21 People With Desk Setups That Will Seriously Inspire You

    Looks like I'm about to go on an Ikea shopping spree...

    1. Ok, how good is this minimal AF setup?

    2. And this workspace which just fuels inspiration.

    3. I'm obsessed with how this office makes use of a tiny space, but still looks inviting.

    4. This all-white desk is soothing my soul.

    5. I reckon I'd kill all these plants in the space of a week but this photo makes me want to have an indoor jungle.

    6. And oh my gosh how damn relaxing does this space look?

    7. Though maybe this faux plant setup is more sustainable.

    8. This use of an under-the-stairs nook is very inspiring.

    9. As is this basic but effective desk.

    10. These colourful prints are giving me life.

    11. And this perfectly-lit room would make me actually want to work late.

    12. Though this night-owl area really takes the cake.

    13. Ok, fine, this isn't TECHNICALLY a desk but I am all about working from bed... even if mine doesn't always look like this.

    14. While this desk just makes me want to listen to Bon Iver.

    15. This curved screen and decluttered desk is an ergonomic dream.

    16. And this very well-ordered desktop is soothing my type-A soul.

    17. The gallery wall behind this desk is perfectly put together, I need this in my home.

    18. I love how this multi-screen set up is somehow cluttered but ordered at the same time.

    19. But conversely I'm in love with this no-screen space, with heaps of storage.

    20. This is the perfect way to make do if you've only got a small corner for your office.

    21. And the pastels in this room are very visually appealing. Also I need that rug ASAP. 🙏