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January 21, 2018

Chief Justice John Roberts Has Changed A Little Bit. And That Could Be A Big Deal.

Roberts joined the Supreme Court in 2005, seen as a staunch, across-the-board conservative. In recent years, though, he’s appeared to moderate some of his positions, in specific instances and sometimes in very nuanced ways. That kind of shift could have significant effects on how the current court decides major issues and — if it represents a permanent change — on how Roberts leads the court into the next decade.

Can You Get 12/12 On This Extremely Hard TV Drama Quiz?

It's time to prove how much TV you really watch!

We Tried Meal Prepping For Our Week And It Didn't Suck

The bottle of wine while cooking certainly didn't hurt...

The Statue Of Liberty Will Reopen Despite The Government Shutdown

"We will not stand by as this symbol of freedom and opportunity goes dark."

17 "Tangled" Jokes For Anyone Who Knows It's Better Than "Frozen"

"Getting escorted out of the Disney store as I yell 'Tangled is better than Frozen!'"

These Teens Dressed As Woke Disney Princesses For The Women's March And It Is Everything

"I wanted to represent her reclaiming her voice, with the understanding that you don't have to give your self up to get what you want."

18 Photos That Will Make You Lose Your Faith In Mankind

Lock them up and throw away the key.

19 Students Who Made Teachers Say, "I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry!"

"Ms. King is single. That means she does NOT have a man."

Find Out When Your Best Friend Is Going To Get Married

Are you gonna be OK with being third wheel?

This Is What The Boards Of Some Of The Biggest Companies In The World Would Look Like Without Men

Only five of the thirty companies traded on the DAX stock exchange have more than one woman on the board. There's even more without any women at all.

Here's What The "Spice World" Cast Looks Like Now

Yes, we included ALL of the cameos.

Chrissy Teigen Shared Her First Bump Pic On Twitter And It's Obviously Hideous

I totally looked this chill and not-covered-in-sweat when I was pregnant.

Así opera el negocio de los “influencers”: $7000 pesos a cambio de miles de seguidores en Instagram

Un influencer contó a BuzzFeed News México que pagó esa cantidad por entrar a la dinámica y que otras 40 personas hicieron lo mismo.

This Quiz Will Reveal Everything About What Your Life Would Be Like If You Were Famous

From frenemies to scandals and everything in between, what would your famous life be like?

Literally just 17 Hilarious Tweets About Batman

"pls sign my petition to rename 'lego batman' to 'batman' and 'batman' to 'meat batman'"

How Well Do You Deal With Breakups?

Let's see if you get over your ex like the rest of the world.

36 Lines From "The Good Place" That Are Perfect All On Their Own

The Good Place...more like The GREAT Place!!!!!!

Tracee Ellis Ross Addressed Speculation About Her "Black-ish" Salary Negotiations On Twitter

"I wanted to be compensated in a way that matches my contribution to a show that I love for many reasons, including the opportunity it allows me to reshape what it is to be a fully realized black woman on TV," the actor said in a statement posted to Twitter.

So kraftvoll haben Menschen in Berlin heute für Frauenrechte demonstriert

Anlass war der Jahrestag der weltweiten Women's Marches

Logan Paul Fans Freaked Out Over Rumors That The YouTuber Is Appearing On "Ellen" But They're Not True

Fans of Logan Paul, who call themselves the "Logang," lost it over Paul's rumored appearances, and return to YouTube, over the weekend.

Here's What It Was Like At Stormy Daniels' Strip Club Appearance

It was the adult film star's first public appearance after it was revealed she'd allegedly been paid to keep quiet about an affair she said she had with Trump.

How Much Of A Netflix Addict Are You?

We know you are still watching. *winks*

If You Are Frightened By Clusters Of Holes, There Might Be A Scientific Reason Why

Don't worry, this is a trypophobia-safe place. No holes.

This Poem Halsey Shared At The Women's March Says Everything

The singer gave an emotional reading at today's Women's March in New York City.

This Country's Democracy Has Fallen Apart — And It Played Out To Millions On Facebook

Facebook was supposed to open up societies like Cambodia. But it’s doing just the opposite — with disastrous consequences for its fragile politics.

Literally Just 19 Jokes About The Photo The White House Released Of Trump Working During The Shutdown

"Honestly this looks like someone’s first time using a phone and a chair."

Remember Newspapers? Here Are 17 Times They Failed Epically

All the news that's fit to print...and a bunch of crap that's not.

17 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets By Women This Week

"I'm wearing fake nails, fake hair, and fake lashes, but my terrible personality is all real."

18 Parents Who Have Perfectly Nailed This Whole Relationship Thing

"My parents are wine drunk watching Jeopardy and my dad just looked at my mom and said 'you're my best friend' and that's all I want in life."

After Sharing Unwanted Texts From A Male Delivery Driver, Hundreds Of People Contacted This Woman With Their Own Experiences

Michelle Midwinter said that after her tweet went viral, more than a thousand women got in touch to say the same thing happened to them.

Pick Five Ed Sheeran Songs And We'll Reveal When You'll Get Engaged

In celebration of Ed Sheeran's recent engagement.

In diesem Restaurant wirst du von einer Achterbahn bedient

Dieses Dredsner Restaurant ist einfach faszinierend!

27 Comics That Perfectly Sum Up Being A Woman In Your Twenties

Does anyone even know how long you can go without washing your bra?

アメリカ各地であったデモ 男女が立ち上がった「女性たちの行進」の姿


47 Things You Might Not Know About "Dawson's Creek"

The iconic teen show turns 20 this month.

There's Been A Huge Increase In People Being Denied A Lawyer Because Of A "Dehumanised" Test

More people are being refused a legal aid lawyer in criminal cases even though they qualify for financial help, figures obtained under a freedom of information request by BuzzFeed News have revealed.

Chelsea Manning Made An Appearance At A Pro-Trump Gala

Manning said she "crashed" the event. One attendee who knows Manning told BuzzFeed News that "while she was not there protesting she was there in an effort to bridge gaps between left and right."

Here's What All The Celebs Wore To The 63rd Filmfare Awards

All the red carpet looks that were served last night.

Answer These Seven Questions And We'll Reveal Which Candy You Are

Take a gander through the checkout line...

大手まとめサイト「オレ的ゲーム速報」 Twitterアカウントが凍結




This Is What People In Red States Think About The Women's March

We sent photographers to marches in Alabama, Indiana, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Nevada to find out what women there had to say.

The White House Has A New Voicemail Following The Government Shutdown And It's...Something

People who attempted to reach the White House's comment line Saturday were alarmed to hear the new automated message.

A Prosecutor Has Declined To File Charges In The Deadly Police Shooting Of A Native American Teen

A letter Friday claimed that Ashland County Sheriff’s Deputy Brock Mrdjenovich was justified in deadly shooting of 14-year-old Jason Pero last year.

This Smooch Or Squish Test Will Reveal What People Love About You

They're good dogs and they deserve good pats.

Which Queen Are You?

You're already a queen!

18 Little Women Told Us Why They Marched On Saturday

"We’re sick of being seen as princesses."







Answer These Food Questions And We'll Tell You If You Were Right In Your Last Argument

If you pass this test, you can shove it in the face of the last person you argued with.

Answer These Random Questions And Get A Song That Fits Your Personality

What will these random questions have to say about you?

11 Shocking Stories You Need To Read To Believe

Death is a very unusual part of life.

Democrats Start To Consider Supporting Trump's Wall — If It Means Saving DREAMers

“OK, we’re ready to pay the ransom,” an emotional House Democrat said Saturday.

If You Get 14/17 On This Spelling Test, You're An Actual Movie Buff

Hint: Some titles are misspelled on purpose.

Republican Congressman Removed From Ethics Committee After Report Of Sexual Harassment Settlement

The New York Times reported that Rep. Patrick Meehan had allegedly used taxpayer money to settle a sexual misconduct case against him.

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