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    Issa Rae Watched Paparazzi Take Pictures Of "Issa Rae" And Yeah It's As Awkward As It Sounds

    Uhhh guys, that's not Issa Rae.

    This is Issa Rae. You probably know her as the star and creator of the (very very great) show Insecure. Don't be rude, say hi!

    So obviously as you get more and more famous the paparazzi start following you around to snap pictures.

    And so the paps were hanging around the airport and decided to get some pics of Issa Rae because why wouldn't they!?

    But wait a minute...

    At the airport, heard Paparazzi behind me say, “That’s Issa Rae” and then watched as they went to snap a picture of…

    PLOT TWIST, it wasn't her at all.

    So Issa Rae watched as paparazzi took pictures of Issa Rae.

    Just another day of being #famous.