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17 Travel Tips For First Time Travellers From The Philippines

Overseas #travelgoals for 2018? Read this first.

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1. Get government IDs as quickly as you can.


This should be a no-brainer. It is important to prioritize getting at least two of them as quickly as you can, because government IDs are required for almost every official transaction that you need to accomplish.

Take note that you might have to block off a whole day just to get an ID, because government offices are prone to long and never-ending lines. Moreover, do not expect to get the ID right away. I received my SSS UMID in the mail three months after I applied for it. Then my voter's ID is still not available, according to my local government's COMELEC office, even if I applied to vote in 2008.

2. Get a passport, even if you don't need it yet.

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One reason why you have to get government IDs quickly is because they are required for you to get a passport. You have to apply for your own passport as soon as you can, even if you do not think you need it yet. There might be a surprise opportunity to travel abroad in the near future, and it would suck if you cannot go just because you missed the most basic requirement for overseas travel.

3. Open a savings account now.


Another reason why you need to get government IDs is so that you can open a savings account as early as possible. This is not just because you need money to travel, but also because there are visa applications that require a bank statement over a period of time.

South Korea, for example, looks at your bank activity over a period of three months to see if your financial status is healthy. So if you're planning to go to the land of k-pop and unparalleled skincare, you have to keep a savings account that you'd be proud to show off during your visa application.


4. Piso fare troubles? Use the app.

Tang inang Cebu Pac to. So may piso base fare akong nakita MNL-SG at 801pesos. Nag hang, nag refresh, boom biglang 5k na!! 💔💔💔

Many Filipinos are now able to travel abroad because airline companies regularly offer cheap seats. But these promotions are always hard to book, because the airline websites are prone to hanging or crashing due to the huge traffic.

So here's a tip: try to book your flights through the mobile apps instead. The mobile apps allow you to work offline to save your browsing, so you do not lose any of your prospective bookings. This was how I was able to book a cheap flight to Korea last year, after spending a sleepless evening trying to wait for AirAsia's website to work properly.

Moreover, the apps give you an early notification if a cheap seat sale is on the way, so you're always first in line.

5. Do not over-pack.

Star Cinema

When packing up, there's always a tendency to bring as many items of clothing as possible. But always remember that you're going for a vacation, and not moving or relocating houses. Use an editing eye to keep your luggage as light as possible—you'll need that extra space for pasalubong.

6. Make a checklist of the items in your bag.

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List down the things you are putting in your bag while packing up. This will help you pack quicker at the end of your trip, to make sure that you are not leaving anything.

7. Bring extension cords and adapters.

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Your accommodation may not have enough power outlets to charge your devices, so consider bringing an extension cord. Moreover, the plugs might be different from what is in Manila, so bring an international adapter, just to be safe.


8. Bring a good powerbank.

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You will be in a foreign location so you need a way to connect if there are emergencies. Make sure that your mobile phone won't lose power by bringing a top-of-the-line powerbank. Plus you can be assured that your phone always has the power to take photos.

9. Bring a refillable bottle.

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Keep hydrated while travelling by bringing your own water bottle, and filling it with free water. There are light-weight water bottles that are collapsible, so you can easily stash them in your bag.

10. Bring your own baon.

buti pa ang rebisco sinasabihan ako ng special HAHAHAHAHAKBYEHAHAHA

Food may be the biggest expense you'll incur while on vacation. You will go hungry easily because you are always on the move, and you will always be tempted to buy food on location. Try to reduce this expense by bringing packs of your favorites snacks with you.

11. Always arrange a meet up spot.

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There's always the possibility that you will be separated with your friends while you are travelling, and that is a scary experience. I got lost in Myeongdong, for example, and I didn't know how to find my friend, who had the keys to our AirBNB that was kilometers away. Fortunately, Korea's train stations have free wifi, so I was able to contact him.

However, what if the location you are going to won't have any mobile connection? Do this: before exploring a location, you can agree that you will meet each other at a certain location when one of you gets lost.


12. Secure your phone.

Naawa ako sa nag nakaw ng phone ko, sayang di niya magamit ni hindi niya maibenta kase naka lock gamit icloud huhu 🤪🤪🤪

Add a lockscreen to your phone that is hard to decipher. That would help you protect your data if your phone gets lost or simply stolen.

13. Find useful apps.

• for train, download the app 'Subway Korea' to help guide you around. You check the route, fare and time for neare…

Make your life easier by finding mobile apps that will help you get around, like Korea's Subway app. You don't have to carry a paper map around, you know?

14. Bring two wallets.

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You should bring another wallet with some cash stashed away so that if you lose your main wallet, you still have enough money to go home to your accommodation.

15. Do not buy souvenirs early.

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One of my regrets during the Korea trip was that I bought souvenirs and pasalubong early on in the trip. Later on, I found the same souvenirs in other locations, but cheaper. I learnt not to get too excited and to find the best deals before spending.

16. Slow down and open your eyes.

Mark Angelo Ching

You're there for a vacation, so why are you in a hurry? Make sure that your days are not packed, so you can slow down and take everything in. Sometimes, the most memorable parts of your trip would be some things that are not easily visible if you don't look close enough. For example, I got a kick out of this hotdog stand in Myeongdong that provides sauces like Nasty, Fuck You, Imbecile and Human Sauce. Sounds gross, but they are tasty.