23 Little Ways To Make Your Life A Bit Better This Year

    This year, we will all support each other.

    1. Try to lead a more minimalist and organized life.

    2. Learn how to make coffee like a barista.

    3. Recover an abandoned talent: writing more.

    4. Compliment strangers more often.

    5. Refrain from buying clothes for a year.

    6. Stop buying the story that everyone on social media is insanely happy (and stop feeling incomplete as a result).

    7. Learn Japanese with a language learning app.

    8. Go on a honeymoon.

    9. Do what fills my soul: reading, listening to music, watching movies other than big blockbuster movies.

    10. Lead a healthier life.

    11. Reconnect with all the old friends I've lost contact with.

    12. Drink more water and keep hydrated.

    13. Stop grieving and start write about my experiences.

    14. Learn to eat better.

    15. Get my Uber rating up.

    16. Avoid getting into fights on social media.

    17. Improve my work/life balance.

    18. Save money, travel somewhere with my partner, and go to a big music festival.

    19. Add more skills to my resumé.

    20. Earn more money at work.

    21. Save money so I can afford a gym subscription.

    22. Paint one painting a month.

    23. Take care of my mental health.

    This post was translated from Spanish.