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    22 Smells From Your Childhood That You Almost Forgot

    A sniff down memory lane.

    1. Remember how powdery and perfect a freshly opened jar of Play-Doh would smell?

    2. Or that weird tangy scent of getting pen ink all over your hands?

    3. Admit it: you can smell summer just by looking at this box, can't you?

    4. And the waxy sweetness of a new box of crayons was exactly how your nose knew it was the first day of school.

    5. This was either what Halloween smelled like, or when you finally won a game of Bingo in class:

    6. And there was always something weirdly...dusty-smelling about those fuzzy stickers you'd hoard endlessly.

    7. We kind of miss fish sticks for lunch, or at least those fishy, buttery fumes that wafted over from the cafeteria...

    8. And we bet you remember exactly how your neighbor's soccer ball smelled all asphalty in the best way.

    Atranias / Via

    9. The repressed memory of this honestly still makes us gag at the dentist...

    10. And remember? There was always that ONE kid eating beef jerky on the school bus, and everyone could always smell it.

    11. Okay hear me out, but I kind of miss that musty dampness that came with carrying a retainer around all the time...

    Philipp Jahner für BuzzFeed

    12. As well as that salty meaty goodness of a solid bologna slice...

    13. And that rubbery fruitiness of a pack of these babies.

    14. Fact: there was maybe nothing more magical as a kid than to get a whiff of cotton candy...

    Preferably from the circus, or the county fair.

    15. Or really, any kind of gummy candy, now that we think about it.

    16. This is what second chances first smelled like...

    17. While plastic play sets like this one will forever tie our olfactory memories to preschool.

    18. Kids these days will never know the weird, chemical-y scent of your fave VHS cassette...

    19. And we need a show of hands for who still associates the cherry sucker smells with going to the bank with yr mom...

    20. Remember wearing these, and not being able to stop sniffing/eating them throughout the day?

    21. Or dumping three whole packets of Swiss Miss into a mug on a snow day?

    Smells like a day of making snowmen.

    22. And can we just say that peeling a mandarin orange just doesn't smell the same way as it did when we were kids?

    Back when our parents packed them for us and loved us and like, took care of us :(

    This post was translated from German.

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