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    These 33 Insane Details From Christopher Nolan Movies Prove He's The Best

    Get you a director who brings a hot tea flask onto set and only wears two outfits.

    Christopher Nolan has been called many things. Auteur. Visionary. British.

    He is all of these things and more, and brings his signature love of practical effects, sound design, and time manipulation into every movie. That level of dedication has resulted in some incredible details and behind-the-scenes stories that, much like Tenet, we're still trying to figure out. 

    1. Before we dive into his movies, a fun fact: Christopher Nolan doesn't have a smartphone or an email address.

    Christopher Nolan standing on a balcony in a city looking into the camera

    2. Some of the actual boats that rescued soldiers at Dunkirk were used in Dunkirk.

    Civilian boats sailing across the water to Dunkirk

    3. In Inception, you can tell whether they're in reality or not based on whether Dom is wearing a ring. This proves that the final scene is indeed not a dream.

    A shot of Cobb's hand, showing no wedding ring

    4. The officer who finds The Joker's calling card in Batman Begins is named "J. Kerr," which is a common alias of the Clown Prince of Crime in the comics.

    An evidence bag containing a Joker playing card, the name J. Kerr on the bag

    5. One "tick" in the soundtrack equals a whole day on the water planet in Interstellar.

    Anne Hathaway as Brand on the water planet

    The full water planet scene:

    View this video on YouTube

    Warner Bros.

    6. The marketing leading up to The Dark Knight involved a "Gotham City newspaper" circulating around San Diego during the 2007 Comic Con, stating that a man believed to be The Joker was found beaten to death.

    Christopher Nolan behind the scenes

    7. In Memento, Lenny says that he's learned to trust his own handwriting. This comes into play when Teddy tells him to write something on his photos, but Lenny doesn't yet trust Teddy. So Lenny writes the note without using his normal handwriting.

    8. Christopher Nolan had his team plant 500 acres of corn for the scene in which Cooper, Murph, and Tom drive through a cornfield.

    A pickup truck plows through a cornfield

    9. A man in the crowd stands up and claims Tesla's machines are dangerous in The Prestige. Later in the film, we see that same man working for Thomas Edison.

    Angrier uses Tesla’s teleportation machine, with electricity flying around it

    10. Each individual frame of the black hole in Interstellar took 100 hours to render. Each second: 100 days.

    Several renderings of possible black hole shapes

    "Building a Black Hole" with Dr. Kip Thorne

    View this video on YouTube

    Warner Bros.

    11. Christopher Nolan, a big fan of classic film tricks, used forced perspective rather than CGI as much as he could when set-decorating Dunkirk.

    Standees of military trucks

    12. The bird-killing, collapsing cage in The Prestige is a real trick developed in the 1800s by French magician Buatier De Kolta.

    Angier holding the cage trick with a bird inside

    13. If you look closely at the food in the kitchen in Interstellar, you'll notice all the food can be made with corn (pancakes, chowder, cornbread, corn syrup). Makes sense, considering it's the only crop left on Earth in the movie.

    Donald and Tom sit at the kitchen table in Interstellar, breakfast food laid out

    14. In Memento, Lenny writes down Teddy's license plate as ending in "7IU." Since the "I" can either be a capital "i" or a "1," both versions of the actual plate are shown. This reinforces the fact that Lenny can't always trust his own notes.

    15. Nolan based each main character's special skill on filmmaking roles in Inception.

    The cast of Inception at the film's permier

    16. Nolan loves tiny details, like the fact that Cooper has to manually reset his automatic watch after lying in cryosleep.

    Coop winds his watch on the ship as Doyle talks

    17. In The Dark Knight, Batman is wounded by attack dogs. In The Dark Knight Rises, he still has the scar.

    18. The fateful room where Cobb and Mal spend their anniversary is #3502. The train that barrels through the street in the dreamworld is a Fillmore & Western Railroad GP35 #3502 model.

    19. To show the bus crashing through the wall of the bank (which was actually a post office) in The Dark Knight, the bus had to be taken apart and then rebuilt inside the building.

    A bus backing up through a bank wall

    20. Ariadne wears a tight bun in Inception because animating long hair in zero-gravity is a lot of work.

    Elliott Page as Ariadne, sleeping in an elevator in Inception

    21. Inception is essentially a heist movie where "your mind is the scene of the crime." It's fitting that the first letters of the characters' names spell out "DREAMS PAY."

    The main characters of Inception standing at a film showing

    22. Victor Zsasz, serial killer from the Batman comics, appears briefly in Batman Begins.

    Tim Booth as Victor Zsasz, sitting in a courtroom with a smirk

    23. The Joker writes an obituary for the mayor to announce him as his next target in The Dark Knight. The author of the obituary is "Joe Ondrejko," who is the construction coordinator for many Christopher Nolan projects.

    An obituary for the mayor of Gotham in The Dark Knight

    24. Teddy's number in Memento is the exact same number as Marla Singer's from Fight Club

    25. A magician shown in The Prestige pretends to be differently abled to further impress people with his tricks, never breaking "character" in public. This is based on real-life magician William Robinson, who pretended to be "Chung Ling Soo" for years until his death on stage.

    A magician in The Prestige is escorted into a carriage by assistants

    26. Cobb's name in Inception is based off a major character in Christopher Nolan's debut film, Following.

    Alex Haw playing the character Cobb, sitting at a table in Following

    27. Kenneth Branagh, who acted in Dunkirk, stated that the WWII veterans who attended the premiere in London were impressed by the film, except for the sound design. They said "the film was louder than the battle."

    A WWI veteran walks through a movie theater hallway with family around him

    28. When the semi-truck gets flipped in The Dark Knight, that's not CGI trickery or miniatures. They really flipped a semi.

    A semi truck is mid-air, being flipped upside-down

    See how they did it here.

    View this video on YouTube

    Warner Bros.

    29. To prepare for making Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan made the journey from England to Dunkirk in a boat with his wife and a friend.

    A map showing how close Dunkirk, France is to Dover, England

    30. While filming The Dark Knight, the crew accidentally broke an IMAX camera. At the time, there were only four of the cameras in the world (three after Chris was done).

    A camera mounted to a car follows a semi-truck through an underpass

    31. Christopher Nolan used cardboard cutouts to flush out the crowds on the beach in Dunkirk.

    Actors dressed as soldiers pickup cardboard cutout standees representing soldiers

    32. The script for Tenet calls for a plane to crash into a building. So Christopher Nolan used the classic film trick of taking a real plane and...crashing it into a building.

    A plane crashes into a building, flames erupting on its wing

    BTS footage

    View this video on YouTube

    Warner Bros. / Via KiK Tamil

    33. Dr. Kip Thorne helped keep the science in Interstellar accurate, but it wasn't his first foray into Hollywood. Carl Sagan based some parts of his novel Contact on Dr. Thorne's work, and he was consulted for the movie adaptation. Both films starred Matthew McConaughey.

    Dr. Kip Thorne stands in front of a poster for Interstellar

    What are your favorite details from Christopher Nolan's movies? Let me know in the comments?