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This Instagram Could Be Confirmation That Helena Bonham Carter Is Playing Princess Margaret In "The Crown"


So, as I'm sure you know, The Crown is one of the best shows on TV (or Netflix) right now, and they're about to recast all their main characters for Seasons 3 and 4.

It's already been confirmed that Broadchurch star Olivia Colman will be replacing Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth, which is INCREDIBLY EXCITING.

But, since she's one of the best characters on the show, people have been on tenterhooks waiting to find out who'll be cast as the older Princess Margaret.

A couple of weeks ago, rumours started swirling after the Evening Standard reported that Helena Bonham Carter was "all but confirmed" to take over the role from Vanessa Kirby.

People were, to put it mildly, really goddamn excited, even though nothing was officially confirmed.

apparently helena bonham carter will play margaret in the crown why are we so blessed with this casting already 😭😭…

But over the weekend Vanessa Kirby – who played Margaret in Seasons 1 and 2 – posted this photo on Instagram, and I'm just going to take this as confirmation and start screaming now, OK?!!?!?!?!


If this isn't confirmation that Helena Bonham Carter will replace Vanessa Kirby as Princess Margaret in The Crown on Netflix, then this is a CRUEL JOKE.

BuzzFeed has contacted representatives at Netflix for confirmation of this confirmation.