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The Rumors Of Harry Styles As James Bond Might Not Be True, But It Would Be Cool Though

The story being reported by British tabloids is mostly based on nothing, but it still got us thinking.

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You know Harry Styles. Pop star, debut actor, doesn't show his face in any of his instagrams?

Well, Harry appeared in the movie Dunkirk, which was directed by Christopher Nolan, who will also be directing the upcoming installment of James Bond films.

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And I guess, like, one of Christopher Nolan's friends thinks Harry would make a great James Bond – IF they decided to go way younger with the role.

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Which, you know, they could, I guess? They could drop 20 years off the role. This is Hollywood.

But the not-quite-news got us thinking. What if Harry really did play James Bond?

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He's got the swagger.

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He's got the raw sex appeal.


He's even got the (an?) accent.

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Plus like, he could go undercover in college and it would be like "James Bond: Undercover Undergrad" Idk. Or maybe it'd be more like "James Bond: Millennial Maverick," where he lives in his mum's basement and fights crime for a menial wage. But with great hair. And avocado toast.

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Idk, maybe it's a great idea! What do you think a Harry Styles James Bond would look like?

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