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You Shouldn't Eat Tide Pods, But You Should Laugh At These Tide Pod Jokes

"Leaves a romantic trail of tide pods to the bedroom."

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1. This pod party:

me when i see tide pods at my friends house

2. This bop:

My neck, My back, My late night Tide Pod snack

3. This biblical story:

At this time the Serpent spoke to Eve. "The Lord hath told that the fruit is dangerous. He hath commanded you to ab…

4. This pod pun:

Added some Tide pods to my Thai cuisine and they taste delicious. Pod Thai.


5. This sexy gesture:

(leaves a romantic trail of tide pods to the bedroom)

6. This concerned D.A.R.E. officer:

Principal: can you talk to the kids about Tide Pods? D.A.R.E. Officer:

7. This lasagna waste:

[spits out tide pod] "But if that was in my mouth..." [cut to me placing a piping hot lasagna into my washing machine]

8. This disappointing future:

1998: can't wait for flying cars 2018: let's see what happens when I eat a tide pod


9. This revelation:

so apparently you can use tide pod snacks to wash your clothes? pretty cool

10. This existential thought:

11. This good point:

You guys won’t eat ass but will do a tide pod challenge??

12. This money saving tip:

Lmao at people eating Tide Pods. The generic brand is the same stuff and way cheaper you idiots


14. This alternate use:

stop eating tide pods and start using them for their intended purpose: little pillows for tired action figures

15. This intellectual:

You: tide pods Me, an intellectual:


18. This judgement:

tide pod challenge? you know when i was your age we just ate spoonfuls of cinnamon and tried not to choke to death

19. This person who just needs to do her laundry:

New tide pod challenge: give me all ur tide pods cause I’m broke & detergent is expensive

20. This pod hog:

When u want all the delicous tide pods for urself

21. And finally, this political issue:

I believe that eating Tide Pods should be left up to the states.

Just don't eat 'em, people.