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Reminder — Although The World Is Going To Hell, We Have Anil Looking Like The Silver Fox We Deserve

I would like an Anil paired with a REALLLYYY FINE WINE.

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When people think of Anil Kapoor (as one does sometimes), they probably imagine him as our childhood fav, Arun Uncle from Mr. India, where he looked a little something like this.

Or something like this.

In his latest appearance in Mubarakan, and during its promotions, it was pretty meh.


Anil is looking DADDY 👏 AS 👏 FUCK 👏.


I mean, he's been Benjamin Button-ing through his looks for quite some time now...

He even posted a video of him undergoing the makeover.

Great job, Ladies! You're a treasure to humankind.


Look at him, bothered by his own reflection, and therefore happily maintaining his distance from any reflective surface.

Sonam, sorry not sorry, but your daddy is our DADDY now.