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January 16, 2018

Here's Some Cool Shit You Can Get At Jet

Still wondering WTF you can get at Jet?? Well, a Hamilton cookbook, rainbow-colored roses, and Darth Vader oven mitts, for starters.

Flash Briefing For January 17, 2018

The Justice Department is taking DACA to the Supreme Court and Steve Bannon is headed to the Hill. Also, congrats to the Kardashian-West family on their new baby! (Still no word on Kylie)

"Even Stevens" Ended 15 Years Ago, So Here's What The Cast Looks Like Now

"We went to the moon in 1969 / That's when the astronauts first walked inside the crater."

Seguro pasas este quiz de "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" incluso si nunca has visto el programa

Crees que no sabes, hasta que te das cuentas que sabes más de lo que deberías.

Only Aussie Kids Know These 50 Foods Are The Fucking Best, Sucked In America

And if you've never made Vegemite worms with a Sao then I don't know what to say.

14 Things To Eat, See, And Do In Melbourne In 2018

Everything you need on your bucket list for the best Melbourne year ever.

7 Life-Changing Things To Add To Your Closet ASAP

Tried, tested, and worn by BuzzFeed editors!

We Told Our Funniest BuzzFeed Stories From Around The Office

"Next thing I knew I kind of froze and was just riding home with this duck egg..."

Trump Got A Perfect Score On His Mental Health Test, The White House Doctor Says

But, like most of us, the president could stand to lose a few pounds.

18 Detalles adorables que te harán amar a Timothée Chalamet aún más

Sí, seguro te robó el corazón en Call Me by Your Name (y cada vez que lo ves).

Matt Damon Says He Realizes He Needs To Shut Up For A While About Sexual Harassment

"I should get in the backseat and close my mouth for a while," said Damon, whose comments in recent months on the topic have caused controversy.

“American Crime Story” Can’t Unravel The Myth Of The Man Who Killed Versace

The Assassination of Gianni Versace seems to disavow its own fascination with killer Andrew Cunanan, and ends up taking a safer route.

Keira Knightley Explains Why She's Avoided Modern Day Film Roles

"I always find something distasteful in the way women are portrayed."





27 Ways To Give Your Home The Cleaning Of Its Life

You're gonna make grime wish it had never been BORN.

A Former Employee Claims Ulta Cleans And Resells Used Makeup

"This should be a warning to everyone. Always check your makeup before you leave."

A música mais viral do Spotify Brasil neste momento faz apologia ao estupro

"Surubinha de Leve" tem como trecho principal "taca bebida, depois taca a pica e abandona na rua".

11 tendências que são o sonho de consumo de jovens com alma de velho

Finalmente a moda entendeu o que jovem quer: ficar em casa.

Simone Biles diz que foi abusada sexualmente por médico da Federação de Ginástica dos Estados Unidos

Mais de 130 mulheres, incluindo outras quatro medalhistas de ouro da ginástica, fizeram acusações semelhantes contra Larry Nassar.

33 coisas que qualquer pessoa que já esteve menstruada entende

Quem nunca teve que se virar com um absorvente improvisado, feito com muito papel higiênico e oração?

Julgue essas comidas hipster e diremos sua idade

Qual sua opinião sobre essas modinhas?

Here Are All The Disney Movies Coming In 2018

The Avengers and Han Solo and Mary Poppins, oh my!

Jeremy Corbyn Could Be Too Old To Stand In The Next General Election, A Frontbencher Has Said

"A leader standing at a general election has to commit to doing a full five years," one shadow cabinet member told BuzzFeed News.

Gleisi e Marchezan usaram o Twitter para o que ele tem de melhor: arrumar treta

Presidente nacional do PT, a senadora chamou o tucano de "prefeito fake news", que respondeu: "Fake é a origem do patrimônio dos teus comparsas".

Here's What You Need To Know About The New President Of The Mormon Church

Retired heart surgeon Russell M. Nelson, 93, is the second-oldest president in the church's history and its first physician leader.

As complicações na plástica da Camilla Uckers abriram um debate sobre padrão estético

Segundo a youtuber, médicos disseram que ela perdeu temporariamente o movimento das pernas após implante de prótese nas nádegas.

Lindsey Graham Says Trump Was On Board With Bipartisan Immigration Deal, Until White House Staff Changed His Mind

As a deadline to reach an immigration deal nears, the Trump administration remains opposed to a bipartisan deal. Sen. Graham says someone got to the president last Thursday to change his mind.

En pleno 2018 a esta chica le prohibieron donar sangre por ser lesbiana

La doctora le dijo que no se pueden donar cosas que no estén en "buen estado".

The Justice Department Is Going Straight To The Supreme Court To Try To Stop DACA Revival

The US Department of Homeland Security has been accepting DACA renewal applications after a judge ordered the administration to do so on Jan. 9.

After This Woman's Hair In Her Mugshot Went Viral, She Has Gotten A Bunch Of New Clients

"I was just showing people that no matter what I went through, I ended up on top."

32 Things That'll Make You Say, "Why Don't I Own That Already?"

From weighted blankets to magic keyboard covers to a Whitney Houston sweatshirt: an eclectic mix of some *really awesome* things.

Marine Le Pen's Campaign Shot A Fake Video During The Race. Now It Claims It Was A Parody.

Marine Le Pen's 2017 campaign staff shot an interview with a man claiming to be a reporter for a French state-owned TV network. The man was actually a contractor for Le Pen's party.

21 Things That Just Might Convince You To Start Packing A Lunch For Work

Save money this year by bringing your food to work!

31 Stores That Are Having Great Sales This Week

Deals at Barnes & Noble, Tobi, ModCloth, and more!

La policía rescató a 13 hermanos que eran mantenidos en cautiverio por sus padres en California

Los hermanos, que fueron hallados desnutridos y encadenados a sus camas, tenían entre 2 y 29 años, informaron las autoridades.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on espresso makers, geometric puzzles, kitchen chairs, and more!

17 filmes que podem te ajudar a atravessar um momento difícil

Às vezes, tudo o que a gente precisa é ficar no escurinho do cinema por duas horas e esquecer dos nossos problemas.

Ashleigh Banfield Called Aziz Ansari's Accuser's Allegations "Reckless" And "Appalling"

The anchor's searing comments on air have drawn praise and, of course, more heated backlash.

28 Memes que entenderás si 'The End Of The F***ing World' es tu nueva serie favorita

Acéptalo, también la viste completita en un solo día.

Voters Laughed Out Loud At This GOP Senator's Attempt To Defend Trump's "Shithole" Comments

For future reference, Norway was not the best example of a country Trump "is standing up for." 😬

The Press Is Under Attack In Southeast Asia And It's Only Going To Get Worse

From Vietnam to Indonesia, press freedom in Southeast Asia is deteriorating, rights groups say, spurred by the rise of authoritarian governments and enabled by the Trump administration's relative indifference to human rights issues.

Alec Baldwin Says It's "Sad And Unfair" Actors Are Distancing Themselves From Woody Allen

The Blue Jasmine actor is not happy with the recent wave of actors expressing their regret for working with Allen.

Você foi uma criança mimada?

Pense nisso quando achar que seus pais estão enchendo o saco.

Steve Bannon Has Reportedly Been Subpoenaed To Testify In The Russia Investigation

It's the first grand jury subpoena used by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Deutschland musste 2017 deutlich weniger Entschädigung an Extremismus-Opfer zahlen, als geplant

Dreiviertel aller Anträge im Bereich „Extremismus” kommen von Opfern rechter Gewalt. Und der Breitscheidplatz lässt die Entschädigungen im Bereich „Terror” in die Höhe schnellen.

People Are Disagreeing Over Whether Or Not Logan Paul Deserves A Second Chance

"Everyone deserves second chances, bro," Logan Paul told TMZ on Monday.

Friend Says Stormy Daniels Described Being Chased By Trump In His "Tighty-Whities"

Alana Evans, a friend of Daniels, said Donald Trump invited her to a hotel room with the adult film star in 2006.

Dites-nous quels films vous avez vus, et on devine votre âge !

Si vous avez vu la totalité de ces 60 films, vous êtes probablement immortel.

January Jones And Nick Viall Might Be Dating And People Are Very Confused

"You don't know if you like him or if he's a scumbag, and I think that's why I'm attracted to him."

27 petites choses pour vous remonter le moral quand tout va mal

Parce que la vie n'est pas toujours facile.

16 Super Romantic But Super Cheap Ways To Impress Your Valentine

In case your bank account hasn't recovered from Christmas yet.

Here's What Everyone Wore To The 2018 NAACP Image Awards

Kerry Washington, Issa Rae, Yara Shahidi, and all your faves SLAYED the red carpet!

28 Ways To Never Have A Wardrobe Malfunction Again

If your wardrobe rebels, you'll be ready.

The Trump Administration Says Most Terrorists Are Foreign-Born, But Leaves Out Key Facts

A new report includes individuals who committed offenses overseas and were later brought to the US for prosecution, but leaves out domestic terror attacks.

Qual a comédia romântica que representa o seu signo?

Talvez tenha um motivo astrológico para você ver e rever certos filmes mil vezes.

What % Creative Are You?

Let's find your inner artist.

New York Lawmaker Pushes To Rename Donald J. Trump State Park

A state senator has sponsored a bill to strip the president's name from the public land in New York.

35 "Shark Tank" Secrets That Will Fuck You Up A Little

Every contestant has to meet with a psychologist after filming.

You Can't Season Your Food Unless You Get 9/12 On This Spelling Test

Do you pay attention to what's in your spice rack?

This New Tory Party Vice Chair Suggested Unemployed People Should Have Vasectomies

Rising star Ben Bradley, appointed to help the party appeal to young voters, made the comment in a now-deleted blog post. He has since apologised after being approached by BuzzFeed News.

If You've Used 19 Of These Things Then You're A Baker

I bet Mary Berry owns all of these.

Dieser Mann will Hebamme werden und so fühlt sich das für ihn an

"Einige Hebammen können nicht damit umgehen, dass auch ein Mann ihren Beruf macht."

15 Things That'll Be Way Too Familiar If You Have A Young Face

"You look so good for your age!" *rolls eyes*

Sólo un verdadero mexicano sabe cómo se llaman estos dulces típicos

Seguro los has visto en todos lados, ¿pero sabes sus nombres?

Which Country Should You Visit In 2018?

This is the year to travel!

23 Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh If You Have A Dumb Sense Of Humor

"What do you mean I didn’t win? I ate more wet t-shirts than anyone else."

9 Thoughtful And Useful Gifts For Your Pregnant Friend

Friends' babies = all the fun of buying cute tiny things, none of the actual responsibility.

Dieser Honorarprofessor hielt eine sexistische Rede. Nun prüft die Uni Lübeck rechtliche Schritte.

Winfried Stöcker hatte in seiner Weihnachtsrede sexuelle Übergriffe verharmlost.

Show Us Your Art Doppelgänger

Everyone has one.

I'm Kind Of Obsessed With This 10-Minute Cookie Recipe

It doesn't get much easier than this.

19 Healthy Recipes You'll Actually Want To Eat

Meals that make eating healthy seriously easy...and tasty.

There Are Rumours The Jonas Brothers Are Getting Back Together And People Are Freaking Out

"If the Jonas Brothers are really getting back together I will drop out of college and follow their reunion tour around the country."

Capez recebeu propina da merenda para usar na campanha, diz Ministério Público

Deputado estadual foi denunciado junto com oito pessoas como resultado da investigação da fraude em contrato da merenda escolar. O tucano diz que é inocente e a denúncia, eleitoreira.

Selena Gomez's Mom Just Shamed Her On Instagram For Being In A Woody Allen Movie

"No one can make Selena do anything she doesn’t want to. I had a long talk with her about not working with him and it didn’t click."

11 schreckliche und zum Glück historische Arten, wie Menschen einander umgebracht haben

Menschen waren schon immer kreativ, wenn es darum ging, einander umzubringen.

She’s 17 And Wants To Be A Politician. Her Dad Says He Won’t Vote For Her.

On the eve of President Donald Trump’s first anniversary in office, teenage girls and their fathers are facing off in the most divided political climate since Vietnam. How one family fights through it.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: cheap show boots, squish-able stress balls, and sports bras.

宇多田ヒカルが惚れ込んだ才能 小袋成彬とは何者なのか


16 Times People On The Internet Accurately Summed Up Female Friendships

*prays that girls supporting girls is trendy forever*

Dress Yourself And We'll Tell You When And Where You'll Find Love

At school, in line, at the most boring party you've ever been to?

18 Tweets About Technology That'll Make You Laugh And Then Want To Throw Your Phone Away

"Much like bitcoins, I too am expensive and nobody understands me."

This Is How UKIP Is Imploding In Fun And Innovative Ways

Henry Bolton is having the year from hell.

Alguien está ganando 'bitcoins' cuando buscas una cédula profesional en el portal de la SEP

Usuarios de Twitter y Reddit están documentando más casos de páginas de Gobierno.

17 Teachers Who Were 50% Mean And 50% Hilarious

Honestly, these people all deserve a raise.

21 wahnsinnig nützliche Fähigkeiten, die alle Introvertierten beherrschen

Wir sind Meister darin, Enttäuschung über gecancelte Pläne vorzutäuschen.

15 petites choses que vous pouvez faire pour adopter un mode de vie plus durable

Remplacez les essuie-touts par des serviettes en micro-fibres.

19 Coworkers Who Have Basically Just Fucking Had It

You call it an office, they call it a war zone.

26 Tweets To Send To Your Friend If You Both Love Dogs More Than People

"OMG this is us" – you to your friend, while simultaneously petting 12 dogs.

Rihanna Inventing Every Colour In The World Is Another Thing We Should Thank Her For

From black and white to red and blue, Rihanna invented them all.

9 Absurd Tips From "The Kama Sutra" That Were Probably Written By A Single Man

Don't try these unless you really want to screw up your life.

Why It Is Dangerous To Be A "Chill Girl" In A World Dominated By Rape Culture

It’s been three months since I started a firestorm of sexual harassment allegations against High Spirits. Here’s what I’ve learned about how toxic spaces keep young women quiet – and coming back.

38 Things That’ll Help You Live Your Most Organized Life In 2018

It's officially time to put your life in order.

People Are Loving These Photos From A Party Where Every Guest Has To Do A 3-Minute PowerPoint Presentation

“Should you go over three minutes, you will be asked to finish your drink, and then resume giving your presentation.”

Danish Inventor Charged With Murder Over Kim Wall's Death

The 30-year-old journalist, working on a story about inventor Peter Madsen, was killed in August 2017.

Cuando «“no” significa “no”» no es suficiente: hablemos de hombres, mujeres y consentimiento

El alegato contra el cómico Aziz Ansari demuestra que hombres y mujeres nos encontramos en planetas distintos cuando toca hablar (y entender) el consentimiento.

Stuffed French Toast Loaf

Stuffed French Toast Loaf

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

Broccoli Cheddar Quiche

This Couple Did A Maternity Shoot For Their New Cat And The Photos Are Incredible

"I just wanted to celebrate my cat adoption milestone as it's something I've dreamed of and worked hard for."

Timothée Chalamet Doesn't Want To Profit From Woody Allen's New Film So He's Giving Up His Entire Fee

The actor declined to comment on his work in Allen's upcoming film, citing "contractual obligations", but said he would donate his entire fee to Time's Up, the LGBT Centre in New York, and RAINN, an anti-sexual abuse charity.

27 Kind Of Weird Tweets That You'll Laugh At If You're Also Kind Of Weird

"PIGEON KID: I need to go bad. PIGEON MOM: Try to hold it until we find a statue."

19 des pires noms de groupe de l'histoire de la musique

J'ai besoin qu'on m'explique ces projets artistiques !

Lighter Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Lighter Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake

14 großartige Geschenke zum Valentinstag für Romantiker UND unromantische Menschen

[ANZEIGE] Keine Sorge, es sind auch nicht-kitschige Sachen dabei!

This Wristband Is Perfect For Carpenters, Mechanics, And Crafters

The MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband just wants to lend a hand.

Zack Snyder Fans Are Asking Warner Bros. To #ReleaseTheSnyderCut Of "Justice League"

Fans say they want Snyder's original vision for the film.

The UK Wants To Remain In The EU’s Trade Deals During The Transition Phase After Brexit

UK trade secretary Liam Fox had previously said the UK would have replaced up to 40 of the EU's trade deals "one second after midnight in March 2019".



53 Sätze, die alle Journalisten schon mal gehört haben

„Journalisten sind Leute, die ein Leben lang darüber nachdenken, welchen Beruf sie eigentlich verfehlt haben.” Mark Twain



McDonald's Is Addressing A Top Customer Concern: All That Trash It Makes

The company aims for 100% of its packaging to come from renewable, recycled, or certified sources by 2025.



Chicken Parmesan Bread Bowl

Chicken Parmesan Bread Bowl



20 Literary Tattoos That Can Melt Every Book Lover's Heart

Before you die, make sure you get one of these inked on yourself.

Plan A Day In NYC And We'll Tell You Which Broadway Musical You Should See

Dear Evan Hansen, what's it like in New York City?

Le staff de Marine Le Pen a fabriqué une fake news de A à Z : le #Ernottegate

Info BuzzFeed News – Au cœur de la présidentielle, des proches de Marine Le Pen ont diffusé le témoignage anonyme d'un homme censé être «journaliste à France télé» dans le but de déstabiliser Macron. Ce «journaliste» n'est autre que Christophe Boucher, un prestataire du Front national, familier de Marine Le Pen.

Western Australia's Corrective Services Boss Denies Teens Were Subjected To Solitary Confinement

"We actually don't torture people in corrections in this state," Western Australia's corrective services commissioner said.



Here Is Why Malcolm Turnbull's Hands Are Tied When It Comes To Abortion

The legal status and access to the procedure varies greatly state-by-state.

19 Foods From Your Childhood That You Might Have Forgotten About

Those magical strawberry hard candies known as Creme Savers.

El INE descubrió fraude en las firmas que han recolectado los candidatos independientes

22 de los 65 aspirantes que ya habían juntado los apoyos necesarios podrían perder la oportunidad de estar en la boleta electoral.

Mother Accused Of Torturing 13 Children Was "Perplexed" When Police Showed Up

Police said the siblings, who ranged in age from 2 to 29, were found malnourished and shackled to their beds.

Let's See How Much You Know About Sex In The 1880s

For example: Should you bath your genitals in cold water before bed?

How Many Of These 30 Things Did You Think Only You Do?

You count each stair as you climb them.

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