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    12 Times Aditi Mittal's Wisecracks Got Us Laughing Our Heads Off

    From Indian ghosts to sanitary napkins, this lady has covered all spheres of life.

    1. On plight of woman going bra shopping:

    2. When she turned into Dr. Mrs. Lutchuke, and answered sex queries:

    3. On security checks in airport:

    4. When women decide to wear strapless dresses:

    5. On typical attires of Indian ghosts:

    6. When raucous brats in planes never let people sleep in peace:

    7. On the profound technology behind sanitary napkins:

    8. Or even how shopkeepers are adept at concealing them:

    9. When she broke down the penis enlargement ads on porn sites for us:

    10. On excuses for skipping PT classes:

    11. When sex ed for under-18s are deemed unlawful in India:

    12. And, on the despairing lives of single women:

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