16 Shitty Robots That Will Have You Laughing Until They Become Our Overlords

    More like LOL-bots. H/T r/shittyrobots

    1. This theme park pirate that's a lot more creepy than it is scary.


    2. This claw machine that has a death wish or two.

    3. This literal gravy boat that's both unnecessary and messy.

    4. This beer and snack robot that needs to take it down a level.

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    5. This, er, hammering robot that just CAN'T.

    6. This walking robot that...WHOOPS!

    7. This bread slicing robot that just DGAF.

    Would still eat the bread, tho.

    8. This nightmarish crawling baby robot.

    9. This dancing-partner robot that, I don't know, kinda works?

    11. And this tissue-dispensing robot, too.

    ::sneezes once::

    12. This helper robot that's the hottest mess of them all.

    13. This soup robot that has an evil agenda.


    14. This robot who doesn't see cheating as a problem.

    15. This missle-launching robot that....OMG!

    That's one way to shit your pants.

    16. And finally, this robot that's literally causing all kinds of shit problems.