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    Here's What Went Down Backstage At The SAG Awards

    You know who won the awards, but what was going on backstage?

    1. Reese Witherspoon admired the view before hitting the red carpet.

    2. Meanwhile, Kristen Bell got all glammed up and ready to host the awards.

    3. Elisabeth Moss enjoyed a pre-awards facial.

    4. And Millie Bobby Brown showed off her nails and jewellery.

    5. Before posing like a pro on the red carpet.

    6. And her male costars did too. Just look at Noah Schnapp working it.

    7. And Gaten Matarazzo looking suave as hell in his tuxedo.

    8. And Caleb McLaughlin being coolness personified.

    9. Kate Hudson shared this snap of herself and mother Goldie Hawn before they took to the stage to present an award.

    10. Brie Larson had a deep and meaningful with Lupita Nyong'o during the ceremony.

    11. And she also posed up a storm with Tracee Ellis Ross.

    12. And then she caught up with Alexander Greenwald.

    13. Susan Sarandon shared this photo of her completed ~glam.~

    14. Meanwhile Jackie Cruz enjoyed a cup of tea in the makeup chair.

    15. She also cosied up to her Orange Is the New Black costars.

    16. And let this lot in on the action too.

    17. Molly Sims showed off her outfit before hitting the red carpet.

    18. And so too did Tracee Ellis Ross.

    19. Meanwhile Danielle Brooks posed for this frankly iconic photo before leaving her hotel room.

    20. And Uzo Aduba looked like an absolute dream.

    21. Jackie Tohn was so excited about Glow being nominated that she and her date for the awards posed in front of this billboard the day before.

    22. And she also posted this snap from the red carpet, revealing it was a night she'd "dreamed of".

    23. Samira Wiley took this selfie with Jenifer Lewis.

    24. Chrissy Metz shared this snap of the This Is Us cast celebrating their win.

    25. Saoirse Ronan's makeup artist shared this pic of him glamming her up.

    26. And then showed off the finished result.

    27. She also posed with Susan Sarandon inside the ceremony venue.

    28. Felicity Huffman was surrounded by her glam squad as she got ready.

    29. And let us see this behind-the-scenes shot from the red carpet.

    30. Olivia Munn's highlighter was on point.

    31. And she also hung out with Lupita Nyong'o.

    32. Kate Nash posed for this photo before making her way to the ceremony.

    33. And, finally, Timothée Chalamet took his mum as his date for the second time and shared this throwback snap compared with now.

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