casual fan or a full-on Swiftie?

18 Razones por las que Lizzie McGuire fue la mejor serie de Disney en los dosmiles

La neta, tu adolescencia no habría sido lo mismo sin este programa.

This Stylish Makeup Organizer Is The Perfect Solution For A Cluttered Vanity

No more shoving products into an overflowing drawer!

29 Delicious Vegan Soups That'll Soothe Your Soul

Whether you're dairy-free, lactose intolerant, or just looking to try something new.

25 Tumblr Jokes About "The Good Place" That Are So Forking Good

"Someone, for the 39425th time: Chidi, this is the bad place. Chidi, every single time: oh my god…the almonds!"

15 Genius Products That Will Help You Start A Bullet Journal

"A set of black fineliners. You never think you need fineliners in 10 different sizes but trust me you do."

Millie Bobby Brown Has Called Shaving Her Hair Off The "Most Empowering Moment" Of Her Life

"As I looked in the mirror I realized I had one job to do. Inspire."

22 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

An Adidas duffle bag, mini vibrator, mud mask, and 19 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

19 Cosas que seguro te pasaron al ver 'La forma del agua'

Te diste cuenta que los peores monstruos muchas veces se ven como personas comunes y corrientes.

8 Things Women Should Know About Exercising During Pregnancy

With your doctor's permission, exercise is usually fine during pregnancy.

12 días que necesitamos mucho más que el Blue Monday

¿Esto tengo que hablarlo con la ONU o cómo va?

"Que Tiro Foi Esse" é o hit do momento e está rendendo os melhores vídeos da internet

A música da Jojo Todynho ganhou a internet e é a mais forte candidata a hit do carnaval.

Tuíte contra a polícia atribuído a Caetano Veloso é FALSO

Montagem passou a circular após o cantor ter pedido ajuda no Twitter para reaver equipamentos roubados.

9 razões por que a Turma da Mônica tinha que se chamar Turma da Magali

Magali é a melhor personagem dentro do núcleo principal e eu posso provar.

Beija ou massa?

A díficil tarefa de escolher entre uma boca para beijar ou uma massa bem gostosa.

How Many Of These "Forbidden Snacks" Would You Eat?

Tide Pods were only the beginning, people.

La gente ha compartido con nosotros el momento exacto en el que se desenamoraron de alguien y es brutal

"Supera tus problemas, hay niños en África que se mueren y hacen menos escándalo que tú".

People Indulged In Some Serious Retail Therapy After A Long 2017

Holiday sales increased 5.5% from 2016, which marks the biggest sales jump since 2010.

Dieser Brief einer 27-Jährigen, die an Krebs starb, wird deine Einstellung zum Leben verändern

"Sei rücksichtslos, wenn es um dein eigenes Wohlergehen geht."

21 femmes célèbres qui prouvent que l'âge n'est qu'un chiffre

Arrêtons avec l'âgisme une bonne fois pour toutes !

Estas fotos impressionantes mostram a realidade da imigração ilegal nos EUA

"É importante que os americanos se lembrem que este é um país de imigrantes."

31 Stylish Hats That'll Keep You Warm All Winter

Because your head deserves some love (and a whole lotta warmth).

Are You A Muggle Or Pure-Blood?

Is it pure-blood, half-blood, Muggle-born or *gasp* Muggle?

21 YouTube Channels That Will Increase Your IQ By Like 50 Points

"What if all men disappear?", "What's the biggest explosion we can possibly create?", "What's it like to travel into a black hole?", "Why is everyone so bad at giving gifts?"...

15 Produkte, die du brauchst, wenn du kochen willst wie ein Profi

[ANZEIGE] Auf diese Dinge können Profiköche niemals verzichten!

9 Novels By Female Indian Authors That You Ought To Read Once

“That's the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” ― Jhumpa Lahiri

Zayn Malik Got A Tattoo Of Gigi Hadid's Eyes And People Have Feelings

"Love this man more than I could ever put into words."

メ ガ ネ あ る あ る 20 個


24 Memes That Are Super Relatable If You've Been Best Friends For 10 Years

"The uglier the snapchat, the closer the friendship."

Deutschland hat 125.000 Euro für ein "Rückkehrportal" für Flüchtlinge ausgegeben

Die Webseite "Returning from Germany" soll auch 2018 fortgeführt werden.

Tell Us About Your Most Cringeworthy Social Media Fuck-Up

Honestly, social media is STRESSFUL.

24 French Pharmacy Products That People Actually Swear By

Bonjour, good day, how is your skincare?

Désolé mais si vous cochez 22 de ces réponses, vous êtes un connard au restaurant

Arrêtez de prendre en photo tout ce que vous mangez !

23 Dinge, die du nicht über Schambehaarung gewusst hast

Schon jemals darüber gewundert, warum du Haare an deinen Genitalien hast?

Labour Says It's "Shameful" That Carillion Brought In New Rules To Protect Bosses' Bonuses

"It is shameful that as Carillion went from crisis to crisis, they were more concerned about protecting their big bosses rather than workers or our public services," Jon Trickett told BuzzFeed News.

Présidentielle 2017: quand Marine Le Pen plagie Hillary Clinton

Info BuzzFeed News - Un clip de campagne de la présidente du Front national copie à la perfection un spot de la candidate démocrate, datant de 2008.

19 formas de hacer que el 2018 sea infinitamente mejor que el 2017

Por favor, únete a mí para conseguir que el 2018 sea genial.

Scores Of People Have Been Injured After A Walkway Collapsed In Indonesia's Stock Exchange

A mezzanine walkway in the main atrium in Jakarta's stock exchange collapsed this morning.

18 trucs qui arrivent vraiment pendant le sexe et que vous ne verrez jamais à la télévision

Une scène où le couple retourne toute la pièce à la recherche d'un préservatif.

Richard Branson Has Personally Stepped In To Overturn The Daily Mail Ban On His Trains

"I have instructed our team at Virgin Trains to reconsider this decision and re-stock the Daily Mail..."

Dans la dernière ligne droite de la présidentielle Marine Le Pen a fait appel à des ex-conseillers de Trump

Vincent Harris, expert de la communication politique en ligne et Tony Fabrizio, vétéran des sondages, ont un point commun. Ils ont tous les deux travaillé pour la campagne de Trump, puis pour celle de Marine Le Pen.

15 consejos para leer *de verdad* más libros en 2018

Conviértete en la lectora que siempre has querido ser.

10 films réalisés par des femmes qui sortent en 2018

La bonne résolution de 2018 : plus de films faits par des femmes !

Create The Ultimate Sundae And Find Out What Netflix Show To Binge Watch

What better way to procrastinate than Netflix?

「私にもおめでとうと言いたい」 46歳の“新成人”が初めての成人式で語ったこと


Which Disney Prince Are You Most Like?

You're already a prince anyways.

We Asked People In Hawaii What It Felt Like To Be Warned Of An Inbound Missile. Here's What They Said.

"I felt like a ghost for a second, like everything was happening, and yet we can't control any of it."

12 Solid Reasons To Visit North East India

If you think Sarojini Nagar and Colaba are the best street shopping destinations, think again.



19 Bollywood Fashion Trends That Your Kid-Self Loved, But Adult-Self Loathes

Kid You: "Mom, I need flower chokers and velvet blazers ASAP!" Adult You: "Ew. No. What were they thinking?"

Here's What Happened At Australia's National LGBTIQ Conference

Six hundred people from Australia's LGBTIQ community attended the Better Together conference in Melbourne.

Which Female Dunder Mifflin Employee Are You?

Haven't you always wanted to know?

Aziz Ansari Responds To Allegations Of Sexual Misconduct

The actor said in a statement that he was "surprised and concerned" when he learned that a 23-year-old woman with whom he had a sexual encounter had not felt it was consensual.

Donald Trump Denies "Shithole" Comment: "I Am Not A Racist"

The president defended himself Sunday after days of controversy over his disparaging remarks about Haiti and African countries.

23 Little Ways To Make Your Life A Bit Better This Year

This year, we will all support each other.

17 Delicious Game Day Recipes You'll Be Cheering About

Serve these at your next party and you'll be the real MVP!

New South Wales Is Doubling Down On Its Roadside Drug Testing And Adding Coke To The List

“We need to ensure that drivers are not impaired and a risk to others on the road,” said NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian.

35 Secrets Midwives Will Never Give Away

Google is your worst enemy when you're pregnant.

21 People With Desk Setups That Will Seriously Inspire You

Looks like I'm about to go on an Ikea shopping spree...

21 Uplifting Tumblr Posts To Read When You're Having A Shitty Day

"It's called garbage can, not garbage cannot."

How Much Do You Remember From Middle School Biology?

All you gotta do is tap on the picture.

27 Things That Will Give You Intense Flashbacks If You Went To An Aussie High School In The '00s

"Can I steal a Red Bear off you? My parents only let me have two."

21 Things That'll Make Drama Students Say "Yup" And Everyone Else Say "Wait, What?"

There's always at least one kid who is, like, super into puppets.

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