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    Kate Hudson Wore An Insane Dress To The SAG Awards And I'm Obsessed With It

    Is it a heart print, or am I just SEEING hearts???

    Hello, I'm Allie, resident weird fashion lover.

    And Kate Hudson has been on my ~out-of-the-box~ fashion radar since she shaved her head last year.

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    So when I saw her at the 2018 Golden Globes a few weeks ago looking like a genuine queen, I was fully invested.

    Well, tonight she's presenting at the 24th Annual Screen Actor's Guild Awards, and she showed up looking like this:

    And...I'm in love with it???

    Like, it's so weird and odd and different, but also kind of amazing and life-changing???

    Here's a close-up.

    Here's a profile.

    Here's her with her mom, icon Goldie Hawn.

    That's all. I'm intrigued, enlightened, obsessed...I see you Kate, I see you.