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21 Things That'll Make Drama Students Say "Yup" And Everyone Else Say "Wait, What?"

There's always at least one kid who is, like, super into puppets.

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1. Ironically, clown class is one of the most serious courses you take.

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You have to learn the unique differences between a clown, a payaso, and a bufón, and if that nose ever comes off in class, there will be hell to pay.

2. A real homework assignment could be making yourself look like this:

ok so I got pulled over on my way home from makeup class...

4. Drama teachers actively try to make you cry in class, and it's totally fine.

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They yell and scream and make you feel like a failure, but that's the road to success apparently.


6. Theatre kids and musical theatre kids usually hate each other.

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Musical theatre kids are always singing and dancing and are way too loud, whereas regular theatre kids are always monologuing and stage fighting and are also way too loud.


13. Your ~dress code~ is pretty simple: You're either wearing all black, or you're completely naked.

16. Instead of summer internships, you do several summer stock theatre programs.


Summer stock programs are theatres that only put up productions during the summer. These programs give actors, designers, and directors the opportunity to work on shows outside of school.