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13 Photos That Will Piss Off All Foodies, Then 13 More To Chill Them Out Again

Don't worry, each shot has a chaser.

1. Whoever desecrated this pie needs to be reprimanded immediately.

But whoever made this gorgeous pie deserves a medal.

2. This dish would ruin any pizza lover's day.

But at least this pizza, with an even amount of pepperoni slices on each piece, could slightly make up for it.

3. This "steak" is so abysmal it'll make every foodie scream into the abyss.

So to sort you out, have this incredible sirloin steak instead. / Via

In high-res, of course.

4. Whatever the hell this is needs to be immediately shot into space.

But this perfectly round apple deserves its own spot in the National Gallery.

5. This looks like the sort of thing you'd serve to your worst enemy.

Whereas this tray of treats is about to be served to the luckiest person in the world.

6. Eating this chicken doesn't even bear thinking about.

So rest your eyes on these perfectly organised chicken eggs and breathe deeply.

7. How someone can fuck up a pizza so bad, I'll never know.

But at least we know somewhere in the world, this beauty once existed.

8. If you like spaghetti, you might wanna look away... turn back and be soothed by this excellent sight.

9. You could choose to eat these and be scarred forever.

Or you could choose to marvel at the beautiful symmetry of this waffle cake.

10. Absolutely no one asked for their mac and cheese to look this way.

So cleanse your palate by taking a look at this damn near perfect egg.

11. These popcorn and ketchup "tacos" are offensive in a hundred different ways.

Which is why it's a blessing that these wonderful taco shells exist.

12. This sandwich didn't deserve this and neither did my eyes.

So I'm pretty thankful that this sandwich fits so perfectly together.

13. And how does one describe this avocado without the words "terrible" and "disappointment"?

By ignoring it and feasting your eyes on this bad boy, of course.