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23 Pictures People Who Went To Private School Will Never Understand

Public school isn't just a's an experience.

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Public school isn't just a's a state of mind.

And if you went to public school, then you've definitely experienced...

1. Every single teacher making this face and saying "this isn't middle school anymore":

2. Making do with whatever supplies you had:

3. Literally nothing making sense:

4. Dress codes not making any sense:

Like, any sense at all:


5. The sheer intensity of a Jeopardy review game:

6. The end of class routine:

7. Students just trying their hardest:

8. Teachers just trying their hardest:

9. Beautiful poetry all over the bathroom walls:

10. The noises...THE NOISES:

11. The mad dash on chicken nugget day:

12. Teacher butt in your face every time they bend over to help someone:

13. Textbooks always having some stupid joke inside them:

14. This rumor that everyone SWORE was true:

15. That rumor everyone knew for some reason:

16. The end of the year rush:

17. The toilet paper struggle:

18. Again, just things that make no sense happening for no reason:

19. Beautiful textbook works of art:

20. Becoming a master of non-verbal communication:

21. Brilliant ingenuity from students:

22. Even more dress code drama:

23. And, finally, the summation of your knowledge from public school:

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