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    37 Of The Best Places To Buy Coats And Jackets Online

    Puffers, parkas, and peacoats that'll keep you warm and toasty.

    1. Japan-based Uniqlo is known for using super lightweight materials that SOMEHOW manage to keep you unbelievably warm.

    2. UK-based Boohoo will have your wallet weeping tears of joy. Why? They sell a ton of on-trend coats at ridiculously reasonable prices.

    3. Lululemon is specifically designed for the brave, the admirable: anyone who continues running outside while the temperatures are hella low.

    4. Direct-to-consumer brand DSTLD sells wool coats at a deeply discounted rate. We're talking a 70% reduction, baby.

    5. If you love unique, kitschy clothing, then ModCloth is your go-to destination for fun outwear.

    6. Everlane designs (and tests out!) puffer coats meant for three different temperatures: cold, colder, and coldest.

    7. Nordstrom is great if you need a new coat, but aren't sure what KIND you want. Their range of styles, designers, and price points is endless.

    8. Bershka sells every cold-weather trend — faux fur! Shearling! Velvet! — at super reasonable prices.

    9. Eddie Bauer uses lab testing to determine how much cold each of their jackets can withstand, taking your activity level into consideration.

    10. Asos is a gift to planet earth because of their FANTASTIC return policy. Not sure about your size? Just order several of 'em...

    11. The light of my life, AKA Target, shouldn't only be praised for its amazing dollar section: their outerwear is great, too.

    12. H&M promises warmth — and style — throughout the cold, crappy weather with jackets and coats for every budget.

    13. Please avoid Club Monaco if you have a drooling problem. Their coats are seriously g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s and WILL make you salivate.

    14. Head to Urban Outfitters if you're in the market for a warm, comfy, AND trendy coat. This reversible one is my personal favorite.

    15. Express will satisfy your inner bargain hunter with their near-constant sales and deals. Hello, puffer coat that is 70% off.

    16. Ralph Lauren outerwear exudes splurge-worthy sophistication: think coats with polished lines and timeless colors you'll never get sick of.

    17. Burlington Coat Factory offers up to 65% off big brands. And this isn't some sort of special promo — this is their daily deal.

    18. & Other Stories coat collections are inspired by three different cities: Paris, Stockholm. and Los Angeles. Travel bugs, rejoice!

    19. Patagonia specializes in coats for skiing, snowboarding, and any other activity that requires interaction with the elements.

    20. Abercrombie & Fitch should not only be known for their moose-embellished t-shirts. Their outerwear? Amazing.

    21. Barcelona-based Mango brings a touch of Spain to your closet with unique silhouettes and bold prints.

    22. L.L. Bean says "BE GONE" to the cold. For example, this water-resistant coat is made with handwarmer pockets, insulated sleeves, and a fleece-lined hood.

    23. Head to Nordstrom Rack and be prepared to say "HOW DO I CHOOSE?" They carry everything from wool coats to this'll-keep-you-so-warm insulated parkas.

    24. Check out Saks Off Fifth if you love designer coats, but don't have designer coat money. They offer steep discounts on well-established brands that you absolutely follow on Instagram. Think everything from Karl Lagerfeld to Calvin Klein for — GASP — up to 80% off.

    25. Old Navy has versatile coats and parkas that you can wear 👏 every 👏 single 👏 day, with any kind of outfit.

    26. Torrid specializes in stylish outerwear that will *also* keep you warm.

    27. Gap has versatile coats and parkas that you can wear 👏 every 👏 single 👏 day, with any kind of outfit.

    28. Read reviews (AKA my life savers) on Amazon to determine which coats and jackets best suit your needs.

    29. Montreal-based SOIA & KYO designs coats that completely disregard Father Time: they make classic pieces you'll be able to wear for all of eternity.

    30. J.Crew is perfect for anyone who wants to add color to an otherwise dreary winter. Cobalt blues! Radiant oranges! Bright plums! Indescribable joy!

    31. Zappos carries a large number of well-known brands, including The North Face and Michael Kors.

    32. Missguided offers a constant 10% off student discount (although it often goes up to 30%). College kids who live in cold climates and want more than one jacket, REJOICE!

    33. Forever 21 is great if you love trendy outerwear, but don't want to shell out a ton of $$$ for it.

    34. Aritizia sells a wide variety of outerwear, ranging from responsibly-sourced goose down puffers to gorgeous wool coats.