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    21 Times People On Tumblr Had The Best Comebacks To Anonymous Questions

    "Do you have any acting experience?" "I acted like I was straight for 18 years."

    1. On the importance of doing a little research:

    2. On high-speed internet:

    3. On the world of acting:

    4. On how to be amazingly savage:

    5. On giving a warning:

    6. On British culture:

    7. On sex advice:

    8. On someone not quite getting it:

    9. On keeping some things private:

    10. On sometimes not knowing how the hell you're meant to respond to something:

    11. On playing excellent jokes:

    12. On appreciating the little things in life:

    13. On answering questions with another question:

    14. On the perks of comedy jobs:

    15. On making masterful puns:

    16. On how most of us live:

    17. On what singleness means:

    18. On veganism:

    19. On how to answer an innocuous question in the worst way possible:

    20. On being open about your flaws:

    21. And on having hobbies:

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