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January 24, 2018

#ReleaseTheMemo Controversy Shows That Bots Now Drive Almost Every Conversation

Senior Democrats have asked Twitter if Russian botnets manipulated the #ReleaseTheMemo tag's popularity. A definitive answer is unlikely.

Recast "The Office" And We'll Tell You What Kind Of Co-Worker You Are

Please don't be the person who microwaves fish in the break room.

Com condenação unânime, Lula nunca esteve tão perto de ser preso

Sim, o risco de Lula ser preso antes da eleição é real.

Lula diz que não tinha ilusões sobre juízes e afirma que quer ser candidato

Em discurso para apoiadores em São Paulo, ex-presidente disse que Judiciário e imprensa fizeram "pacto" para acabar com o PT.

If You've Ever Cooked, You'll Read This Tumblr Post And Say "YES"

"American recipes: Buy these three cans of stuff and put them in a pan."

“The Boss Baby” Is Good And You’re All Wrong

While you’re all getting mad about The Boss Baby’s Oscar nomination, I’m going to go watch it for the sixth time and live my best life.

Australia's Privacy Watchdog Wants To Hear From Asylum Seekers Affected By A Major Data Breach

Compensation for the group of almost 10,000 people affected could reach millions of dollars.

Twitter, Just Like The Rest Of Us, Is Going Crazy Over The News Of Meryl Streep Joining Season 2 Of "Big Little Lies"

"BREAKING: Meryl Streep has already won an honorary Emmy just for joining Big Little Lies."

29 Things I Didn’t Realize "Gilmore Girls" Taught Me Until Now

Nothing cures being angry at someone like throwing deviled eggs at their car.

What Was The Best Online Dating Message You Ever Received, One That Actually Made You Write Back?

While they may not all be winners, some are still pretty great.

23 Cosas que reconocerás si fuiste a una secundaria pública

Sabes que la rivalidad más grande que existe es la de los de la mañana contra los de la tarde.

A Baltimore Cop Who Was Caught On Video Apparently Planting Drugs Has Been Charged

A grand jury has indicted a Baltimore cop seen in body-camera footage placing drugs at an alleged crime scene. The person charged with a drug offense in the case almost pleaded guilty before the video surfaced.

Tem muita gente irritada com este comentarista que comparou estupro com sonegação fiscal

José Calil, da rádio Transamérica, comparou a condenação de abuso sexual de Robinho com a do ex-jogador Zico que devia imposto de renda na Itália.

17 Seriously Stunning Bobs That Prove Long Hair Isn't The Only Way

Hide your scissors before clicking on this post.

Test Quiz

Testing testing

Can You Actually Be Called An Adult?

True adults know how to use a pressure cooker.

35 Organization Products That'll Make Living With Roommates Bearable

Because a passive-aggressive text will only get you so far.



Trump Allies Are Profiting From Multiple Trump Groups, Testing Campaign Finance Laws

Some of the president’s top political backers have been paid by America First Action as well as the RNC and the president’s reelection campaign.

People Have Dramatically Different Reactions To Logan Paul's Return To YouTube And New Video

"Logan Paul just regained my respect" ... "Go back to not posting."

Eine Trauerrede für die Person, die ich war, bevor ich krank wurde

Wenn du jeden Tag mit Schmerzen lebst, ist es schwer sich vorzustellen, wie dein Leben ohne sie aussehen würde.

A Driver Admitted To Police They Weren't Paying Attention Because They Were Too Busy Texting A 😂

🚙 📱 👈🏼 😂 🚓 🛑 ✋🏼 ⁉️ 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🗒 🖊 = 6️⃣ & 💷 😔

A Ana Paula está dividindo opiniões de quem tá vendo o "BBB18"

A Bruxa de Taubaté foi do RANÇO ao LACRE em menos de 24 horas.

Si eres fan de Disney y ninguno de estos memes te hace reír, nada lo hará

25 imágenes que seguro le provocarán carcajadas a cualquier amante de Disney.

16 Frases que seguro ya estás cansado de escuchar si usas lentes

Como el típico: "¿Ya pensaste en operarte?"

31 coisas de "Friends" que não fazem sentido se você pensar bem

Eles só foram beber num bar UMA VEZ em toda a série.

Lula perde de 3 a 0 no TRF-4, que mantém condenação por corrupção e lavagem de dinheiro

Ainda cabe recurso contra a condenação e prisão de ex-presidente só deve ser discutida num segundo momento. Apesar disso, Lula está enquadrado nos critérios de inelegibilidade da Lei da Ficha Limpa e TRF-4 ainda aumentou o tempo de pena.

A White Fashion Designer Used The N-Word And People Are Pissed

One week into fashion month, and here we are.

Logan Paul Has Returned To YouTube 22 Days After His Self-Imposed "Suicide Forest" Hiatus

Logan Paul returned to YouTube after experiencing major backlash for his video showing a dead body by declaring he's starting a new chapter in his life.

Monte um apê dos sonhos e diremos em qual país você deveria morar por um tempo

Você e a Austrália podem ter nascido um para o outro.

People Are Praising The Judge Who Sentenced Larry Nassar To Prison

Judge Rosemarie Aquilina told Nassar it was an "honor and privilege" to sentence him to prison. She said she wants people to focus on his victims.

15 palavras e expressões brasileiras bem melhores que estrangeirismos

Nada contra, mas as nossas são muito mais legais.

22 Tweets For Everyone Still Sobbing After Last Night's "This Is Us"

"One day, in the future, you'll tell your children about these things called 'crockpots' and how they went extinct [one] night in January 2018."

An Artist Reimagined Your Favorite Superheroes In Tim Burton’s Style

We need a Tim Burton film about The Hulk right now.

Condenação de Lula desata euforia no mercado financeiro

Ibovespa teve pico de crescimento (3,3%) logo após a condenação do ex-presidente ser confirmada, por volta das 16h35.

Can You Actually Remember Anything About "Malcolm In The Middle"?

Everyone watched it, but can anyone remember it?

27 Things You Need If You Live And Breathe Drama

Me coming out of the womb: "I'm not here to make friends."

Estos son los compromisos de Claudia Sheinbaum con la comunidad LGBT

La precandidata de Morena al Gobierno de la CDMX prometió fortalecer los derechos a la salud, el trabajo y la vivienda de la comunidad.

Lula sai derrotado: maioria do TRF-4 mantém condenação no caso do triplex

Julgamento ainda não foi encerrado, mas dois dos três desembargadores já se manifestaram pela manutenção da condenação de Lula. Se julgamento acabar hoje, petista estará enquadrado nas regras de inelegibilidade da Lei da Ficha Limpa.

What Do You Actually Want For Valentine's Day?

Your S.O. is not a mind reader so spill the beans already!

Cecile Richards Plans To Step Down As President Of Planned Parenthood, After More Than A Decade

Richards greatly expanded Planned Parenthood’s political prominence, as well as its organizing and fundraising capacities, during her time leading the organization.

17 estudantes de medicina que foram diagnosticados com excesso de autoestima

Médico trabalhando na empresa Medicina e cursando Medicina na faculdade de Medicina.

16 Memes oscuros para tu amigo el que piensa que la vida es puro sufrimiento

Que levante la mano el que no haya puesto música triste para ponerse más triste cuando está triste.

Você consegue chegar ao fim deste post sem querer ter um diário em tópicos?

Apenas algumas ideias para te ajudar a ter uma vida mais saudável.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on LED puzzles, essential oil diffusers with mood lighting, insulated travel mugs, and more!

We Know Your Holiday Alter Ego From These Seven Questions

Everyone’s a little bit different on holiday.

Former Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced To 40 To 175 Years For Sexually Abusing Young Athletes

More than 100 women, many of them US gymnasts, delivered victim impact statements during Larry Nassar's sentencing.

A Canadian Poet Who Appeared On A "Shitty Media Men" List Is Out Of His Job

Multiple sources tell BuzzFeed News that Coach House Books put its poetry program on hiatus after accusations were leveled at one of its editors.

No dia do julgamento do Lula, quase todo mundo no Twitter virou advogado

"Não vou assistir o julgamento de Lula pq não assisti a primeira temporada e vou ficar perdida"

17 Airfryer Recipes You Need To Try

AKA, how to use that Airfryer you got for Christmas.

Mayors Boycotted A White House Meeting To Protest The Latest Threats Against Sanctuary Cities

In the name of fighting crime, Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened to cut off federal grants used to fight crime.

133 People Publicly Confronted The Doctor Who Sexually Abused Young Women. Here Are Their Most Powerful Quotes.

An “army of survivors,” many of them US gymnasts, each got a chance to address Dr. Larry Nassar over seven days, leading to dozens of powerful statements. “I am no longer broken by you,” one woman said.

"Scam" Opioid Addiction Pills Are Breaking The Law, The Feds Warn

The FDA and FTC jointly warned 11 dietary supplement and homeopathy outfits to quit selling "illegal, unapproved" scam pills to treat opioid addiction.

On a recensé 1700 comptes censurés sur Twitter en France et ailleurs

BuzzFeed News a reconstitué une liste de comptes bloqués sur Twitter. Celle-ci montre l’ampleur de la collaboration entre le réseau social et des instances gouvernementales.

22 Cups And Mugs For Anyone Who Wishes Their Coffee Would Stay Hot Longer

Because if you wanted iced coffee, that's what you would have ordered!

Este quiz de comida revelará si de verdad eres veracruzano

¿Sabes cuáles son las picaditas y cómo se llama el relleno de los tamales dulces?

Você consegue ver todas estas sete formas geométricas?

Círculo, triângulo, quadrado ou hexágono?

14 Things People Thought Were Normal Growing Up, But Later Found Out Were Strange

"I grew up in the country and firmly believed that ice cream trucks were myths that only existed on TV shows."

17 Posts That Will Make Every Aquarius Feel Attacked Yet Understood

For the last time, Aquarius is NOT a water sign.

16 personas tan puras y buenas que calentarán incluso los corazones más helados

Igual quieres quitarte la máscara de pestañas antes de empezar.

What Celebrity Books Are Actually Good?

Which celeb-authored books float your boat?

Fabiane foi traída mas seguiu o baile com ajuda da internet

"Se não fosse vocês eu provavelmente só estaria chorando."

J'ai essayé des méthodes populaires pour lutter contre l'anxiété, et voici ce qui s'est passé

Je voulais être moins anxieuse, mieux dormir, et passer moins de temps à bloquer sur les petites choses. J'ai donc à peu près tout essayé.

31 Things You Don't Need But Will Definitely Buy Anyway

Rainbow string lights, a happy cactus rug, fancy caramels, and 27 other fun things that you don't necessarily *need* but definitely want.

This Stressful Quiz Will Reveal Your Greatest Strength

Because stressful times bring out the best in us. Or they just bring out lots of tears and stress eating.

26 Photos That Don't Need Explaining, They're Just Funny

I'm saying nothing — the pictures clearly speak for themselves.

52 Weird Things All Couples Do When They've Been Together For Over Three Years

You have nicknames for each other that would be meaningless gibberish to anyone else.

Este é o arroz frito com frango e legumes

Uma receita prática e fácil para fazer com o arroz de ontem!

¿Eres una persona nefasta en los conciertos?

Guarda tu maldito celular, caraja madre.

When I Was Married, I Was Rich. Then I Got Divorced.

From an early age, I've lived in two different financial realities. And I've learned that it’s a lot easier to get used to having money than to not having it.

Estes são os principais pontos do voto do relator para condenar Lula e aumentar a pena

Para elevar a pena para 12 anos e 1 mês, desembargador Gebran Neto usou depoimentos, imposto de renda, Whatsapp, visitas e contratos para caracterizar que houve esquema de desvios na Petrobras e que a OAS foi laranja de Lula no tríplex do Guarujá.

Você vai adorar este buquê de lasanha

O buquê que você sempre quis ganhar!

This Satirical Sketch That Rips Apart The Idea That Sexual Harassment Is Complicated Has Gone Viral

The Mash Report sketch has had more than 11 million views. An executive producer of the show told BuzzFeed News: "It’s not that complicated an issue, it’s not a minefield; all you really have to do as a man is not act like a complete wanker."

Quantos filmes você consegue adivinhar a partir de uma explicação tosca?

"O cara fica sentado num banco e conta história pra krlh".

Quão hétero é o seu humor?

Veja quais das coisas que são "humor hétero" você acha engraçado.

This Photographer Captured His Brother Choking On McDonald's Fries And The Photos Are Hilarious

Abdi Ibrahim told BuzzFeed News he realised after taking about 10 photos that his little brother was being serious.

17 Fotos, bei denen alle Rollifahrer sagen: Danke für nichts!

Kann man so machen. Ist dann halt aber Scheiße.

Some FT Readers Aren't Happy The Paper Exposed Alleged Sexual Harassment At A Charity Dinner

Financial Times commenters have branded its exposé of the alleged exploitation of women at the Presidents Club dinner "puritanical".

Ces illustrations sur le sexe sont très drôles mais aussi très réalistes

Le sexe en pleine nature : très bien sur le papier, plutôt décevant la plupart du temps.

Create A New Kind Of Animal And We'll Reveal Which Real Pet You Should Get Next

Send a screenshot of your results to mom and maybe it'll convince her.

Sorry, Kid, I Spent All My Money On Your Existence

I've spent thousands of dollars trying to get pregnant, and will spend many thousands more on my surrogate. And there's still no guarantee of a baby.

Lula diz que, mesmo se condenado, tem "muito tempo pela frente" para mostrar "mentiras" da acusação

Ex-presidente está no Sindicato dos Metalúrgicos do ABC acompanhando a transmissão de seu julgamento .

Comedian Kunal Kamra Was Asked To Vacate His Home Because Of His Politics

"One day, your landlady will ask you to vacate her house and look for another place because of your political opinion... So CHOOSE wisely about the comedian you want to become."

This American Can't Live With Her Family In The US Because The Government Has Denied Her Child Citizenship

Allison Blixt has two children with her wife but only one of them has been granted US citizenship. Here she tells BuzzFeed News why she has taken legal action against the State Department.

Un minuto de terror en la caravana de Marichuy

El pasado domingo, un grupo de periodistas fue asaltado por el crimen organizado al salir de la comunidad de Santa María Ostula. Este es el testimonio de primera mano de uno de los reporteros que vivió la agresión.

Saíram os indicados ao Oscar e os vencedores já são os memes brasileiros

Parece que os favoritos por aqui são "O Meu Também é Beth", "Me Chame Pelo Meu Meme" e "Passarinha".

22 Pictures That Are 100% Your Mum

"Have some fruit" is possibly the worst answer to "I'm hungry", Mum.

Here’s Who’s Been Blocked By Twitter’s Country-Specific Censorship Program

BuzzFeed News has identified more than 1,700 Twitter accounts that have been blocked in at least one country. The list provides an unprecedented glimpse into Twitter's collaboration with national groups and governments — democratic and authoritarian alike — and provides new details about a recent surge in blocked accounts in Germany, France, and Turkey.

Answer These Nine Questions And We'll Tell You If You're Afraid Of Heights

Do you like to live life on the edge? Or as far away from it as possible?

Quantos filmes indicados ao Oscar 2018 você já viu?

São 40 filmes indicados e os vencedores serão divulgados dia 4 de março de 2018. Vai assistindo e vai marcando.

La créatrice de Paye ta shnek transforme en posters les insultes qu’elle a reçues

«L’idée, c’est de transformer la violence en quelque chose de bienveillant, de solidaire et de drôle, et de donner une utilité aux trolls», explique Anaïs Bourdet à BuzzFeed News.

21 Things You've Always Wanted To Know About Eddie Redmayne, According To Eddie Redmayne

We talked to the Early Man star about everything from his favourite swearword to the time he freaked out in front of Allison Janney.

One Of The Men Who Organised The Presidents Club Event Has Lost His Government Job

David Meller has stepped down from his job at the Department for Education.

18 Hilarious Bollywood Scenes Ranked According To Their LOLness

I died. It's my ghost who's still laughing.

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

Chinese Chicken Fried Rice

What Are Your Tips For Keeping A Journal?

Tell us your tips and tricks for getting into the habit of writing every day.

The Pope Just Said Fake News Is The Work Of The Devil

"There is no such thing as harmless disinformation; on the contrary, trusting in falsehood can have dire consequences."

Trump Will Meet People Much Richer Than Him At Davos

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter for January 24.

Isto é o que aconteceu até agora no julgamento do Lula

Procurador disse que há provas documentais de que "Lula se corrompeu". O advogado do ex-presidente afirmou que "essa ação nasceu num PowerPoint". Juízes começaram a votar há pouco.

People Are Donating To Great Ormond Street Hospital After It Pledged To Return Money From A "Men-Only" Charity Bash

Social media was flooded with people saying they would give to the famous children's hospital after it said it would return funds received from the Presidents Club Charitable Trust.

21 Posts Only People Who Grew Up In The '00s Will Understand

"You lower your voice as much as you can and say 'EA SPORTS IT’S IN THE GAME' along with the TV. Life is good."

This Woman’s Response To Mugabe’s Resignation Went Viral — Now She Wonders How Long The Joy Will Last

As the excitement over Mugabe’s resignation fades, Zimbabweans wonder how long they can sustain hope for a new democracy without concrete change.

Quel personnage de «The Good Place» êtes-vous ?

Êtes-vous plutôt Eleanor ou Chidi ?

One Too Many Mishras: India's Supreme Court Is A Brahmin Bastion

The power tussle between the Chief Justice and his fellow judges has exposed the casteist core of India's judiciary.

16 Classic Indian Comic Books That Made Our Childhood Less Boring

We bet you still have these comic books stored somewhere in your house.

Here's Some Cool Stuff You Can Get At Jet

Still wondering what you can get at Jet?? Mini donut makers, blueberry-shaped lip balm, Harry Potter playing cards, and makeup organizers, for starters.

23 photos absurdes, irritantes, mais marrantes

Pourquoi comment pourquoi comment pourquoi comment pourquoi comment

16 personnes condamnées pour atteinte à la dignité des salades

Aucune salade ne mérite d'être emprisonnée dans un verre à vin.

The Club That Hosted The All-Male Dinner Where Female Staff Were Allegedly Harassed Has Shut Down

The closure of the Presidents' Club comes hours after the Financial Times exposed allegations of groping and sexual harassment at a secretive black-tie fundraising dinner.

Ce test déterminera si vous êtes difficile avec la nourriture

Il est temps de voir la vérité en face.



15 Photos Of Margot Robbie's Hot Younger Brother To Quench Your Thirst

Who's ready to take a trip down under? To Australia that is.



中国のヒップホップ禁止令 ファンの声「2017年がヒップホップの元年だったのに」


チーズタッカルビを撮ったら怨霊が出現 何がどうしてこうなった!?


FEMA Abruptly Cuts Housing Funds For Dozens Of Puerto Rican Families

“This cold-hearted and irrational decision will have disastrous consequences for these families from Puerto Rico."



A Special Prosecutor Will Investigate How MSU Handled The Doctor Who Abused Gymnasts For Decades

Michigan's attorney general announced Saturday that an independent special prosecutor will lead the state's "ongoing investigation into what the heck is happening at Michigan State University."

Hours Before California's Deadly Mudslides, Officials Posted An Inaccurate Evacuation Warning On Facebook

An official Facebook post left some neighborhoods in Montecito, California, out of a voluntary mudslide evacuation warning. More than half of the people who died in the storms lived in that area.

Sydneysiders, Get Ready For A Clusterfuck Of A Morning Commute Starting Tomorrow

Sydney, get ready to spend quite a bit more time getting to work in the morning.

Which "Bachelor" Season 22 Girl Are You?

The most dramatic quiz yet.

How Many Of These Will Smith Movies Have You Actually Seen?

"Don't ever let somebody tell you you can't do something. Not even me."

Trump Says He Doesn't Remember Asking The Acting FBI Director How He Voted

The comments came a day after unnamed sources said the president questioned Andrew McCabe about is 2016 presidential vote. McCabe reportedly found the conversation "disturbing."


サイレントベビーという言葉を知っていますか? 「母親がすぐに対応しないことが原因で、赤ちゃんが何もも要求をしない子になる」というもので、テレビやスマホを使った育児が批判されています。しかし、サイレントベイビーは医学用語ではなく、統計や調査などの根拠はありません。本当の問題はどこにあるのか、小児科医が解説します。

O Kaysar é um ÓTIMO motivo para você ver o “BBB18”

“Adoro rebolar, sou craque. Duvido que alguém rebole melhor que eu. Minha bunda mexe muito bem. Gosto quando fica todo mundo olhando pra mim”.

Let's See If You Know The Names Of These 14 Common Hairstyles

You've probably seen all these before, but do you know their names?

Which Water Sign Should You Date?

Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio?

Tell Us About Your Funniest Babysitting Fail

No judgment, just pointing and laughing.

Can You Recognize Even A Single One Of These Flags?

This one is vexing, even for trained vexillologists.

30 pensamentos que tivemos vendo a estreia do "BBB18"

"São 16 pessoas e SÓ DÁ PARA OUVIR A VOZ DA BRUXA!".

Tiffany Haddish On "Drunk History" Is Just As Delightful As You'd Imagine

If for some strange reason you're not already on the Tiffany Haddish bandwagon, you will be.

15 Tuits que lamentan la colaboración de Yuawi y Ricardo Anaya

Del "na na na na na" al "no no no no no".

Authorities Are Investigating Karolyi Ranch, Where Gymnasts Said They Were Sexually Abused

Texas authorities wouldn't release further details. Several gymnasts have said that Dr. Larry Nassar abused them there.

14 Photos That Prove Life Trolls The Shit Out Of Pregnant Women

"Are you fucking kidding me?" - Every pregnant woman ever.

Flash Briefing For January 24, 2018

A school shooting in Kentucky, Mueller’s Russia probe finally reaches Jeff Sessions, and the good, the bad, and the ugly of Oscar nominations.

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