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23 Things That Smell Like Exactly Your Childhood

*Takes a whiff*

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1. The addictive plasticky smell of Disney's VHS shell cases:

2. The warm smell of VCR after being used:

Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP / Getty Images

3. The sweet smell of this bubble bath:

4. The chalky and fruity smell of this gum powder:

5. The waxy smell of a brand new box of crayons:

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

6. The smell of opening a brand new pack of these (it had a smell!):

7. The almost edible smell of these markers:

8. The "eraser" smell:

9. The indescribable smell of Play-Doh:

10. The smell of steam, french fries, and cardboard that was produced by a Happy Meal:

David Paul Morris / Getty Images

11. The fruity clean smell of this shampoo:


12. The smell of ink and old paper on the circulation card:

13. The unmistakable strong smell of a brand new Koosh ball:

14. The delicious made-you-want-to-eat-it smell of a Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker:

15. The weirdly chemical smell of these blow up balloons:

16. The inky, newspaper-ish smell of a brand new TV Guide:

TV Guide

17. The "dusty-ish" scent of freshly cut construction paper:

18. The smell of old books at your elementary school library:

19. The candy-ish smell of collectable erasers:

20. The smell of dried glue:

21. The sorta dried pizza smell of these chips:

22. This gum:

23. And finally, the smell of a rubber dodgeball:

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