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27 Things That Will Give You Intense Flashbacks If You Went To An Aussie High School In The '00s

"Can I steal a Red Bear off you? My parents only let me have two."

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3. Your P.E. teacher really overdid the beep test at some stage.


10. The smell of Lynx followed every teen boy.

11. And Britney Spears' perfume range was the bees knees.

12. Every year in English you were probably forced to read some sort of Shakespeare text.

15. Instead of secretly texting your friends in class, you'd write them notes instead, probably with gel pens.

16. And you'd make each other countless mixed CDs, with songs downloaded from Limewire.

17. There was always someone walking around with a box full of Freddos and Caramello Koalas, to raise money for their netball or football team.

19. And buy the box set DVD's when they came out.

24. And if they didn't start a convo with you, the best way to get their attention was by signing in and out again, until they said something original like, "wats doin?".


27. And the first person to get their P-plates in your year obviously had to take the whole crew on a Macca's run.

#youknowyouraustralianwhen Just got my red p's, MACCAS RUN.

Well, as many that would fit in their mum's car anyway.