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January 19, 2018

More Than 50,000 Russia-Linked Bots Tweeted About The Election During The 2016 Campaign

Late Friday and ahead of a possible government shutdown, Twitter shares new updates on Kremlin-linked manipulation of its platform.

17 Products That Will Make Winter Suck A Whole Lot Less

Skincare, household, and wardrobe items that have helped a Hawaiian survive the cold weather during east coast winters.

Podemos adivinar tu edad por todas las tendencias que has probado

Todo depende de tu opinión sobre el rosa millennial.

Stormy Daniels Gives Trump The Chance To Do Literally The One Good Thing Of His Presidency

Trump won't do much right, but at least he could end our national obsession with cheating politicians.

Solo las personas que son 100% raras han hecho estas 40 cosas

No eres tan único como pensabas. Sori.

What Kind Of Trash Are You?

Let's be honest, we're all garbage.

Si tienes más de 27 años, estas 17 cosas te harán decir “¡Wey, estoy MUY pinche viejo!”

Un post para todos los que tienen un compañero de trabajo que te dice: "creo que no había nacido cuando pasó eso".

19 Formas de cuidar mejor tu vagina

Hablemos sobre lo que quiere y necesita.

21 TV Shows Every Aquarius Should Watch Before Their Next Birthday

Aquarians need TV shows as complex, weird, and brilliant as they are.

31 Cosas que pasaron en "Friends" y no tienen sentido ahora que soy un adulto

Estaban en sus "veintes", vivían en Nueva York y fueron a un bar una sola vez.

If You Get 3/7 On This Quiz, You're Drowning In Internet Bullshit

This week's stories about about Tide pods and sharks.

Rand Paul's Neighbor Has Been Charged With Assaulting A Member Of Congress Over That Garden Fight

Officials said the senator was wearing headphones when his neighbor tackled him because he was angry that Paul was stacking brush near his property.

23 Tweets, die beweisen, dass IBES das Lustigste an Twitter-Deutschland zum Vorschein bringt

„James Cameron hätte es nicht dramatischer inszenieren können”

13 Of The Best Humidifiers And Diffusers You Can Buy Online

Aka, how to look and feel better despite dry winter air.

iPhone Users Are Mad That Battery Replacements Are Backlogged Until March or April

Apple tech support is notifying customers that iPhone 6 Plus replacement batteries won’t arrive until late March or early April.

Estas 10 preguntas te dirán el tipo de mamá que serás algún día

¿Serás una mamá cool o un completo desastre?

24 Cosas que hacen las personas muy ocupadas para mantenerse sanas

Son pasos sencillos que mejorarán tu vida al 100%.

¿Podemos adivinar tu edad por cuántas de estas películas has visto?

Si has visto todas estas 60 películas, probablemente eres inmortal.

Amena Khan Is Making History By Becoming The First Hijab-Wearing Model To Star In A Hair Campaign

“For me, my hair is an extension of my femininity. I love styling my hair, I love putting products in it, and I love it to smell nice. It’s an expression of who I am,”

17 Imágenes que te harán decir "suficiente internet por hoy"

No podrás olvidar lo que estás a punto de ver.

Este quiz te dirá si tu gusto es más dulce, salado o término medio

¿Azúcar, chile piquín o cualquiera de los dos?

Opportunity Costs: A Series On Money And Class In America

BuzzFeed News is partnering with Death, Sex & Money to share stories about class, money, and the ways they impact our lives and relationships.

I Tried Popular Anti-Anxiety Habits And Here's What Happened

I wanted to feel less anxious, get better sleep, and spend less time getting stuck on the little things. So I tried pretty much everything.

Facebook Is Going To Let Users Rank News Credibility

“We decided that having the community determine which sources are broadly trusted would be most objective.”

24 Of The Most Powerful Photos Of This Week

Here are the most incredible and breathtaking pictures from the past week.

This Stainless Steel Bar Completely Rids Your Skin Of Smelly Odors

We've all experienced those lingering smells.

16 Cooking Tips That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Know About These Sooner"?

Learn the secrets to a perfect grilled cheese and super creamy mashed potatoes.

21 Celebrity Photos You Need To See This Week

Fashion Week hits Milan, celebrities bundle up, and Jersey Shore is back in action.

17 Tumblr Posts That Should Be In A Textbook About Dating

"Mix up the dirty talk with your boo thang by whispering bits of the communist manifesto in their ear."

30 Products On Amazon Our Readers Are Loving Right Now

A cyber cleaner, a cat garden gnome, and 28 other favorite products from our recent posts.

21 vezes em que o brasileiro melhorou o estrogonofe

Nosso país transformou este prato em um sabor que pode ser aplicado a qualquer receita.

13 Celebrity Tweets You Missed This Week

Kim Kardashian revealed her daughter's name, Zach Braff reminded everyone to not eat Tide Pods, and more!

Queremos saber o que você define como assédio sexual

Não vamos perguntar seu nome nem nenhuma informação que possa levar à sua identificação – só sua opinião.

Esta es la historia detrás del chavo panadero que se volvió viral en Facebook

Y de cómo aprovechó el momento para enseñar su proyecto musical. <3

"Doria não inaugurou obra da prefeitura ainda", diz Goldman, que não quer vê-lo no governo

Ex-governador fez piada com notícia de que prefeito inaugurou obra com recurso do governo do Estado sem avisar.

A 4 meses del sismo, los damnificados no encuentran una opción viable de reconstrucción

La situación de emergencia no ha terminado porque no ha sido atendida, reclaman quienes perdieron su patrimonio en el sismo del 19 de septiembre.

México tiene un nuevo candidato a la Presidencia y promete robar más que ningún otro

Frustrado y enojado después de años de una corrupción descarada, Sergio Arau -exintegrante de Botellita de Jeréz- comenzó una campaña presidencial falsa en la que promete hacer lo que ningún político mexicano hará.

Here's Every Word Of Olympic Gymnast Aly Raisman's Courtroom Statement To Her Sexual Abuser

"Both USA Gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee have been quick to capitalize on and celebrate my success. But did they reach out when I came forward? No."

Este bolo zebrado é TUDO!

Como será que se faz para um bolo ficar assim?

Em Porto Alegre, MBL prepara CarnaLula e PT discute até estratégia contra Previdência

PT aproveita a presença de deputados em Porto Alegre no período do recesso para traçar a estratégia contra a votação da reforma.

Buy Some Clothes And We'll Reveal Your TV Boyfriend

Clothes, clothes, and more clothes!

Só quem não tem frescura para comer reconhece o valor destas delícias

O quanto você está disposto a sair da sua zona de conforto e experimentar novos sabores?

The Supreme Court Will Hear A Case Challenging Trump's Third Travel Ban Attempt

The case is to be argued in April, with a decision expected by June.

People Are Like 👀 After Ja Rule Began Dragging 50 Cent Again

In a series of tweets, Ja Rule called out 50 Cent's work and alleged details about the rapper's private life, all while leaving people wondering why the beef flared back up.

Como aprendi a dizer "não" durante o sexo e fui ignorada mesmo assim

Perceber a diferença entre sexo ruim e abuso sexual é uma caminhada longa. Mas existe um elemento comum entre todas essas situações.

O Collor disse que vai disputar a Presidência e alguns eleitores se sentem em 1989

"Tenho uma vantagem em relação a alguns candidatos porque já presidi o país", disse o senador 🤔

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino Is Facing Five Years In Prison For Tax Evasion

The Jersey Shore star and his brother Marc Sorrentino pleaded guilty to tax crimes on Friday.

Michelle Williams Was Paid An Eighth Of Mark Wahlberg's Salary For "All The Money In The World"

Williams reportedly earned a total of $625,000 for her role in the film, while her costar made $5 million.

19 Cosas que Ricky Martin hizo en los 90 que jamás haría ahora

¿Cómo olvidar cuando se dio sus besos con Kate del Castillo?

34 Of The Best Places To Buy Coats And Jackets Online

Puffers, parkas, and peacoats that'll keep you warm and toasty.

YouTube Is Assembling New Teams To Spot Inappropriate Content Early

Following a series of scandals and advertiser boycotts, YouTube is taking a more proactive approach to hateful and offensive content.

You Shouldn't Eat Tide Pods, But You Should Laugh At These Tide Pod Jokes

"Leaves a romantic trail of tide pods to the bedroom."

Las Vegas Mass Shooter Acted Alone, But His Motive Remains A Mystery, Sheriff Says

The shooting left 58 people dead. Investigators said Friday that shooter Stephen Paddock, who killed himself, acted alone.

If You Get Over 8/11 On This Quiz Then You're A Medical History Expert

Medical advancement has been a crazy ride, y'all.

32 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Weekend

Deals at Forever 21, Bath & Body Works, Aritzia, and more!

Impressione a todos com este delicioso ragu

Perfeito para o seu macarrão de domingo!

People Are Excited After Delta Announced It Is Cracking Down On Comfort Animals

The airline says people have brought their "comfort turkeys, gliding possums known as sugar gliders, snakes, spiders, and more."

El nuevo comercial de 'Dark' de Netflix te hará sentir extremadamente 'darks'

La Elvira está de regreso para promocionar la serie.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on speaker systems, coffee tables, revolving spice towers, and more!

Amazon Is Raising Its Prime Fee To $12.99 Per Month And People Are Pissed

A monthly Prime membership has gone up in price, but an annual membership is still $99.

Opinion: North Korea Is Reaching Out. Will Trump Play Ball?

The two Koreas are moving quickly to ease tensions in the lead-up to the Winter Olympics. But the process depends on the US getting seriously involved.

22 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Women

Make her feel the love! The products in this post were updated in February 2018

Did You Like The "Making Oprah" Podcast? We're Getting A New One On Obama!

"Maybe a story like mine could've happened someplace else. My story couldn't have happened anywhere else," Barack Obama said in the podcast preview.

Tonya Harding’s Redemption Still Has Strings Attached

Giving Tonya Harding visibility, just to force her to prove herself all over again, isn't redemption. It's self-serving spectatorship.

Dicas para cozinhar de forma mais saudável mesmo quando bate aquela preguiça

Se você quer dar um tempinho nas tranqueiras e aprender a fazer sua própria comida, estas dicas vão te ajudar mesmo em momentos de preguiça.

This Is What Will Happen To Your Body If You Eat A Tide Pod

The Tide Pod Challenge is a really bad idea, and here's why. (TL;DR DON'T EAT THEM.)

Solo un verdadero fan de 'Malcolm el de en medio' puede sacar más de 10 en este quiz

¿Te acuerdas cuál es el talento oculto de Reese y cómo se llama la esposa de Francis?

23 Incredibly Specific Subscription Boxes You Somehow Need

Letters from dead people, slime, animal bones, and 20 other subscription boxes for people who know *exactly* what they want.

People's Jaws Dropped After President Trump Apparently Wanted All The Sharks To Die

"Trump’s position on sharks is going to boost his approval rating into the 70s."

Organizações sem fins lucrativos temem perder alcance com mudanças no feed do Facebook

Mudança no feed de notícias pode afetar arrecadação e conscientização promovida por instituições humanitárias.

This Husband's Fenty Foundation Review Will make You Happy Cry

"I would like to personally thank Rhianna with putting out a product that has helped my wife of 16 years regain some of her confidence."

14 astuces de maquillage à garder dans un coin de votre tête

Pour ne plus galérer devant votre miroir.

16 manières simples de produire moins de déchets en 2018

Pour que 2018 soit l'année où vous commencez à utiliser moins de plastique.

He Couldn’t Find An Honest Politician In Mexico’s Election. So He Made One Up.

Frustrated and angry after years of brazen corruption, Sergio Arau is one-upping Mexico’s presidential candidates and running a fake campaign in which he admits what no politician ever will.

Lush's Brand New Valentine's Day Products Are Here And I Need Them All

Get ready to smell as sweet as a dozen roses.

Une liste de youtubeurs cinéma à connaître

Sans ordre de préférence.

Dépensez-vous votre argent comme tout le monde ?

Parlez-nous de vos habitudes, de vos objectifs et de votre budget, ou de leur absence.

Ce quiz déterminera si vous êtes optimiste ou pessimiste

Êtes-vous aussi optimiste que vous le pensez ?

18 conseils géniaux sur le sexe pour bien commencer l'année 2018

Soyons sérieux : votre vie sexuelle peut *toujours* être améliorée.

Vous ne comprendrez ces choses que si vous êtes en couple depuis longtemps

Vous disputer sur la manière de presser le tube de dentifrice.

19 façons de mieux prendre soin de votre vagin et de votre vulve

Parlons de ce que votre vagin veut et ce dont il a besoin.

Aly Raisman Slammed USA Gymnastics And Said The Organization "Is Rotting From The Inside"

The six-time Olympic medalist spoke during the fourth day of impact statements at Larry Nassar's sentencing hearing.

Can You Make It Through This Post Without Wanting To Be A Healthyish Person?

Just some bullet journal ideas to help create the ILLUSION OF PRODUCTIVITY.

President Trump Tells March For Life Rally The White House Is "With You All The Way"

Donald Trump became the first president to address the annual anti–abortion gathering in Washington, DC.

23 Photos That Are Frustrating To Look At

Why how why how why how why how

23 Of The Best Places To Get Cheap Prom Dresses Online

Look like a million bucks, without spending nearly that much.

23 petites résolutions pour avoir une meilleure hygiène de vie en 2018

Des choses simples que vous pouvez faire pour vous sentir un peu mieux cette année, mentalement ou physiquement.

Only A Makeup Addict Will Answer Yes To These 11 Questions

Can all your makeup fit in only one bag?

The Tory MP Who Backed Vasectomies For The Jobless Wanted Police To Play "Splat The Chav" With Water Cannon

BuzzFeed News obtained a deleted tweet sent by the Tories' new vice chair for youth after the London riots in 2011.

Build Your Dream Library And We'll Recommend You A Book To Read

What will you be reading in your new room?

We Know The First Letter Of Your Soulmate's Name Based On The Trip You Plan

Who knows? Maybe you'll meet them while travelling...

A Former Employee Claims Michael Douglas Masturbated In Front Of Her

A woman who worked for the actor's production company in the 1980s said the incident took place at his apartment in 1989.

Here's What It Takes To Be A Full-Time Disney Princess

Keeping the magic is sometimes all about having the right shade of lipstick.

Tá todo mundo muito Machika com esse novo clipe da Anitta

Está decretado que hoje é Machika Day.

Você consegue passar neste teste que o Trump passou?

A Casa Branca está muito orgulhosa pelo presidente dos EUA, Donald Trump, ter conseguido uma pontuação perfeita neste teste. Será que você conseguirá atingir o nível dele nesta Avaliação Cognitiva de Montreal?*

If You Get More Than 7/12 On This Shashi Tharoor Vocab Quiz, You're A Genius

Can you go toe-to-toe with this outspoken orator?

Only A Disney Channel Expert From the 2000s Will Get More Than 10 Right On This Quiz

For anyone who loved Hannah Montana and crushed on Zack & Cody, this one's for you.

Answer 11 Questions And We'll Tell You Where You Are In Your 20s

Where are you in your 20-something journey?

18 Iconic Style Moments From Bollywood That You Can Actually Own

Who doesn't dream of looking like the way Deepika did in Cocktail?

Jetzt demonstrieren in Deutschland Studierende gegen sexualisierte Gewalt an der Uni

In Frankfurt fordern Studierende bessere Beratung für Betroffene.

33 Songs From The '90s And '00s That You Definitely Jammed To

Somewhere between "Made in India" and "Kala Chashma", we grew up.

Alckmin veta projeto de lei para instituir Segunda Sem Carne em órgãos públicos

Governador justificou veto ao dizer que, "embora bem intencionado", projeto é inconstitucional.

31 Ridiculously Clever Storage Ideas For All Your Kid's Stuff

Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere.

Este test sobre tele te va a decir qué serie española resume tu vida

Saber si eres más como 'Los Serrano' o como 'El secreto de Puente Viejo' es lo único que necesitas.

Adult Film Star Says That She Could Describe Trump's "Junk Perfectly" And That He Did Not Use Protection

Stephanie Clifford, who performs as Stormy Daniels, told a magazine in 2011 she had sex with Trump in 2006, then was reportedly paid to keep quiet about it. A full transcript of that interview was released Friday.

The Decision To Release Black-Cab Rapist John Worboys Could Be Challenged By His Victims

"It is extremely disappointing that the government is accepting this without challenge. I won’t," the London mayor said. Both he and victims will be seeking a judicial review.

Welche Farben kannst du WIRKLICH sehen?

Teste deine Farbwahrnehmung!



18 épisodes de séries qu'il fallait absolument voir en 2017

Le meilleur du meilleur, avec plein de spoilers.

21 Dinge, bei denen alle Eltern kleiner Babys sagen: "Schuldig!"

Du brichst jede Social-Media-Regel, die du vor der Geburt aufgestellt hast.

28 Amazing Products From Free People That People Actually Swear By

All the favorites from your already favorite brand!!!

Nobody Can Believe The Reports Prince William Paid £180 For A Buzz Cut

"I thought I was getting ripped off paying £21."



17 images qui vont vous faire dresser les poils sur les bras de gêne

Vous n'oublierez jamais ce que vous êtes sur le point de voir.

Êtes-vous relou pendant les concerts ?

Vous n'êtes pas tout-e seul-e, nom d'un chien !

Britain Is Cutting Diplomats In Asia, Africa, And The Americas To Put More In The EU Ahead Of Brexit

Boris Johnson and Theresa May have promised that the UK would engage more around the world after leaving the EU, but Labour said the plan to redeploy staff undermines that.

How To Pitch To Dialogue

Interested in writing personal essays or cultural criticism for BuzzFeed India? Here's everything you need to know.

21 madres animales que han avergonzado a sus hijos

Te quieren, pero a veces puede ser un poco embarazoso.

誤った「緊急警報」届くトラブルが一部のスマホに発生 消防庁は配信を否定




15 Times Celebs Addressed Their Beef With Each Other Face-To-Face

LOL @ Cher calling David Letterman an asshole to his face.

小室哲哉さんが電撃引退を発表 TM NETWORKやglobeの今後は?




Inside A Trump Backers’ Bash At Mar-A-Lago, Where The President Is A “Damn Genius”

Even with Trump stuck in Washington, the Trumpettes hailed the president as a “messiah” at a party in his honor at his exclusive club Thursday night.

Which Male Celebrity Was Made For You?

It's time to answer the age-old question...and see some juicy dudes.

Can You Ace This High School Quiz?

Relive those painful memories.

The LGBTI Community Needs To Be Better At Including Aboriginal People, Advocates Say

"We often hear about in our community that homophobia kills, and that racism can kill. What about people who face racism and homophobia?"

インフルエンザで死亡というニュース そんなに怖い病気なの?


This Man Led Two Armed Standoffs Against The Government, And He Says He’d Do It Again

Whether in public office or another armed standoff, Ammon Bundy tells BuzzFeed News he's determined to continue his fight against the federal government.

Musicians Are Absolutely Roasting This Conservative Politician For Including Their Songs On His Spotify Playlist

"When the lyrics were written some 40 years ago, I was worried about people like him, and movements he represents."



The Trump Administration Just Asked The Supreme Court To Uphold The Decision To End DACA

The Justice Department wants the high court to hear the case soon and settle the matter by the end of June.

9 Times People Were Actually Murdered By Their Clothes

Basically everything can kill you, sorry.

9,000 Massage Parlors In The US Are Sex Trafficking Women

Thousands of massage parlors across the US are acting as hubs for human trafficking and prostitution, raking in $2.5 billion a year.

How Well Do You And Your Significant Other REALLY Know Each Other?

Love is a competition, and you want to win.

Trump Winery Is Asking To Hire More Foreign Guest Workers

The Virginia vineyard is owned by Eric Trump, although Donald Trump has previously told reporters that he owns it. Businesses owned by President Trump or bearing his name have been frequent users of the program in the past, seeking to hire more than 400 foreign guest workers since he launched his presidential campaign.

33 Truths That Are Too Real For People Who Went To College In NYC

"Sorry I can't make it to your improv show tonight. I'm going to a protest in Washington Square Park. :/"

The Government Has Shut Down After Congress Failed To Act

The government has shut down, while Congress tries to figure out a solution. Both Republicans and Democrats insisted they wanted to avoid this situation, but talks ultimately fell apart over immigration.

A 4 meses del 19S: víctimas del sismo y víctimas de los albergues

El apoyo para los damnificados del terremoto primero fue abundante. Pero poco a poco comenzó a escasear y quienes perdieron sus hogares siguen buscando ayuda.

Flash Briefing For January 19, 2018

The House introduced a new bill to tackle sexual assault, the iPhone bug to watch out for on iPhone, and the hunt for Amazon’s new headquarters continues.

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