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January 7, 2018

Esta es la razón porque las celebridades visten de negro en los Golden Globes

La frase "Time's Up" (El tiempo ha llegado) es usado en pines para protestar contra el acoso en Hollywood.

Tell Us Whether It's Normal To Do These Things In An Uber

Let's find out if you're ~uber~ weird.

23 Tweets About Sex That'll Make You Double Take, Then Spit Take

"Pulling hair during sex is old. Take her wig off and put it on your head."

28 Outrageous Pictures From The 1990s Golden Globes

A look back at the satin, suits, and gowns on the red carpet of the '90s.



20歳「夢もやる気もない若者」が20年後、世界注目のデザイナーに 何が彼女を変えたのか?


Which HGTV Man Should You Shack Up With?

He'll break down all your walls.

People Are Posting Photos Of Themselves Wearing Black To Protest Sexual Harassment

Stars like Brie Larson, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Kerry Washington asked everyone to wear black on Sunday, as attendees at the Golden Globes did the same.

An Alt-Right Personality Lost His Job As A Substitute Teacher After Officials Discovered His Identity

Greg Conte, under the alias Greg Ritter, is a director at a prominent white supremacist think tank and had been working at a private all-girls high school since 2014.

Selena Gomez Might Have Just Addressed Her Alleged Feud With Her Mother On Instagram

"In many ways it very well could have been better than my life today."

Trump Administration Set for Broad Engagement with Russia in Early 2018

Ending an Obama policy of isolating Moscow, the top military leaders of NATO and Russia are planning to meet in Azerbaijan later this month.

Lana Del Rey Said Radiohead Are Suing Her For Copyright Infringement

"Their lawyers have been relentless, so we will deal with it in court," the singer tweeted, in response to reports that the band was suing over similarities between Del Rey's "Get Free" and Radiohead's "Creep."

These 12 Weightlifters’ Real-Life Motivation Will Make You Yell "Hell Yes"

Strength can be physical, mental, and political.

Which Guy From "Jersey Shore" Should You Date?

This should be an interesting ~situation.~

How Well Do You Know Taylor Swift Songs From A To Z?

If you know Taylor's discography all too well, you'll be able to fill in these blank spaces.

A Top BBC Journalist Has Quit As China Editor And Accused The Corporation Of Having A "Secretive And Illegal" Pay Culture

In an explosive letter addressed to licence fee payers, which was leaked to BuzzFeed News, Carrie Gracie claimed the BBC was "breaking equality law".

Which Barden Bella Are You?

Aca-believe it!

Monday Is The Day DHS Must Decide Whether To Tell 200,000 Longtime US Residents They Must Go Home

The Department of Homeland Security is expected to announce on Monday the end to the temporary immigration status that has let 200,000 Salvadorans live in the US.

This Teen Drew Iconic Vines On Post-It Notes And People Are Obsessed

The drawings are so good that people say they can "hear" them.

Trump Aide Stephen Miller Was Kicked Off CNN As White House Continues Railing Against Michael Wolff's Book

CNN host Jake Tapper abruptly ended a contentious interview with the senior White House policy adviser, saying Miller had "wasted enough of my viewers' time."

Pick Some Baked Goods And We'll Reveal What Attracts People To You

Peanut butter cookies or oatmeal and raisin ones?

Literally Just 21 Of The Funniest Tweets By Women This Week

"Just a heads up, you can get a hangover from eating pizza when you are over 40."

Which "Pitch Perfect 3" Character Are You?

Are you more Beca or Fat Amy?

17 destinos turísticos que deberías conquistar en esta vida

Aquí tienes algunas ideas para comenzar.

21 Hilarious Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Laugh Then Cry If You're Kind Of A Mess

"5 years ago i was a fucking mess & now i’m a fucking mess but at peace with it and with cooler fashion sense."

Theresa May Says There Are No Questions To Answer About Donald Trump's Mental State

"When I deal with President Trump, what I see is somebody who is committed to ensuring that he is taking decisions in the best interests of the United States."

The Families Of Prisoners With Indeterminate Sentences Are Also Angry That John Worboys Has Been Released

The former black-cab driver, who was convicted for sexually assaulting or raping 12 women, was released from prison after eight years – but other prisoners on indeterminate sentences have had different experiences.

London's Mayor Is Fighting An Intense PR Battle Over Knife Crime, But Experts Say Little Is Changing

"I don’t think playing the blame game is helpful," one MP told BuzzFeed News.



Police Chief Charged With Trying To Solicit Sex From A 14-Year-Old Who Was Actually An Undercover Cop

Leechburg police Chief Michael Diebold — a local hero who lost his arm in a fireworks accident — was arrested Friday for soliciting sex from another cop posing as a teenage girl.

「ARIGATOU GOZAIMASUを死ぬほど描いたら?」baanaiの個展に行った




目を背けたいのに、もっと見たくなる 佐伯俊男という絵師


「焼く」と「炒める」の違い、説明できる? 広辞苑はここまでこだわる



Aymen Derbaliさんは、銃撃者の気を引いて何人もの命を救った。そして今、麻痺した身体でも住める家を必要としている。

Choose A Salty Food And Find Out What Sweet Food You Are

Time to find out your food nickname.

We Can Guess How Many Sex Partners You'll Have This Year With 5 Visual Questions

Just one? A few? Even more? Find out in five questions.

Which "Harry Potter" Character Do You Like Less?

A devastating quiz for all Potterheads.

50 Feel-Good Movies You Need To Watch ASAP

Get ready for lots of good music and female empowerment!

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