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What Are Your Most Creative Tips For Cooking For One Person?

Tell us!

Cooking for one can be difficult...


For starters, most recipes make way too much food, and it's no fun eating the same thing for five days in a row.

What if you only want to make ONE portion of something?


It's possible!

Or what if you get bored eating the same thing every single night?


Broccoli again? 😒

Luckily, with a few clever tips and a bit of planning, you can cook delicious (and interesting!) dinners every night of the week that make the perfect amount for just one person.


Tips like cooking a big batch of rice and flavoring it with a different seasoning each night.

Coconut rice for one night, and dirty rice for the next.

Or roasting several different kinds of veggies on one roasting pan by creating dividers out of foil.

Taylor Miller/BuzzFeed

Minimum effort, maximum variety.

How do you meal prep for one and keep it interesting?


Any clever tricks?

Tell us your best tips for cooking solo in the comments below and they could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!