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Ketchup And Mustard Cake Exists And We Need To Talk About It

God has forsaken us.

Friends, neighbors, countrymen, gather round, for it has come to our attention that some horrible baby genius has created something called a Ketchup and Mustard Cake and we NEED TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Yes, ketchup and mustard, the two unholiest of pals, have come together to form an ostensibly sweet, cakey treat. I am nauseated.

The cake contains a fuckton of ketchup — half a cup, actually.

And — get ready for this — one and a half cups of mustard for the icing.

Yeah, that's mustard being blended into softened butter right there.

So how does it taste? WELL. One brave office full of people actually decided to try it themselves and the results weren't terrible, supposedly.

Here's the full, unbridled recipe for your amazement/shock/awe.

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