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As The Kate Middleton Conspiracies Continue, Rose Hanbury Reportedly Denied Having An Affair With Prince William

Rose is seemingly not into her name being brought up in the "Katespiracy."

Rose Hanbury responded via her lawyers over rampant speculation that she had an affair with Prince William, leading Kate Middleton to leave the public eye for some months.

Rose Hanbury in a light dress with trim, a hat with veil, and a clutch at a formal event

It's not the first time that rumors surrounding Will and the Marchioness of Cholmondeley have emerged. In 2019, the Sun claimed that Kate and Rose had a falling out, leading some folks to speculate that an affair between the two hopelessly posh families was to blame (leading the palace to reportedly threaten legal action).

William and Kate standing side by side at a formal event

Fast-forward to King Charles's coronation, and the Cholmondeleys were pretty involved. Rose's husband, David Cholmondeley, was appointed Charles's "lord-in-waiting," and one of their twin sons similarly took on the definitely real and very serious role of page of honor for the ceremony.

Royal family in ceremonial attire on the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the coronation

However, amid the #Katespiracy that ensued after the Princess's months-long departure from the public eye due to a "planned abdominal surgery," the affair rumors have come back. Yes, some people think that her departure is actually the fallout of Will's repeated philandering.

Kate in a structured coat and matching fascinator smiling at an event

Stephen Colbert even discussed the rumors directly on his show last week, joking in his opening monologue, "I think we all know who the alleged other woman is. Say it with me: the Marchioness of Chul-mun-duh-lay! What a beautiful name that I'm being told right now that I pronounced incorrectly. It is in fact pronounced 'Chum-lee.' Counterpoint: No, it's not. Learn English, England."

Stephen Colbert in a classic suit, hosting his late-night talk show

So, when Business Insider reached out to Rose's lawyers this weekend for comment on the whole thing, they said, "The rumors are completely false."

Rose walking outside in a fur hat and dark coat, half-turned towards the camera

Alas, I have been told that Kensington Palace doesn't comment on Will and Kate's personal lives.