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    50 Times "Parks And Rec" Made You Say, "God, I Love This Show!"

    Fart attack!

    1. When Jerry lied about being mugged.

    2. When Andy thought he had solved the puzzle, but he hadn't.

    3. When Donna and Tom tried to make Ben feel a little bit better.

    4. When Leslie refused to admit that she had the flu.

    5. And then when this happened.

    6. When Ron intimidated his co-workers by pretending to pull out his tooth.

    7. When Ann and Leslie gave Jerry a heart attack...

    8. ...and when all Tom wanted was for him to be accurately diagnosed.

    9. When Donna's car was shot and she reacted appropriately.

    10. When Leslie was at a 100 when the situation at hand called for an 11, tops.

    11. When Chris's immune system was defeated.

    12. When Jean-Ralphio revealed the secret to wealth and happiness.

    13. And when everyone had a little bit too much Snake Juice.

    14. When Ben was sadly betrayed by his best friend...

    15. ...and when Chris didn't handle the situation well at all.

    16. When Perd realized he was missing something very important.

    17. When Ron adapted to a desk that he did not want in the first place.

    18. When Andy proved he really should not be driving...

    19. ...or running.

    20. When Ron attempted to eat a banana.

    21. When Ann made Chris stop saying the word "nipple," so he had to come up with an alternate.

    22. When April made a fatal mistake.

    23. And when Ron took over Pawnee Today for Joan.

    24. When Ken Hotate had some fun of his own.

    25. When Andy used his investigative skills to figure out what sickness Leslie had.

    26. When Donna said probably the truest sentence of the entire show.

    27. When Andy knew which side to fight on.

    28. And when he found his new favorite type of shoe.

    29. Whenever Ben was a god around other accountants.

    30. When April shot down Jean-Ralphio.

    31. And when Andy tried to keep her grounded, but couldn't.

    32. When Ron and Tammy had a night that they'll never forget or remember...

    33. ...which resulted in his new facial hair.

    34. When Jerry found out what his parents had been hiding from him.

    35. When Andy was very wrong about where they were.

    36. When Ron said no to a salad like a gentleman.

    37. And when he revealed a surprising side of himself.

    38. When Andy tried to do something good, but did something bad.

    39. When Ben met Jerry's wife.

    40. When Chris tried to suppress all of his feelings.

    41. When Tom was banned from using the internet.

    42. And when the team stayed together at a very creepy B&B.

    43. When Leslie tried to protect Ron from Tammy and Tamra.

    44. When she trapped Ann using her words.

    45. And when Orin was not Orin.

    46. When Ben had a mini-life crisis and started inventing things.

    47. When Jerry tried really hard to be hip and cool.

    48. When Ron was above the law.

    49. When Andy listed out all of his secrets.

    50. And finally, when Parks and Recreation gave us a break from all that laughing and made us happy cry instead.