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19 Servers Who Failed So Hard They Won


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Let's be clear: SERVERS WORK HARD AND ARE BASICALLY SUPERHEROES. But even superheroes fail — and it's hilarious.

1. This server, who got a bad customer evaluation:

2. This server, who dropped her tray:

3. And this server, who dropped her tray AND her money:

4. This server's interesting spelling of the word "squash"

5. And this server has an interesting way of spelling "birthday":

6. This server delivered this to a table:

7. This server dropped espresso packets in the potatoes:

8. This server handed the chef this ticket and expected them to understand it:

9. This server dropped sugar and left a looooooong trail of it:

10. This server, who seems to have fallen while trying to wash dishes:

11. This server dropped her table's to-go box just five minutes before closing:

12. This server dropped a whole bucket of ice:

13. And this server broke a planter:

14. This server should stay away from sharp objects:

15. This server charged customers $2.29 for "sluts" (???):

16. This server dropped a shitload of ketchup:

17. And this server dropped a shitload of silverware:

18. This served accidentally divided the bill into 20, instead of two.

19. And last but not least, server who failed and is unfazed:

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