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17 Color-Coordinated Photos That Are As Satisfying As They Are Beautiful

One, two, three, ahhhhhhh.

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1. This 1,000-piece puzzle that's worth all the hard work it'll take to put it together.

2. These eerily calming gradient eggs.

3. These Skittles that definitely tasted the rainbow.

4. This lovely fork and toothpick situation.

5. These perfectly arranged snail shells.

6. These mesmerizingly harmonious bookshelves.

7. These superbly selected sweaters.

8. These tomatoes in size and color order.

9. This meticulously organized drawer of tea bags.

10. This ombré pomegranate that's almost too delicious to eat.

11. This super soothing cross-stitch color palette.

12. This delightful arrangement of dice.

13. These surprisingly mouth-watering green onions.

14. These trees that are gradually getting ready for fall.

15. These purely blissful pastels.

16. These ahhhh-mazing fruit kebabs.

17. And this absolutely ideal staircase.

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