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January 22, 2018

16 Poderosas imágenes que explican qué hay detrás de la marcha por la dignidad de Chihuahua

Este grupo de gente va desde Chihuahua hasta la CDMX para exigir la extradición del exgobernador César Duarte.

22 Things That Just Kind Of Happen When You're A Seriously Forgetful Person

Show of hands: who else has left their phone in the fridge??

23 Etapas por las que pasas cuando escuchas Scooby Doo Pa! Pa!

La canción que está transformando vidas.

Sydney Trains Look Set To Remain Absolutely Cooked For The Rest Of The Month

A full-scale, 24-hour strike is planned for Monday, 29 Jan.

¿Eres la amiga que tiene que darse cuenta?

O eres tú, o es tu BFF. No hay de otra.

The Best New Stuff From Forever 21, ASOS, H&M, Topshop, And Zara This Week

Flirty minskirts, faux leather jackets, spring dresses, and so much more new stuff you'll love from your fave clothing stores. The products in this post were updated Feb. 26, 2018.

5 Things I Learned Using The Nifty Journal

It’s like a scrapbook, diary, and to-do list all in one.

A "Harry Potter"-Themed Bar Crawl Is Getting Slammed On Facebook By People Who Say It Was A Scam

Attendants are calling it the "Fyre Festival" of bar crawls. The main organizer of the event claims "it was amazing."

Can You See All 7 Shapes?

How well do you see sliiiightly different colors?

Just 9 Glossier Products We Really Love

Tried, tested, and loved by beauty-obsessed BuzzFeeders!

Todo el mundo tiene un helado que va con su personalidad — aquí está el tuyo

¿Realmente eres vainilla, chocolate... o tal vez fresa?

20 Pictures That Show Just How Awesome Arcades Used To Be

Grab your quarters — we're going to the arcade!

18 Fails de Community Managers que te van a hacer reír y llorar

Tenemos que reconocer que no es una profesión fácil.

People Are Sharing Their Brainfarts From Work And It's So Relatable

"Our father, who art in heaven, American Airlines, how may I help you?"

Intense Photos Show Polish Teens Getting Military Training At A Nationalist Boot Camp

This high school program is like the JROTC on steroids.

An Instagrammer Complained About The Caviar Served At Trump’s Resort And People Are Furious

"I don't like to eat caviar with plastic. It shouldn't be served that way, I wasn't tasting gelato flavors."

Lula participa de ato em Porto Alegre, mas acompanha julgamento em sindicato do ABC

Petista assistirá decisão dos desembargadores do TRF-4 ao lado dos metalúrgicos com quem começou vida política.

The Craving For Stuffed Peppers Is Serious And These 18 Tweets Just Get It

HelloFresh's all-star peppers are no joke, and Tasty is taking notice.

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Strikes Down Congressional Map In Partisan Gerrymandering Case

The state court — in a brief, two-page ruling — ordered new congressional maps to be drawn over the next month.



30 Useful Kitchen Gadgets That People Actually Swear By

Cook faster and better with these handy tools.

23 Pictures People Who Went To Private School Will Never Understand

Public school isn't just a's an experience.

29 Ridiculous Things That Happen In Every Fanfic Sex Scene

It's not fanfiction unless their tongues battle for dominance.

This Canadian Village's Tiny Women's March Doubled In Size This Year

The inspiring march in rural Nova Scotia went from 16 to 32 participants.

"Me Chame Pelo Seu Nome" é outra prova que nem todas histórias de amor queer são consideradas universais

Como seus antecessores, "Brokeback Mountain" e "Moonlight", o filme alcançou a fama de "universal" principalmente por retratar o drama da masculinidade convencional. Atenção: este post contém spoilers.

Você consegue reconhecer o personagem pelo bonequinho?

Se a sua memória é boa vai ser moleza.

21 Characters Who Are Living In The Age Of Aquarius

Shoutout to everyone born between January 20th and February 18th!

USA Gymnastics Executives Resign Amid Sex Abuse Scandal Involving Former Team Doctor

Gymnasts have called out the organization for not protecting them from Larry Nassar, the organization's former doctor who pleaded guilty to abusing young athletes in his care.

17 caligrafias que podem te acalmar depois de um dia estressante

Resolução para este ano: escrever mais à mão.

Meghan McCain And Ana Navarro Battled It Out Over DACA On "The View"

What started as a discussion about the government shutdown turned into McCain questioning Navarro about whether or not she's really a Republican.

The Rumors Of Harry Styles As James Bond Might Not Be True, But It Would Be Cool Though

The story being reported by British tabloids is mostly based on nothing, but it still got us thinking.

¿Qué tanto te ha arruinado la vida el amor romántico?

Ya es momento de dejar de decirle amor a la obsesión.

O Banespão vai reabrir e agora tem exposições, loft para alugar e até pista de skate

A vista de São Paulo continua linda, e o mirante comporta mais gente do que antes.

Moro diz que "exagero na cautela" é melhor do que "risco" sobre algemar pés e mãos de Cabral

Medida foi bastante criticada por ser degradante ao preso. Juiz mandou apurar o caso.

32 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Wayfair, ThinkGeek, Aritzia, and more!

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on exercise bikes with sliding desks, mason jar salt and pepper shakers, insulated tea cups, and more!

38 coisas que você só entende se tem um melhor amigo há muito, muito tempo

Aquela pessoa em quem você confia 100% e que não deixa o silêncio ser constrangedor.

States Are Split On Whether Public Sector Unions Should Be Able To Require Nonmembers To Pay Fees

The Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in the case on Feb. 26.

21 WTF-Momente aus "Grey's Anatomy", die immer noch krass seltsam sind

Welches Unglück ist in dieser Serie noch nicht passiert?

Build A Town And We'll Tell You Which Disney Princess You Are

You, the Disney princess, in your own town.

El creador de Angry Birds ahora lidera la construcción de un túnel bajo el agua que conectará dos países europeos

Una de las empresas que participa en el proyecto antes participó en la construcción del Túnel Emisor Oriente, que sirve para evacuar las aguas negras de la CDMX.

Este quiz te dirá tu % de doctor

O sea, qué tanto sabes de medicina, pues.

O melhor vendedor do mundo é o brasileiro

E estes onze vendedores vão fazer você comprar essa teoria.

Kylie Jenner posó para Calvin Klein tapándose la panza y le prendió fuego a los rumores de su embarazo

En las cuatro fotos, el estómago de Kylie está tapado con varias cosas... Baia, baia, ¿serán ciertos los rumores?

23 Fotos, die dich beim Anschauen komplett fertigmachen werden

Warum wie warum wie warum wie warum wie

Quantas destas nojeirinhas você já enfrentou quando estava menstruada?

Nada supera a mistura de cocô e sangue que se forma no papel higiênico.

20 Pinoy Movies And Shows That Will Transport You Back To 1998

So, 1998 was 20 years ago??? Hala siya!!!

Megyn Kelly Called Out Jane Fonda For Her "Poor Me Routine"

"This is a woman whose name is synonymous with outrage," the Today anchor said on Monday morning.

The US Is Now Working With Europe To Try To "Fix" The Iran Nuclear Deal

On a visit to London, US secretary of state Rex Tillerson raised the prospect of a "side agreement" to address Donald Trump's concerns.

Amazon’s Cashier-Less Grocery Store Officially Opens To The Public Today

The commerce giant's convenience store of the future is finally in the present.

Este teste de sexo vai te dar vontade de não transar nunca mais

De nada! Assinado: Seus amigos do BuzzFeed.

This Artist's Portrait Tattoos Are So Incredible You Won't Believe They're Real

Is it real, or is it Karol Rybakowski's amazingly cool portrait tattoos?

This Is What The Cast Of "Jawbreaker" Looks Like 19 Years Later

"I killed Liz. I killed the teen dream. Deal with it."

The Government Shutdown Is Over — For At Least Three Weeks

Congress passed a bill Monday to reopen the government for three weeks, after Mitch McConnell vowed to give senators a vote on DACA next month. President Trump later signed the agreement.

16 dados impressionantes sobre o aumento de bilionários no mundo e no Brasil

O número de bilionários no país cresceu de 31 para 43 em 2017 — como se o Brasil tivesse um novo bilionário por mês.

21 Cosas que definitivamente te pasaron al ver 'Una mujer sin filtro'

*Sale del cine* *Empieza a gritarle a todo mundo*

The Police Officer Who Played The Piano For A 93-Year-Old Theft Victim Says He’s Overwhelmed By The Response

"When I saw the video back and his hands were moving just like my grandma's did, that was the bit where I thought 'job satisfaction'," Craig Bull told BuzzFeed News.

How I Learned To Share Money Again After My Divorce

After getting divorced, being back in total control of my money was a relief. Now, my new husband and I are learning how to plan — together — for something better than the worst-case scenario.

28 personnes qui ont clairement oublié d'aller en cours de SVT

«J'ai eu un petit ami qui pensait qu'après l'accouchement, le vagin restait dilaté. Comme s'il restait de la taille d'un bébé pour le reste de la vie.»

What Celebrity Aquarius Shares Your Birthday?

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius.

Ces cake pops galaxie semblent venir d'une autre planète

Parfaites pour un goûter d'enfant !

34 maneiras de xingar sem ofender

"Vá encher pneu de trem!"

Die Leute auf Twitter lachen über diesen Plan der CSU, bis 2050 WLAN in Bussen zu realisieren

Die CSU hat den Text auf ihrer Homepage mittlerweile umformuliert.

17 Completely Unforgivable Crimes Against Salad

No salad deserves to be imprisoned in a wine glass.

33 Things That'll Hit Millennial–Gen Z Cusps Right In The Feels

If you were born between 1995 to 1999, that means you.

A história do Fernando mostra os perigos da automedicação

Nunca, por motivo nenhum, deixe de ler a bula. E se os sintomas não melhorarem procure um médico!

18 Cosas que entenderás si tu BFF vive lejos

Mandas audios de quinientas horas y comes frente a la compu en videollamadas.

28 des meilleurs personnages bisexuels dans les séries

«Le mot LGBTQ doit bien servir à quelque chose...»

This Yes Or No Test Will Reveal If You're A Morning Or Night Person

Are you more likely to go to bed or wake up at 5am?

Kylie Jenner Posed For Calvin Klein With Her Stomach Covered And People Are Losing It

In all four photos, Kylie's stomach is covered with all manner of props, which people are taking as a confirmation of her pregnancy.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller's Team Is Still Working During The Shutdown

The special counsel's office has its own funding source that isn't affected by the shutdown.

14 Times Pregnant Women Texted Some Hilariously Random Things

"If you come home without a slurpee, you will sleep outside."

21 Times People On Tumblr Had The Best Comebacks To Anonymous Questions

"Do you have any acting experience?" "I acted like I was straight for 18 years."

These Are The Finalists For The 2017 National Book Critics Circle Awards

The NBCC has announced its 30 finalists in six categories — autobiography, biography, criticism, fiction, nonfiction, and poetry — for the most outstanding books of 2017.

Facebook Says It's Not Always Good For Democracy

A series of blog posts published by Facebook executives on Monday analyzed the company's role in elections, politics, and the spread of misinformation on the internet.

15 Of The Best Sheet Masks You Can Get At Walmart

From black caviar masks to widely trusted skin-clearing options, you can really have it all!!

Resulta que toda tu infancia es una mentira por culpa de "Oliver y Benji"

El descubrimiento del youtuber Jaime Altozano nos acaba de destrozar la infancia y la gente no sabe a qué aferrarse.

Is Your Personality More Open Or Closed?

Are you an open book or a dark horse?

Someone Called Kim K "Self-Absorbed" And Her Response Was Incredible

Proof she really does have a sense of humour.

Manifestantes pró-Lula acampam diante da Globo no Rio

Eles chegaram a a passar pelo portão, mas, depois de negociar com seguranças, instalaram suas barracas de camping na calçada, diante do edifício.

Tribunal que julga Lula terá atiradores de elite e bloqueio aéreo, terrestre e naval em suas proximidades

Forças de Segurança vão posicionar atiradores de elite na região e cerca de 150 câmeras serão usadas para monitorar manifestações em Porto Alegre.

"Sorry To Bother You" Is A Wacky Movie Featuring Horse-People Dicks And An Activist Heart

Sorry to Bother You stars Lakeith Stanfield, Tessa Thompson, Armie Hammer, heavy doses of sci-fi and fantasy, and the genitals of horse-people.

Will Chicago Prosecutors Let Guevara’s Defendants Go?

Now that Detective Reynaldo Guevara has been discredited in court, what will the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office do with the dozens of people who say he framed them for murder?

15 Reaktionen, die jede Transfrau kennt, die einmal auf einer Party war

„Also, wie findest du eigentlich Caitlyn Jenner?"

Here's Why A Muslim Editor Called Out A Company For Working With Gal Gadot

Numerous people have recently spoken out against working with the Israeli actor.

13 Times Rajkummar Rao Proved He Is Too Damn Good For Bollywood

He doesn't need award shows to validate his talent anyway.

17 Gründe, warum Deutsch die einzige Sprache ist, die du wirklich lernen solltest

Deutsch ist wie ein Dschungel. Du verlierst da schnell mal den Durchblick.

23 Amazing Products With Over 1,000 Reviews On Amazon

A waterproof shower speaker, charcoal teeth whitening powder, a bread maker, and 20 other products on Amazon that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people absolutely *adore*.

23 fotos que te frustran solo con mirarlas

Por qué cómo por qué cómo por qué CÓMO.

Here's What Went Down Backstage At The SAG Awards

You know who won the awards, but what was going on backstage?

People Are Dragging Ciara After She Shared This Sexist Video On Twitter

Single women will be walking in the spirit of whatever the fuck they want.

Esta chica explica en tres tuits por qué tú, hombre, no tienes excusa para determinados comportamientos con las mujeres

"Hola, soy Clara y me gustan las mujeres. Me atraen las mujeres. Me encanta tener sexo con ellas".

Get Over The Jenners And Hadids; Check Out These Desi Models Killing It Internationally

Made in India. Slaying in New York, Paris, London, and Milan.

Can You Identify These Movies Based Only On Emma Stone's Face?

Maybe you'll find it easy to get an A. (That's a clue.)

Chris Pratt And Chris Hemsworth Had A Cute Interaction On Twitter And Now I Love Them Even More

Just one hot Chris loving another hot Chris, what more could you want?

If You Can't Score 9/12 On This Quiz, Get Out Of The Damn Kitchen

Do you know your bread knife from your cheese knife?

29 Things From Walmart You Never Knew You Needed For Your Car

Less obvious, but nearly as important as jumper cables!

11 Reasons Meghalaya Is A Lot Cooler Than You Think

Meghalaya— An exception in a predominantly patrilineal world.

Inside The Fight For The Soul Of Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky Lab is under fire in the US over concerns that it could provide its clients' private — and at times secret — information to the Russian government. A new investigation by Russian news site Meduza, published here exclusively in English, goes inside the battle for control of the company — a battle sources say was won by the side allied with Russian security services.

Saurez-vous faire la différence entre des trucs inventés et de vrais conseils sur le sexe venus du XIXe siècle ?

Par exemple : un expert a-t-il vraiment recommandé de faire tremper ses parties génitales dans de l'eau froide avant d'aller au lit ?

14 Produkte, mit denen du endlich dein verdammtes Leben in den Griff kriegst

[ANZEIGE] Diese Dinge helfen dir, jetzt mal deinen Arsch hochzukriegen!

The Making Of A Hindutva Warrior

Kumar despised Muslims before he could count to ten. Now, having graduated from college with no job prospects, he divides his time between the offices of ABVP, BJP, and VHP. "Two hours here, three hours there. It’s how my days go."

19 legendäre erste Male, die das Internet zu dem gemacht haben, was es heute ist

Was wäre das Internet ohne das erste jemals auf YouTube hochgeladene Video?

29 Things For The Grouchiest Person You Know

Shout-out to all the people whose mood ring is always black.

12 Times Aditi Mittal's Wisecracks Got Us Laughing Our Heads Off

From Indian ghosts to sanitary napkins, this lady has covered all spheres of life.

TwitterのDM含む個人情報を社員数百人が閲覧? Tw社は否定




To Celebrate Australia Day Is To Celebrate Violence

Opinion: The past affects the present, and unless there is change, it will affect our future.

Préfet, énarques, dirigeant du cac 40: l'identité de conseillers secrets de Marine Le Pen révélée par des mails

Exclusif – Ils travaillent pour la gendarmerie nationale, un grand groupe du CAC 40, la Cour nationale du droit d'asile... BuzzFeed News et Mediapart révèlent les noms et les profils de plusieurs conseillers de l'ombre de Marine Le Pen pendant la campagne présidentielle.

Flash Briefing For January 22, 2018

The government is shut down, Amazon Prime is getting more expensive and Tracee Ellis Ross wants everybody to chill out.

The Super-Hot Tongan Flag-Bearer Has Qualified For The Winter Olympics

No word yet as to whether you'll be seeing his bare chest in the snowy slopes of South Korea.

Australia Has More Billionaires Than Ever, But You're Probably Not That Much Richer

"Governments can tackle extreme inequality here and globally by ensuring the wealthy and multinationals pay their fair share of tax."

Kristen Bell's Best Jokes At The SAG Awards

"I am Kristen Bell, and I am a narcissist."

Sterling K. Brown Made History At The 2018 SAG Awards And Gave An Amazing Speech

"What a blessing it is to get to do what you love for a living."

27 Hilarious Tweets That Women Will Find Damn Relatable

"Are you even a girl if you don't tell people you're wearing jeans and a nice top???"



19 Times Talking To Kids Was Hilarious, Exhausting, And A Little Disturbing

Points to crotch: "Who let the vaginas out? Who? Who? Who?"

Another Right-Wing Insurgency Is Gathering Force In The West

In the tiny town of Paradise, Montana, rancher Cliven Bundy offered few specifics as to the future of his movement. Instead, he preached his particular form of anti–federal government gospel — and readied his followers for whatever comes next.

Kate Hudson Wore An Insane Dress To The SAG Awards And I'm Obsessed With It

Is it a heart print, or am I just SEEING hearts???

Here Are All The Big Winners At The 2018 Screen Actors Guild Awards

It was another good night for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.

Multiple People Are Injured After a Train Accident In NSW

Among the injured is a 7-year-old girl with a possible fractured hip.

The Government Will Stay Shut Down Monday Morning While Senators Keep Working On A Deal

The shutdown will continue until at least Monday afternoon, after the Senate decided to call it a day. Senators plan to vote on a bill to keep the government open for three weeks at noon tomorrow.

Alison Brie Addressed The Allegations Against Her Brother-In-Law James Franco

The GLOW star was asked on the SAG Awards red carpet about the five women who have accused Franco of inappropriate behavior.

Style On The SAG Awards Red Carpet

What everyone wore to the show where actors honor other actors.

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