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    "The Crown" Is Coming To An End, But Not Before Tackling One More Unforgettable Royal Era — Here's What We Know

    The Crown is almost over, but not without a few more surprises up its sleeve.

    The Crown has been one of Netflix's biggest shows since its debut in the fall of 2016 — fans are anxiously awaiting Season 6 and simultaneously dreading the end of the series.

    Here's everything we know about what the last season of this masterful historical drama:

    1. OFFICIAL RELEASE DATE: Part 1 of Season 6 will release on November 16, 2023, and Part 2 will follow on December 14.

    Twitter: @netflix

    2. Yep, that's right. Season 6 will be released in TWO PARTS.

    3. Here's the teaser with the official date announcement:

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    Netflix / Via

    You can hear all three leading actors who've played Queen Elizabeth on the show discussing the symbolism of the crown.

    Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy): "The crown is a symbol of permanence. It's something you are, not what you do."

    Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman): "Some portion of our natural selves is always lost. We have all made sacrifices. It is not a choice, it is a duty."

    Queen Elizabeth (Imelda Staunton): "But what about the life I put aside? The woman I put aside?"

    4. The final season of The Crown will be the first season of the series to be produced and released since Queen Elizabeth II's death.

    Queen Elizabeth II

    5. While we all wish the show could go on forever, this will definitely be the series' final season.

    The Crown Prince Charlges and Princess Diana

    "Peter has said it very articulately, that he simply can’t write something unless there has been time to gain a proper perspective," she noted. "I don’t think he’ll deviate from that."

    The Crown Queen Elizabeth saluting on horseback

    6. The principal cast of Season 5 will all return for the final season.

    Dominic West, Elizabeth Debicki, Jonathan Pryce, and Imelda Staunton

    7. Actor Viola Prettejohn will appear as a fourth iteration of Queen Elizabeth II as a teenage princess strolling with her sister, Princess Margaret, on VE Day, May 8, 1945.

    Viola Prettejohn in "The Witcher"

    8. Claire Foy and Olivia Colman will return one last time to play QEII in her younger years.

    9. The timeline of Season 6 will begin in 1997 and is expected to go into the early 2000s, per British Vogue.

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    The Hollywood Reporter / Netflix / Via

    10. That means we won't ever see Meghan Markle on the show, which Peter Morgan himself confirmed in a 2020 chat with The Hollywood Reporter.

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

    11. That timeline also implies that we'll see Charles and Camilla's wedding, which Netflix seems to have confirmed on Twitter.

    Twitter: @NetflixUK / Via Twitter: @NetflixUK

    12. The filming surrounding Princess Diana's death, which will be a major point in the season, was surrounded by "a certain anxiety," a source close to production told Deadline.

    bouquets outside of kensington palace after the death of princess diana

    13. There won't be any attempts to recreate Diana's fatal car crash, nor will footage of the crash appear.

    carrying princess diana's casket

    14. Two actors will portray Prince William.

    15. Meg Bellamy will play Kate Middleton in her college years

    16. We actually got our first look at Ed McVey and Meg Bellamy as William and Kate:

    17. Prince Harry will be played by Luther Ford.

    Luther Ford attends the Dior Tears pop-up launch party on July 8, 2023 in London, England

    18. Prince Harry's 2005 Nazi costume scandal will be, at minimum, addressed within the season's events.

    Prince Harry looks tired during a polo match on June 18, 2003 in Windsor, England

    What are you most looking forward to from The Crown? What's been your favorite part so far? Discuss in the comments!