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    13 Annoying Relationship Things You Should Stop Doing With Your Partner

    Let's retire the term ~BAE~ forever.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which relationship habits people need to quit ASAP, and we got a lot of awesome, thoughtful responses.

    But we also got some great responses from families and friends about all the annoying things couples should just stop doing in general — for the sake of the greater good. Here's what they had to say:

    1. Creating and using joint Facebook accounts.

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    There is something very unsettling to me about making joint social media accounts, email addresses, etc., with your significant other. Like, I understand when you're married and your bank accounts are now joined. But can’t you still have your own personalities and individuality elsewhere? Having a couple's Facebook is unnecessary.


    2. "Jokingly" dragging your S.O. or talking about very private things with your partner in front of everyone.

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    The ~cringiest~ thing for me is when someone "jokingly" drags their significant other in front of other people, especially when it's in public. You can always tell the S.O. who got dragged is angry or embarrassed. It feels a lot different when you're on blast in front of friends or family, and it's just as awkward for us as it is for the person being insulted.


    3. Referring to yourself as "we," for literally everything.

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    I am not a fan of couples who answer with "we" this, and "we" that. I love to have my own hobbies and do my own thing, which is completely separate from my bf and the things we enjoy doing together. You and your significant other are not one person. Stop saying "we" to absolutely everything.

    —Emily Ash, Facebook

    4. And on that same note, saying "we're pregnant."

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    Saying "we’re pregnant." No, you’re not both pregnant. You’re both expecting, but only the woman is actually experiencing the pregnancy.


    5. Talking about your significant other 24/7.

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    This might just make me a heartless person, but it irritates me when people go on and on about their significant other ALL. THE. TIME. Look, a sweet shout-out is really cute. But some people just can't talk about anything but their boyfriend or girlfriend and it gets really annoying.


    6. Or needing to be around them 24/7 in order to enjoy yourself.

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    Requiring every minute from a partner is over the top and one of the fastest ways to push the other people in your life away. I didn't see one of our friends very often, and when we did, he had to bring his girlfriend along. Then when our conversations were longer than five minutes, something on her ~hurt~ and they had to leave immediately — every single time.


    7. Relying on each other for literally all your emotional — and sometimes physical — needs. / Via

    It's nice to be in a relationship, but your partner is not responsible for your overall wellbeing and happiness. You are responsible for that. So try to keep some independence and solve issues on your own, or go to your family and friends for advice too. Also take your physical needs into your own hands and masturbate every now and then. YOU DON'T need your partner for everything.


    8. Posting literally everything about your relationship on social media.

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    Posting about your significant other on social media is awesome! But there are some things that should stay private between partners, especially any drama they're having. Putting on social media that you're upset with your boyfriend won’t fix anything and could even escalate the problem. Work things out face to face, without any input from ~Aunt Linda~ in the comments section.


    9. Using the word "BAE"...ever.

    BRAVO / Via

    I think the habit everyone needs to quit ASAP is using the idiotic term "BAE." It's the fastest way to have me rolling my eyes and not listening to anything else you have to say.


    10. Complaining about your relationship problems to anyone who will listen, but not actually talking them out with your partner.

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    I can't stand when people bitch about their spouses/significant others all the time to everyone and anyone that will listen. They complain about their relationship problems and do nothing to fix them. Maybe if you talked to your partner about these issues, you would no longer need to talk to me about them.


    11. Engaging in hardcore PDA.

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    Making out in public around people is just unnecessary, people. Sharing a kiss or holding hands is understandable. But rubbing your hands all over each other and full face-locked makeouts are just so over the top.


    12. Calling your partner psycho (even if you think it's endearing) when you think they're acting overly jealous or possessive.

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    Calling your partner a "psycho" is not cute, nor is it funny. I see girls tag their girlfriends/boyfriends in posts about being overly jealous/possessive and think it’s endearing. It’s so unhealthy to glorify those actions or say that people who take part in them are ~psychotic~. Trust your partner, and treat them with respect, instead of glorifying unhealthy relationship dynamics and using improper terminology.


    13. And lastly, doing anything to please each other, including changing your personality or looks.

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    I have friends who are willing to change their looks or habits (that aren’t bad in any way, shape, or form) just to please their significant other! This frustrates me so much because relationships should be about accepting the other person for who they are, not how you think they should be.


    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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