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Another Guevara Defendant's Murder Case Was Tossed

Robert Bouto, convicted of a 1993 murder, is the ninth defendant to see his murder charges dismissed since a BuzzFeed News investigation into retired detective Reynaldo Guevara’s alleged misconduct. Also on Monday, another exonerated Guevara defendant filed a federal civil rights lawsuit against the city of Chicago.

Melissa Segura One year ago

Two Federal Lawsuits Accuse Chicago Cops Of Framing Innocent Men

The suits, which allege deliberate “manipulation, trickery, suggestion, pressure, coercion, and other unlawful tactics,” are the latest in a series of legal challenges regarding the actions of Detective Reynaldo Guevara, who has been accused of framing more than 50 people for murder.

Melissa Segura One year ago

These Lawmakers Want Det. Guevara’s Cases Reviewed Right Away

Following BuzzFeed News’ reporting on the 56 people who say Detective Reynaldo Guevara framed them for murder, Illinois lawmakers say those cases should be revisited as quickly as possible. “The notion of anybody spending time behind bars for something they did not do because of a rogue cop is unconscionable.”

Melissa Segura 2 years ago

How To Close Two Stubborn Murder Cases In One Night, Chicago PD–Style

The two murders were proving difficult to solve — until Detective Reynaldo Guevara, who has been accused of framing at least 51 people, showed up for duty. Here’s how, over the course of one night, with questionable evidence, two men who say they did nothing wrong ended up charged with murder. A BuzzFeed News investigation.

Melissa Segura 2 years ago

For An Innocent Man Released After 23 Years, Liberty Is A Bittersweet Gift

In prison for murders he didn’t commit, Roberto Almodovar dreamed of all the things he’d do if he were free. Ball games. Beaches. And time with his daughter, who was just an infant when he was arrested. After more than two decades behind bars, he was finally exonerated. But freedom isn’t as simple as it seemed.

Melissa Segura 2 years ago

Murder Convictions Overturned, Two Men Are Immediately Seized By ICE

Prosecutors tossed the murder convictions of two men, Gabriel Solache and Arturo Reyes, who claim they were coerced by a disgraced Chicago police detective into confessing to crimes they didn't commit. But before they could be set free, immigration agents arrested them.

Mike Hayes 2 years ago