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    Nobody Can Believe The Reports Prince William Paid £180 For A Buzz Cut

    "I thought I was getting ripped off paying £21."

    Prince William has gone and done what many a follicly challenged man his age will eventually resign themselves to doing: He's shaved his head.

    The 35-year-old duke, whose brother, Prince Harry, once joked that he has been losing his hair since the age of 12, has long resisted the full buzz cut, but during a visit to Evelina London Children's Hospital on Thursday, it appeared he had finally taken the plunge.

    William used the services of the Richard Ward salon in Chelsea – where his wife Kate is known to be a regular – paying £180 for a home visit to Kensington Palace from Ward's deputy Joey Wheeler, according to the Sun.

    A spokesperson for Richard Ward declined to comment on individual clients. The salon's website lists a men's cut and finish as costing between £45 and £125.

    Nonetheless, a lot of people are baffled by the idea of spending almost 200 quid for a buzz cut...

    While I think the cut was the best option for him, someone honestly charged our future king £180 for this?

    ...which many believe should cost a lot less.

    "Prince William paid £180 to get his head shaved by his wife's hairdresser after his brother teased him about his b…

    Prince William paid £180 for that 'haircut' really? Can't believe someone charged him to look like a scalped egg-head horse. 🐴 #neigh

    In fact the going rate in south London appears to be closer to a tenner.

    I beg your pardon, £180? @KensingtonRoyal tell ur man to go south London, they’ll shape him up for a tenner

    Or you can spend £15 and then continue to do it yourself for free.

    Plus you can get good clippers from Argos for £15. Never looked back #baldtips

    Rather than using clippers, Wheeler is understood to use a scissor-and-comb technique to create a more downy finish on the close cut, where clippers would leave rough stubble. TL;DR: Them royals will splash cash on anything.