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21 DMs From Straight Men That Need To Be Studied In An Anthropology Class

Listen and learn.

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1. Don't start a convo by mentioning your balls:

2. Don't ask someone for makeup-less selfies:

3. Don't assume the role of "daddy":

4. Don't send unsolicited dick pics:

5. Don't be fucking racist:

6. Don't tell people what to do with their bodies:

7. Don't be gross:

8. Don't ask someone if they're looking for a sugar daddy:

9. Don't ask a rando if you can touch their calves:

10. Don't tell 'em they have "edible" anything:

11. Don't say shit like this:

12. Just don't mention your dick at all:

13. Don't tell someone that you want to suck a fart out of their butt:

14. Don't ask a stranger if you can piss on 'em:

15. Don't continue to bother someone when they obviously don't want to talk to you:

16. Don't feel entitled to nudes:

17. Don't use a creepy pickup line:

18. Don't start with your conspiracy theories and then end on a weird note:

19. Don't inquire about tickling:

20. Don't start any conversation this way:

21. Just....don't:

Do better, men.

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