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People Are Sharing Their Brainfarts From Work And It's So Relatable

"Our father, who art in heaven, American Airlines, how may I help you?"

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There are two types of jobs that tend to leave people a little frazzled: teaching and retail.


It all started when Tumblr user debrides shared this brainfart moment that'll make any teacher say, "SAME."

As it turns out, working with kids and working with customers can be pretty similar, because people started sharing their retail brainfarts too.

People had all kinds of hilarious stories about accidentally going back to their "script."


You just get used to saying one thing over and over, and your brain refuses to say anything else.

Hopefully, what you end up accidentally saying doesn't turn out to be totally insulting.

If it ever happens to you, don't worry: Sometimes adults just need to be reminded to use their "walking feet."