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This Japanese Island Is A Tropical Paradise And I Had No Idea It Existed

Japan really is doing the most.

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If I showed you a photo of this beautiful island, where would you guess it is? Hawaii? The Caribbean? Maybe Australia?

Jen_n82 / Getty Images

Surely this is some tropical oasis like Bora Bora or an African island, right?

Tororo / Getty Images

That's what I thought. But nope, this is IN JAPAN??????

Paylessimages / Getty Images

Please excuse my ignorance, because I truly thought Japan was just all big cities, snowy mountains, and the occasional cherry blossom.

Earthscapeimagegraphy / Getty Images, Juergen Sack / Getty Images

But it turns out that it's also home to beautiful tropical paradises like this?!

Also now that I'm thinking about it... Japan's islands sit on the Pacific Rim. Of COURSE it has incredible beaches. Idk why I thought it was all frozen.

This is Ishigaki, a little island way south of the Japanese mainland, right near Taiwan.

Instagram: @yuki0119a

I had literally never heard of it, until I saw that it'd been voted number one Destination On The Rise by Trip Advisor users.

And, uh, it's pretty damn easy to see why.

Instagram: @nasakemono555

It's surrounded by coral reefs, so you can either go swimming and snorkelling, or admire the tropical fish from a glass-bottomed boat.

Or just hang out on the beach, because look how incredibly white that sand is?!!!!!!

Instagram: @yaimasougetsu

And listen to this: The average high in summer is 31ºC and in winter it's 21ºC. Not too hot, not too cold – Goldilocks would love it.

I know I live in Australia and I have a ton of these beaches near me... but I think I need to go to Ishigaki right now.

Instagram: @napoleonsolo64

See ya!

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