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    16 Home Projects That'll Make You Say "OMG, I Can Totally Do That"

    It's easier than you think.

    Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

    Hey, hi, hello! I know tools and doing things are scary, but it's 2018 so we're all getting our shit together!


    I know you were hoping for a super-simple hack that just puts a band-aid on the problem, but hear me out. These projects are hella cheap and simple and will actually solve the issue that you've been pretending to not notice since you moved in.

    So here are 16 projects that won't ruin your week or your wallet, but will transform your home for the better.

    1. Add a backsplash to your kitchen with some self-spacing tiles and mortar.

    1. Use the spreader to scrape the mortar onto the back of each self-spacing tile.

    2. Push the tile against the wall, wiggling it a bit to ensure a good stick.

    3. Let each row dry before laying the next one to ensure they don't push against each other.

    Learn more here.

    2. Prime and paint ugly tile to give your bathroom a refresh without ripping out the walls.

    1. Clean.

    2. Apply all-purpose primer ($9.37/qt from Amazon).

    3. Paint.

    Learn more here.

    3. Replace your ugly return air grill with some perforated sheet metal.

    1. Cut the perforated sheet metal down to size and frame with 1x2s.

    2. Paint.

    3. Nail to the wall.

    Learn more here.

    4. Paint and stencil your tile floor.

    1. Apply a paint + primer base coat.

    2. Spray the stencil with repositionable adhesive spray and tape the stencil down to get an even line each time you paint a new pattern.

    3. Once dry, paint the entire floor with polyurethane ($24.33 from Home Depot) for durability.

    See it here.

    5. Add a frame to your bathroom mirror with a few pieces of wood and liquid nail adhesive.

    1. Cut and stain the wood planks.

    2. Apply liquid nail adhesive to the pieces and stick to the mirror.

    3. Tape the wood pieces to the mirror to hold them up until the adhesive dries.

    Learn more here.

    6. Give your cabinets a fresh coat of paint and maybe a new set of knobs.

    1. Lightly sand the vanity so the paint sticks and remove the doors.

    2. Paint three coats of paint+primer combo ($32.98 from Home Depot).

    3. Once dry, screw on the new knobs and replace the doors.

    See it here.

    7. Build a table that fits behind your sofa with a plank of wood and four legs.

    1. Attach four legs to the wood plank with L-brackets.

    2. Optional: Saw out a hole for an extension outlet and place.

    3. Stain.

    Learn more here.

    8. Trim a window with wood, paint, and caulk.

    1. Cut wood and nail to the wall.

    2. Caulk gaps between the wood and wall, and/or fill the nail holes.

    3. Paint.

    Learn more here.

    9. Paint the door without taking it off the hinges.

    1. Lay blue tape over the hinges, cutting the excess away with an X-Acto knife.

    2. Paint and let dry.

    3. Peel off the tape.

    Learn more here.

    10. Hang a pegboard to organize all of your tools.

    1. Attach the timber frame and struts to the wall.

    2. Attach the pegboard to the frame.

    3. Arrange pegs and hang tools.

    Learn how to do it here.

    11. Remove the doors from a cabinet in your kitchen for low-cost but trendy open shelving.

    1. Take off the doors and the support beam in the middle.

    2. Spackle the holes left by the hinges.

    3. Paint and decorate.

    See it here.

    12. Hang floating shelves to add storage space.

    1. Paint (or stain) wood and brackets.

    2. Hang brackets.

    3. Attach wood to the brackets.

    Learn more here.

    13. Add a countertop over your washer and dryer.

    1. Measure and cut the wood board to fit snugly across your washer and dryer.

    2. Attach 2x4s to the wall to support the board.

    3. Lay the board across and attach it to the 2x4s.

    Learn more here.

    14. Overlay an outdated vanity with concrete.

    1. Remove your faucet and use an orbit sander to dull the shine ($24.99 from Home Depot).

    2. Apply three coats of concrete ($18.87 for 7 lbs from Home Depot) with a drywall knife, sanding after the second and third layer.

    3. Apply a concrete sealer ($25.03 from Home Depot).

    Learn more here.

    15. Pry apart pallets and hang them on the wall to cheaply make your own shiplap.

    1. Round up pallets from home improvement or furniture stores.

    2. Separate, sand, and stain the pallets.

    3. Find the wall studs and nail the pallets in place, working from top to bottom.

    Learn more here.

    16. Rip the carpet off your staircase and replace with stained wood.

    1. Rip out the carpet and the staples.

    2. Attach pre-finished risers.

    3. Attach the caps with heavy-duty floor adhesive and a nail gun.

    Learn more here.

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