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33 Truths That Are Too Real For People Who Went To College In NYC

"Sorry I can't make it to your improv show tonight. I'm going to a protest in Washington Square Park. :/"

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1. You didn't dorm for all four years, if you even lived in a dorm at all.

2. Sports at your school were kind of a joke.

3. All your professors taught at several other institutions. addition to working on their novel.

4. You ordered Insomnia Cookies whenever you went through a breakup, had a bad day, or just had a regular day. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

5. You wore all-black pretty much all the time.

6. You dyed your hair an unnatural color at some point.

7. Or got really short bangs or a ~trendy~ asymmetrical haircut.

8. You had to go to your friends' improv shows/performance art pieces/galleries/screenings/gigs.

9. You had to go to your significant other's improv shows/performance art pieces/galleries/screenings/gigs.

10. You were afraid to ask what certain words everybody used during in-class discussions meant because you didn't want to look dumb, when actually, no one really knew what they meant either.

Discourse? Ethos? Juxtaposition? Semantics? OMG, did you take the SATs?

11. You definitely compared your drunk self to Pizza Rat.

12. You had a *tragically* unpaid internship.

And it consisted of coffee runs, Excel sheets, and tears.

13. Greek life was a thing, but it was SIGNIFICANTLY more low-key than it was at state schools.

14. You've seen Alec Baldwin (and his dogs) on your walk to class.

15. You drank A LOT of coffee.

16. You protested something in Washington Square Park.

17. You had that one professor who swore by CitiBike.

*Ding ding* Hi Professor Johnson!

18. And that other ~hip~ professor who insisted on going by their first name.


19. You worked several jobs.

20. You went to house parties in Brooklyn.

21. And never had to worry about designated drivers because of the subways!

(Even if they did run in odd intervals of time after 1 AM.)

22. You went on at least one date at the High Line.

23. You also posed for your friend's photography class assignment at the High Line.

24. Visiting your friends' college campuses was like being transported to a foreign, uncertain world.

Here I am posing with my best friend's college mascot. We're both clearly uncomfy.

25. You related to Just Kids by Patti Smith so much it actually caused you physical pain.

"I just want to make ART!!!"
Harper Collins

"I just want to make ART!!!"

26. You went on class trips to museums on the reg.

27. You probably got an ~ironic~ tattoo just because!!!

28. You spent a lot of time (and money) at The Strand.

29. All of your favorite stores gave student discounts to NYU students. This was great if you went to NYU, but maddening if you went to any of the other city schools.

30. ...Which was one of the MANY reasons you resented NYU. (Even if you went to NYU.)

31. Your classmates were some of the most talented artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and thinkers you've ever met.

(Despite not really knowing what "discourse" means.)

32. I mean, crazy talented...

33. And in the end, you wouldn't trade your college years for anything.

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